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Learning from My Cousin

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Summer 2006 my parents went on a vacation to Europe and left me and my sister to stay with our Aunt Margie, Uncle Tom, and our two cousins, Grace and Evan. I was 14 at the time and my sister, Alicia, was 11. Grace was also 11 and Evan was 16.

The day that our parents left, they dropped us off at the house and Aunt Margie showed us our rooms. There was one guest room where Alicia and I were to stay. Grace and Alicia, being the same age, begged to be allowed to share the guest room. After much begging, Aunt Margie finally agreed to let them share the guest room and I would just stay in Grace's room.

The first night, after dinner, Grace and Alicia wanted to watch a movie. The only two TV's in the house were the one in the living room and the one it Aunt Margie and Uncle Tom's room. So Grace and Alicia watched their movie in Aunt Margie's room. I was watching the living room TV until Uncle Tom kicked me out to watch baseball. I am not a sports person, so I decided to go upstairs and hang out.

I walked up the stairs and I passed the room where Grace and Alicia were watching the movie. I then passed the bathroom and was coming up on passing Evan's room when I had to stop dead in my tracks. Evan's door was cracked about two inches and I could see completely into his room.

There he was, completely naked, in his desk chair, jacking off. Without thinking, I gasped. He froze and snapped his head toward the door. I put my hand over my mouth and stared. By this point in life, I knew what he was doing and everything but it was just such an awkward situation at this moment, especially since Evan and I were not close.

He held a finger up to his lips, making the 'shh' face. I nodded. Then, he did the most unexpected thing possible. He waved for me to come in. I gave him a look that said 'are you crazy?' and he nodded and again, waved for me to come in. I pushed the door open just enough for me to fit in and then I closed it all the way. I stood there in front of the door.

'Do you masturbate?' He asked. I shook my head no, still very shy and wishing I were not in here right now. 'Never?' He asked. I just shook my head again. 'You've never even tried it?' He asked, one last time. This time I spoke, 'No.' He stood up, his dick sticking up, almost touching his stomach. 'Well, you should try it.' He said walking over to his bed.

'R-Right now?' I stuttered. He nodded, as he sat down on his bed. He patted a spot next to him. 'Come over here. I'll show you how to do it.' He instructed. For whatever strange reason, I listened to him and sat down next to him on the bed. 'Take your jeans off.' He told me. I obeyed, sliding my pants off and onto the floor. 'And those,' He said, refering to my panties. I paused for a moment and then thought, well you've gone this far, you might as well learn something. I took them off, too.

'Okay, now just finger yourself.' He said. 'But, I don't know how to do that.' I told him. 'Do you mind if I show you?' He asked. I just stared at him. 'Like, you do it for me?' I clarified. 'Yeah.' He replied. 'Um, I guess that's okay.' I said. He scooted closer to where I was and spread my legs apart. He slowly slid one finger into me and began to gently move it around. He then added a second finger and began scissoring his fingers inside of me.

He hit one spot and I gasped in pleasure. 'That,' He said, hitting it again gently causing me to gasp again, 'is your G-spot.' I nodded. He said 'Give me your hand.' So I gave him my hand. He pulled his hand out of me and put my hand in. 'Now find that same spot.' He instructed. I found it in about a minute. 'Now, cum with me.' He said. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by this at the time because I had never experienced an orgasm, but it felt so good that I just kept fingering myself.

He resumed his previous actions of stroking his dick and playing with his balls. We stared at each other, continuing to touch ourselves. He moaned a few times but I kept quiet. Finally, I felt my orgasm coming and I moaned once loud, then again quiter. I convulsed and my breaths came fast. It felt amazing. Watching me sent Evan over the edge, causing him to cum hard all over the floor in six squirts.

After he was all finished he looked at me and said 'Fuck Claire, that was amazing.' I agreed. 'We should do it again sometime.' He said. Again, I agreed. I got re-dressed and headed to Grace's room for the night. That week, Evan and I masturbated together four more times. And this was just the beginning of our sexual experiences together. But I will save that story for another time.



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