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Learning from My Friend Part 2

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My friend Tish arranged for her boyfriend to get together with us. She considered herself kind of an expert at masturbating guys, and she said that her boyfriend Austin wouldn't mind if I practiced on him. He was the same age as her, 16, and we went to his house one day when no one else was home.

Wow. Austin was a handsome guy-he had blonde hair down to his shoulders, kind of tanned and muscular. Just perfect in the looks department. When we were getting ready to start, Tish went into the bathroom for a minute, and Austin had no embarrassment at all-he just stripped all his clothes off of his beautiful body. He had quite a bit of blonde pubic hair-his penis was limp when he first removed his clothes. Since he wasn't shy about getting naked, I took off my t-shirt and then my bra, exposing my just-beginning-to-grow titties. When Austin saw my bare chest, his penis instantly started to swell and grow. I stared at it as it swelled to many times it's original size and finally pointed up towards his chest as the foreskin pulled back to reveal the beautifully shaped head. My clit started swelling as I watched this beautiful sight in front of me, my very first view in person of an erect penis, and I felt so womanly that I could make his dick stiffen so quickly with the sight of my young titties.

I went ahead and took my jeans and panties off of my skinny hips, exposing my thin bush of pubic hair-when I did, Austin said, 'God, Karen, you're gorgeous-just hot!' My nipples hardened and I blushed, and about that time Tish walked out of the bathroom, completely naked. She walked over and kissed Austin, and remarked that he was already rock hard. He said it was because of her sexy friend, that he just couldn't help it. I felt so womanly and desirable, kind of an epiphany in my sexuality.

Austin was sitting in a chair, and Tish knelt down in front of him, and told me to kneel down next to her. She grabbed his penis and began to slowly move the foreskin up and down over the head-I was fascinated at how flexible the foreskin looked as it travelled the length of his dick and covered and then exposed the lovely, swollen head. I was so horny that my clit literally hurt and finally couldn't resist the temptation to begin lightly rubbing it and pull on one of my nipples that were by now rock hard. I kind of let out an 'ahhhh' as I did, and Austin started to stroke my hair lightly. Tish told me to grip his penis firmly but not too roghly as I moved the foreskin up and down, and to grip particularly firm as I went over the ridge at the bottom of the head. Austin closed his eyes and moaned as he was obviously enjoying the feeling, and I wondered if he had the same feeling in his swollen dick as I did in my clitoris, as if it was one big, swollen clit.

Tish was obviously excited by what she was doing, as her nipples were hardened and her face and chest were flushed. She told me to scoot over and take her place-she told me to encircle his penis with my fingers and pull the foreskin up and down like she was doing. God, I was shocked at how soft that the skin felt, but how hard his shaft was-just amazing. I pulled the foreskin up and down slowly, and I felt it kind of catch when it went over the ridge on the head. Austin said that it felt so good, and he began to stroke my hair and knead my breast and pull on my hard nipple.

Tish told me, 'ok, let me show you what will always make a guy ejaculate pretty quick'. She told me to pull the foreskin back some and dig my thumbtip into the fold of skin that was in the front under the head, and to dig in hard and rub back and forth-I did, and Austin said, 'ahhhh, good, Karen, there!' Pretty soon he threw his head way back and said, 'hup..hup' and Tish told me 'ok, he's getting ready to come-he's feeling the buildup-keep it up'. Within about 10 seconds he clenched his teetha and closed his eyes tight and said, 'ahhhhh...'-as he did that, the head of his penis swelled and turned a dark purple (God, what a beautiful sight!) and then he sai 'huhhhhh' as the first long stream of white semen landed on his stomach, and then 'huhhhh' as the next one shot from the tip, and on and on as the beautiful white fluid gushed out and landed on his tummy. I could very clearly feel the spasms that ejected it right under my thumbtip, and I almost orgasmed just from the sight and feel of his ejaculating, realizing that I caused him to feel such intense pleasure, and to empty his beautiful balls. I really felt like a woman for the first time right at that moment.

The last few spasms caused an ooze to flow out, and when the last ooze was finished, Austin laid back and tried to catch his breath as his eyes closed. I could feel his penis softening in my hand. It was so amazing to see a guy go through all of those stages for the first time.

When he had recovered, he reached up and kissed me passionately-I thought I would orgasm just from that-Tish then told me, 'ok, it's our turn now', and, as we were still kneeling in front of him, Austin reached down and began to rub my clit with one hand and Tish's with the other. I said, 'ahhh, God, yes, please' as he was so skilful in rubbing my clitoral hardness just perfectly to make me feel the rise from plateau to orgasm almost immediately. Tish started to make this guttural sound in her throat and her stomach started to heave rythmically-watching her have her orgasm pleasure made my climax start, and I started to see stars as I almost fainted from the intensity of the pleasure in my crotch and deep up in my belly. After we recovered, we kissed and held each other. It was really very sweet....

We would regularly get together and have our mutual masturbation sessions. Sometimes I would lay back and masturbate my clit to an orgasm while I watched Tish jack on Austin's beautiful penis. That was such a lovely sight...

Sometimes Tish and I would lay in bed and masturbate together, and she would tell me about the dozens of guys that she made ejaculate with her hand, and what the different penises looked and felt like, and how each guy ejaculated a little differently. I thought that was really hot...

Anyway, Tish and I saw each other regularly in the years after that, and still masturbate together whenever we can. She's married now, and sometimes we'll take turns masturbating her husband in the same room (I let her do the same with my boyfriend). I think it's a beautiful, loving, and sweet thing to do.



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