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Learning from My Cousin

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It's the first time I ever saw anything like it, and it's how I found out how much fun I could have with myself.


My cousin Roger and I always went to deer camp with my Uncle Pete. We were pretty skinny kids growing up, and the summer before he turned 18, I remember Roger filling out massively. He suddenly got into sports, and almost became God-like. I remember my Aunt Sandy saying she was putting him in acting classes, because, as everyone would agree, he looked like one of the famous people in magazines and on tv.

I was 14, and Roger was 17, and I still had the boyish skinny body, but was quite proud to have dark black hair around my dick, and under my arms. I had faint signs of chest, arm and leg hairs, but my pubes were my pride. I would spend the morning hours admiring the way the sun shined through them, when I'd lay on top of my bed naked, I would find myself quite aroused in the mornings, but never did anything with it. Eventually my erections would go down, and I'd go on with my day, usually playing Playstation.

Roger had come over for a few weekends that summer, and I saw him in various swimsuits, ranging from simple boxer style shorts, and he even had some tight trunks. I noticed how much he had developed, and his package looked huge in the tighter fitted swimsuits.

We should splash around in the pool for hours, getting out and admiring our shrivelled fingertips...and laughing about how small our dicks were out of the water. We'd talk about our bodies changing, and Roger was always very open with me about development. I was only three years younger than he was, but the difference in our bodies was amazing. He told me about wet dreams, and how he'd have to 'relieve' himself. I didn't know what he meant, and he laughed at me, stating I would find out soon enough. I didn't have any brothers, so I really developed an intimate friendship with my cousin. Roger would stay in a spare bedroom downstairs, and I would double check to make sure the coast was clear, before walking in. The first time I saw him naked, I had peeked in, and saw him towelling off, and his dick was hard, standing straight out like a rod. I quickly closed the door, and waited. Roger had opened it, laughing, saying he should've locked the door. I didn't tell him what I saw, but I think he knew. I also remember one time, we stayed up watching tv, and the next morning, I got up to go to my room, and I noticed him tenting in his boxers. It was such a large tent, that the flap of his shorts was wide open. I saw part of his shaft, and a lot of dark hairs. I was extremely curious, about how a big dick looked, since mine seemed to be a lot smaller than his. I didn't dare look, but I did cover him up with a throw blanket off the couch, in case my parents came downstairs and saw him like that.

Roger had convinced my mom that he was responsible enough to drive us up North to Wisconsin, to the deer camp that Uncle Pete had. She packed my bag, even though I didn't need much. I brought my DS, and computer for the ride up. It was about a 12 hour drive. Roger had an Explorer, and I was excited to sprawl out, and just enjoy riding up with my cousin. He picked me up after lunch, and we started our journey. We listened to rap music, and stopped for chicken nuggets and chocolate shakes. I fell asleep, and took a couple hour nap. Roger made fun of me when I woke up, cause I had been snoring. I got road wood a couple times, but ignored it as usual. I asked Roger if he ever got road wood, and he scoffed. 'Of course I do. I've got it right now dude.' We laughed about it, and I looked over casually, and saw that he had wood, which made its way down the leg of his tight shorts. I looked up, and he was looking at me. I felt ashamed, and looked away. 'If you need to relieve yourself, we can stop somewhere off the road.' He cleared his throat, and hummed a long with the rap music. I looked at him with a puzzled look. 'You know, your road wood problem.' I told him I didn't know what that meant, and he seemed shocked. 'You never jack off?' 'What's that?' 'Dude, you're 14, I'm surprised you've never jacked off.' I sat quietly. 'It's no big deal man, it'll happen when you're ready.' I played some more Mario Bros. and we left it at that. It was getting pretty late, and Roger kept rubbing his eyes. 'I may need to pull over and sleep a bit. We should've left earlier.' I said alright, and a few minutes later, we pulled off the road at a truck stop. Roger dozed off right away, and I reclined in my chair, waiting to fall asleep. I woke up at 1:00am, with the intense feeling of having to pee. I looked over, and Roger wasn't there. The keys were gone, and the doors were locked, so I assumed he had gone in to use the facilities. I opened the door, and was greeted with cold northern air! I went in the back, and grabbed my jacket, and put it on as I made my way to the large, lit up buildings. I went in the main entrance, and found the men's room. I walked through the doorway, and there were two areas to go into. I went left, and it opened up into a long bathroom with urinals on one side, and stalls on the other, and then showers down at the end. I went to the nearest urinal, and relieved my bladder. Then I made my way down, curiously, looking for Roger. I heard showers running, and thought it was the strangest thing for showers to be in a public bathroom. walked around the corner, and saw a man, who looked about my Dad's age, standing away from me, towelling off. He turned, and I quickly left the area. I was walking past the stalls again, when Roger appeared out of one. 'Good morning!' he nudged my shoulder, and walked over to the sink. I returned the greeting, and asked how far we were from Uncle Pete's. He told me we had a couple more hours, and asked if I needed anything. I said no, and followed him outside.

We arrived at Uncle Pete's, finding the house locked. We went to the back, and up the side stairs attached to the garage, to our other cousin, Patrick's bungalow. He was never around, so we found the key under the mat, and went in. Roger gave me the option of the couch or the floor. I chose the couch, and fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. The next morning, I woke up, and stepped cautiously over Roger, and made my way down the small hall to use the bathroom. The door was open a crack. I could see the glow of sunlight under the door, and around the side of the frame, where it was partially open. I went to push my way in, when I hear breathing. I stopped, and peered in, to be sure no one was in the bathroom. I couldn't see in the reflection of the mirror, since the door was blocking the view, but I knew Patrick was in there, since his grunts were quite familiar. At first I thought he was using the toilet, but then I saw his shadow against the back of the sink. He was breathing heavy, and grunting.

I stepped back, toward the other side of the frame, and got half a view in the mirror. Patrick was standing at the sink, and his body was shaking. Patrick was built a lot like Roger, except he was really hairy, and a little on the pudgy side. I saw him looking at himself in the mirror. He had a full beard, and his hair was cut really short on the sides, and long on top, with wisps of hair flat against his sweaty forehead. he kept licking his lips, and grunting, shifting his eyes up and down in his reflection. I could only see to about mid stomach. He had a beer belly, but a strong chest, since they had a large property, he was always working on a project, with cars, or trucks, or building something. I got up on my toes, and saw the rest of his reflection. He had a hardon, and was using his fist to go back and forth over his dick. I instantly became hard and watched in amazement, as Patrick worked his fist over his hard dick. It instantly clicked in my head what Roger had mentioned about relieving himself. I wanted to do what Patrick was doing. I wanted to do it right then and there, but I would never have had the courage, in front of anyone. I watched curiously, as Patrick panted, and sweat dripped down his face, onto his beard. He would occasionally wipe at the sweat on his forehead and around his eyes. I also noticed his body hair was wet, and hung in streaks downward. He had very thick pubic hair, where you couldn't even see the skin around his dick, except for the hardon protruding from the hair. I wondered if I would grow hair like Patrick, or have more manageable body hair like Roger, who only had a treasure trail, and some chest hair.

I was getting tired, standing on my tip toes, and watching Patrick, sweaty and panting. He was going on and on, with his fist moving over his hard dick, which was now a dark red color. I wondered how much longer he was going to do this, but figured I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. I relaxed my feet, and listened for a bit, while Patrick continued his hard breathing and grunting. I decided I would pee in the sink. I know it seems gross, but I honestly didn't want to go through the uncomfortable interruption, and Patrick knowing what I saw. I got up on a chair, and carefully pulled my erection out of my pyjamas, aiming toward the drain. I peed quickly, and loudly, glancing over, to make sure Roger wasn't waking up. I hoped Patrick didn't hear me either, and after I was finished, I quietly turned the sink on a low stream, to wash the basin out, and eliminate the proof of what I had just done.

I got back on the couch, pulling the blanket up over me. I stayed there, quietly, for a few minutes. Roger reached over and nudged me, 'Hey, you awake?' I said yeah, and he sat up looking at me with one eye closed. 'Man I have to use the bathroom.' He got up, and I noticed he also had a morning wood. He walked past the couch, with his huge tent, and went toward the bathroom. I cringed in anticipation, and heard him laugh out loud. Patrick cussed at him, and slammed the door. 'Dude, it's no big deal! Really, it's not that big, haha!' Roger came over to the couch, with his hands over his crotch, and sat down at the end of the couch. He grabbed a pillow to put over his crotch, and looked over at me, still chuckling. 'Patrick was just relieving himself. If you still don't know what it is, go and find out, haha.' After a couple minutes, Patrick walked out, and I looked over, to see him with a towel wrapped around his waist, and a hint of his hardon. Roger turned, and threw his pillow at Patrick. 'Sorry to interrupt your morning jack cuz.' Patrick bent over and picked up the pillow, throwing it back at Roger. Roger got up and tackled Patrick to the floor. They were laughing, and pinning each other's arms back. Roger pulled off Patrick's towel, and pinned his arms back, wrapping his legs around Patrick's, and holding him back, which caused Patrick's erection to be straight up in the air, and nothing he could do about it. 'Stop, the kid's looking!' 'Nah, he's a man now, he can handle it.' They continued to wrestle, and Patrick pulled Roger's shorts down, exposing his hardon as well. He kept trying to kick at it, but missed, clipping Roger in the chin. 'Dude, that's it! I'm done!' Roger stood up, and pulled his shorts up, barely concealing his hardon. He looked embarrassed, and stormed off toward the bathroom. Patrick got up off the floor, looking for his towel, and wrapping it around his waist again. 'Hey Clay, long time no see man.' He stood awkwardly, with his hand over his crotch. He tried to ask about my parents and sister, but Roger walked back in, and interrupted the half hearted conversation. He punched at Patrick, pulling at the towel. 'Go finish what you stated, cause you're obviously sore at me for it.' Patrick excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Roger sat down again on the couch. 'So, you got an eye full, huh? It's normal, it happens to all of us guys. You just have to take care of it.' He pointed at my crotch, which I realized, still had a tent. I covered myself embarrassed, and didn't know what to say. 'You should go in after Patrick, and just have a quick wank.' I said ok, and waited for Patrick to come out. He took a few more minutes, and then I heard the door open, and he went straight in his room. I went in the bathroom after him, with convincing from Roger. I made sure the door was locked, and stood in front of the mirror, where I saw Patrick earlier. He's taller than I am, and I'm guessing he got a lot more view than I did. The mirror was too high, and stopped right at my belly button. As I said before, my dick wasn't that big, so even on my tip toes, I only got a view of the tip of my penis. I looked quickly for a stool, but found none. I started to follow the motions I saw Patrick doing, and it felt good instantly. I was having some nice fun, when Roger knocked on the door, 'Doing alright Clay?' 'Yeah,' I stuttered, not wanting to lose my concentration. I looked down to watch myself, glancing up occasionally, to see my face glowing. I started to focus on the head of my dick, as it swelled, and became a couple of shades darker. I noticed some spots around the base of the sink, that looked kind of like snot. I poked at them, and found that they were wet and sticky. I wondered what it was. I kept my fist closed around my dick, and worked it a few more minutes, until I felt a rush of excitement, and then I started shooting out white fluid. I felt like I was in Heaven, as shot after shot came out, spraying against the back of the sink basin. I felt relief and joy, and kept moving my fist, until I suddenly felt a jolt go through my body, and bit my lip to keep from yelling out. I stopped my motions, as my dick felt extremely sensitive and tingly. I turned the sink on to wash out my mess, wiping around the base as well, to clean up Patrick's mess. I later found out, it's easier to do this before going to he bathroom, as my underwear stuck to my dick, like glue, with my dried cum.

That was the first time I'd ever jacked off, and saw someone else doing it as well. Curiosity led to joy, and I'm glad my cousins never found out, how I'd seen it all go down.



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