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Learning from My Friend

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I started masturbating when I was younger. I would make myself orgasm with my hand, or humping the edge of the bed, or a pillow, or some other object. The feeling of an orgasm, even at a younger age for me, was the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling imaginable, and I couldn't wait to get alone and give myself the next one.

When I was 12 I started fantasizing about sexual things and masturbating much more often. The summer that I was 12, a girl that was a daughter of my mother's friend, Tish, who was 16, came to stay with us for that whole summer. We slept together in my room and frequently saw each other naked when we changed clothes. She was a beautiful girl with long, wavy blonde hair, 36c tits, and curvy, full hips. She had a thick triangle of pubic hair that she kept perfectly trimmed, that was considerably darker than the hair on her head. I was very skinny, with my long, dark brown hair down to about my waist, and my breasts were just beginning to grow out. I had a thin tuft of pubic hair on my pussy at that point.

One day we were changing clothes together and I noticed her continually looking down at my pussy. She asked me if I ever got horny, if I ever masturbated. I told her I did. She asked me how I did it when I masturbated myself, I kind of hesitated, didn't know really how to explain it. She said she'd show me if showed her. I said, 'ok', and we laid down on the bed together.

I started rubbing my clitoral shaft back and forth in my tried and true way with two fingers. I closed my eyes and groaned from the good feeling after a few strokes Tish basically masturbated her clit in the same way I did, and laid back and closed her eyes, and sighed from the good feeling. We didn't talk that much the first time we masturbated ourselves lying next to each other, we just got off on watching each other have the pleasure.

After Tish masturbated her clit by rubbing in this monotonous rhythm for a long time, she suddenly started speeding up the pace of her rubbing, and after she had been rubbing real fast for about 15 seconds, her hips slowly lifted off the bed, and when they got real high up, she started to groan out this long, drawn out groan, and her face looked like she was in a lot of pain. I had already had zillions of orgasms by then, and had been reading about how orgasms felt for males and females, but this was the first time I had seen another human being have that exteme orgasm pleasure like she was having, and I was so incredibly thrilled by seeing her right at the moment that she was feeling that god-awfully intense sweetness in her crotch, and watching and hearing her like that sent me over the edge, and my orgasm started. I screamed as the sweetness was so intense in my pussy, and it took me a while to come down from my orgasm high.

We got into the habit of masturbating together, especially when nobody was home. Tish started telling me about her boyfriend, and how good she was at masturbating him. She would tell me how beautiful his dick was when it was hard, how good the hardness felt in her hand, and how silky the skin felt. Most of all she talked about how she loved to watch and feel him ejaculate, what his dick looked like right at the point of orgasm, how the semen gushed out in waves when he was feeling all that pleasure during his orgasm, how he moaned as the semen flowed out of his cock. I masturbated my clit as she told me about that scenario, as I had become fascinated reading things about the male and female orgasms, and I used to imagine how much pleasure that guys must have as the semen flowed out of their balls through the urethra and gushed out of the tip in spurts. I had seen some pictures of ejaculating dicks in an old porn magazine I found in my mother's drawer, and was fascinated by the subject. She told me about how her boyfriend had made her orgasm by rubbing her clit, and how he had orgasmed on her face, and how wonderful it felt and tasted to feel the semen spurt onto her tongue. The sexy things she talked about made me so horny that I had to masturbate myself to a number of orgasms, until I was tired from coming.

One day, I was undressing, and Tish asked me if I had ever used a back massager or a vibrator before. I told her no, but I had heard that they could cause real strong climaxes. She said that she had a back massager that she really loved to use on her pussy. I was changing my pants, and was naked from the waist down. She kept looking at my pussy and said, 'you're horny, aren't you?' I said, 'yea, I can feel it'. She could tell because when I'm horny, my clit elongates and goes up toward my belly button quite a ways-it's real clearly visible-especially when my pubic hair wasn't real thick (I've never shaved.) The shaft must be three inches long from the head up toward my navel (when it's erect). I almost feel like a guy, that someone can look at me amd tell I have an 'erection', lol.

Anyway, before I got my pants on, Tish got her back massager out, and walked right up to me-I was standing up by the dresser. She put the massager right on my clit and pressed hard and turned it on, and grabbed my butt tightly with her other hand. The instant she turned it on my eyes closed very tight and I literally started to see stars from the incredibly intense pleasure it caused. All I could do is mumble, 'aaaahh...good...please...ohhh'. I was in kind of a trance and I began to feel the rise to climax, half-conscious from the intense pleasure in my cunt. When the climax started it was so strong I'm sure I partly lost consciousness, and would surely have fell down if she wasn't gripping my butt so hard and pushing me against the dresser.

After I staggered to the bed and kind of recovered, Tish laid down and put the massager up to her pussy and turned it on-she closed her eyes and sighed, kind of groaning with a slight smile on her face-her nipples got rock hard and her boobs kind of shrunk and tightened up-pretty soon her hips lifted way up and she got this desperate look on her face and let out this long squeal that seemed like it would go on forever, after her hips finally fell back on the bed, she was obviously exhausted, and we both fell asleep.

One day she asked me if I'd like to learn how to make guys orgasm with my hand, she considered herself a kind of an expert at it, I asked her how I could do that. She said that her boyfriend wouldn't mind if I practiced on him, and that she would show me the 'ropes', so to speak, lol!

So I said, cool, I thought that would be great, and she said she'd set up a time to get together with him. I'll tell you about that next time....



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