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Learning from My Younger Cousin

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25 now, 15 then


My family had a house on a lake that we'd go to every few summers. One summer, before heading to the lake, my mom informed me our distant cousins would be joining us. These were cousins I'd never met, a boy, Nick, a year younger than me and a girl, Caley, a year younger than my sister. I was fine with the idea except... where would we all be sleeping??

Turns out the idea was that Nick and I would be sharing the unattached garage with some foldout beds and the girls would be in an upstairs room. We had a few fun days at the lake, then the cousins showed up. We did the usual, uninteresting getting to know you talk, and of course, lots of swimming. After swimming Nick and I would go back to the garage to change opening the doors to some cabinets to make a separator between us.

The second day, Nick and I got to talking and we were thinking, it didn't really matter to have the barrier... we were cousins, we've seen a dick and balls every day of our lives and it didn't make sense to be so hidden. So we started towelling off more openly. Nick said, 'good, we're getting used to this, less towel this time.'

I responded, 'heh, yeah, pretty natural' while checking out his body covered still in a little baby fat, but with a package advanced by puberty beyond mine.

That night, after dinner, games, socializing, we retired to the garage and laid in our beds talking. Nick suggested it'd be fun sleeping naked as he had many times before. I agreed and we stripped down and sat back on our beds.

Naturally we started looking at each other, mentally comparing notes. Nick asked, 'Would you feel awkward if we compared dicks? I wanna know what's coming for me in the gene pool.'

'Heh, sure. But you look bigger than me!' I said, fully aware puberty greeted him early. My four-inch softy didn't compare to his five-inch soft dick and big balls.

'Well it doesn't count soft, it only matters when you're hard,' he suggested. I gave a little laugh as my dick sprang to attention from the hormones or attention or Nick, who knows!

'haha, that's more like it!' Nick said. 'Comparing hard is a lot easier. Let's see side-by-side'

'Heh, okay!' I said, so turned on but trying to act cool as I stood up to compare. We lined up across from each other, dicks side by side. Nick's dick pressed into my hip, warm, hard and HOT! The tip of my dick was just shy of his thigh. So we concluded, 'so you're seven inches or so, good width, and we're both cut obviously,' Nick said.

'And you're like eight and cut, heh, I like it. Kinda jealous cuz!' I told him.

'It's all good! Your dick is like... picturesque! Maybe a little smaller, but, beautiful!!' Nick said. It felt good for him to say when I was obviously smaller but I've heard it soo many times since. Honestly, my cock is beeaauuttiiffuull.

Then (if it all weren't homoerotic enough) Nick grabbed my dick. Solid, warm and gentle with a little tug. I did the same, loving the feeling. We both just stood there a minute feeling each other, enjoying the feel of another guy enjoying your dick... till I snapped out and started stroking.

Nick reciprocated. We stroked each other, slowly at first and then harder, acknowledging the joy of the sensation. We stroked each other's dicks slowly leaning out and then pulling each other closer and stroking. It felt like an hour of bliss that didn't last nearly that long. We both came within a few minutes (horny teens and all) blowing a huge, pent-up teenage load.

After we both came, covered in each other's still warm cum, we fell into a cuddle on Nick's bed. We breathed heavy, looking intensely at each other, but exchanging few words, not completely sure of what had just happened. After a minute of panting we grabbed each other kissing like that was the source of oxygen then falling, relaxed, into each other's arms and fell asleep.

We woke in the middle of the night to write a note to post on the garage door asking my mom not to bother us til morning and went back to cuddling, hard dicks pressing each other. We woke briefly in the middle of the night and rubbed each other out, loving the feeling of each other's balls and hard young dicks. After a little rubbing and thrusting at each other, we got hot and came on each others' crotches, my dick and balls dripping with Nick's young cum and his with mine. We ground into each other more before falling asleep just after it all.

In the morning, a whole new chapter began.



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