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Learning from My Cousin, Darlene

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My cousin, Darlene, was nine the summer when I was ten. We lived close to each other so we had slumber parties at least twice a week. There was a tire swing in my front yard. Darlene loved the tire swing and begged to play on it every time she came over. She would stand on the bottom of the tire and then climb up the tire so she could sit on top of it with the rope between her legs. She would make me push her back and forth while her legs were crossed. One day I heard her moan a little.

'Darlene? Are you okay?' I asked. 'Yes, ohhh, yes! Don't stop!' She moaned. I didn't stop, but I was worried that if she moaned louder my parents would come out to see what was wrong. After a minute I stopped swinging her. I watched her while she panted and quickly moved her crotch up and down over the rope. She moved side to side for a moment and then sighed. She was completely still.

'Darlene? What were you doing? Get down from there!' I demanded. She got down. 'I was just playing with myself.' She demonstrated by licking her index finger and sliding it under her shorts and into her crotch. 'Don't do that!' 'Why not? It feels good. Have you ever tried it before?' she asked. 'No, but I know that it's wrong.' I said.

She dropped the subject, but later that night she reintroduced the topic. We were taking a bath together when she said, 'Wow! Your nipples are perky! And your vagina has hair!' She rubbed her hand over my chest which gave me a tingly feeling in my crotch. Then she put her hand down in the water and felt the whisps of hair on my vagina. I secretly wanted her to stick her finger in like she had done to herself earlier, but then my mom walked in and we had to get out.

Later that night, Darlene asked me to get in bed naked. I agreed, and we both slid under the covers naked. 'Now touch yourself,' she said.

'No!' I said. 'Okay, fine.' she leaned over and lightly moved her hand over my chest just like before. 'I bet you're getting excited. If you like it, lay down and I'll teach you how to play with yourself.' I lay down, and she took off the covers. 'The cold makes your nipples excited.' She rubbed them a little and then said, 'Okay, now the vagina...'

I gasped as she stuck her finger in and moved it around the wetness. I shook when she hit the top of my vagina. I moaned out, enjoying every moment. She explained this was my clit. She rubbed for a long time. The tension was building, and I thought it would never release. She said it might take longer because it was my first time. My moans were louder and louder. Her fingering went faster and deeper as...oh my gosh!! I thought I was going to explode! Her thumb moved fast on my clit. I shook, screaming, and then became very still while I had my first orgasm.

'That felt good, let me do you!' I said as soon as I caught my breath. I fingered her pussy until she came and then we slept with our hands cupping each other's pussies. I'll never forget that night. Darlene and I still have slumber parties sometimes with bigger, more sensitive nipples and clits. I wish you could see us rub against each other. You would surely cum as soon as you saw us. I hope you came from this story. Maybe I'll write a more recent one later...



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