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Learning from Lisa

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I was taught to enjoy my body from my cousin Lisa one summer while visiting with family on the coast. The house was in sight of the beach where we would spend a good part of each day.

My older cousin had a very tiny bikini that she wore to the beach. It was just enough to be legal I think.

One day while on the beach two guys came by who knew Lisa and stayed to talk for a while. After they left we talked about how cute they were then Lisa said one of them made her real horny. I did not know what horny meant so I asked Lisa to explain.

Lisa said it's when your puss gets wet and feels like it wants to be tickled in your special spot. I still did not know what she meant so I asked more questions. Lisa asked me if I knew where my clitoris was and why we had one. I said no still not knowing what she was talking about. This is when Lisa talked for about 20 minutes while I just listened in amazement.

Lisa explained to me how we could make our bodies feel real nice by rubbing in one small spot. She said it was about the best we could feel in our lives for a few seconds whenever we wanted to.

Lisa then asked if I could keep big secrets and I agreed I could. She then took her towel and covered her lower body with it then pulled her bikini bottoms down and off her body. I was shocked that she was sitting there on the not too crowded beach with no bottoms on.

Lisa opened her towel toward me showing her pussy. She held her lips apart then pointing out where I could find my clit and that it was the point of pleasure that I should rub to feel real good. She asked if I had ever tried doing it before and I told her the truth, no. Lisa said she was going to show me the secret now so I could do it myself later that day.

Lisa held the towel open with one arm and the other began to rub her clit ever so softly. I watched her hand move in a circle around her clit thinking she was pulling my leg or something. Lisa continued rubbing her clit and kept asking me if I was watching and learning. I was watching indeed and felt a warm feeling come over my clit area almost like I wanted to pee. I told Lisa about it and she said that was what horny was. As she was telling me this she began to talk a bit oddly and I did not know at the time but she was about to have an orgasm in front of me and about ten others on the beach.

Lisa closed her eyes and said this is the good part called orgasm then she began to orgasm but I had no idea what it was. Lisa was moving her body in a rythmic way enjoying her orgasmic pleasure while I watched a girl orgasm for the first time. Even though I did not know what she was feeling I could tell it must be good.

Once she was done I asked if she was ok and she started to laugh. She told me I had to try it and then I would know what a good feeling it was.

We left the beach soon after Lisa was done masturbating for me. As we walked home I asked Lisa more about what she was doing back on the beach and if all girls did it. Lisa said most girls her age did it and she learned when she was younger than me. It made me feel like I was missing out on something so I wanted to get home and try it myself.

Lisa told me I should think about something that made me feel horny inside. I told her I was horny now from our talk and watching her so she said I should think about today while I tried it for the first time.

When we got back to the house there was a bunch of people visiting that day and soon there were more. I did not get to my bed until very late but I still wanted to try this new thing Lisa showed me that day.

I got to my room and took off all my clothes. I remember how warm the night air was coming through my window as I lay naked on my bed thinking of watching Lisa masturbate that afternoon. I opened my legs like a frog then started to do the same as Lisa did. I was not sure where my clit was for sure and even though I felt this horny feeling I was not able to make myself feel good like Lisa did. I stopped after a few minutes thinking maybe Lisa was wrong or not telling me the truth about this whole clit thing when I heard a very light knock on my bedroom door. It was Lisa asking if I was sleepy or not. I went to the door covering my naked body with a sheet. I told Lisa I was not tired and said I was trying to do what she showed me that day but I was not doing it properly so I thought. Lisa asked if she could come in for a moment and soon she was sitting on my bed with me there again wondering what I was doing wrong.

After a few moments of talk Lisa asked if I needed to see one more time how to enjoy my body. I was up for that so I asked her to please show me once more.

Lisa was naked in seconds ready to masturbate for me again. I sat watching her rub her clit then when she was starting to cum I got even closer. Lisa rubbed real hard and fast this time now that we were alone and nobody was around. She thrust her hips quite a bit and I found the show even more exciting than when we were on the beach.

Once Lisa was done with her first orgasm she asked me if I wanted to try it while she was there to coach me. I felt so horny now and wanted Lisa to see my body so without even answering I unwrapped the sheet from my body and sat down in front of her naked. I started to rub my own clit the same as I saw her do hers then asked if it was the right spot. Lisa took my fingers and moved them to my clit then moved my hand around asking if it felt good there. It did feel quite good but it was nothing like I was about to feel in the next few minutes.

Once Lisa guided my fingers to my clit I started to feel very good as I masturbated properly for the first time. I told Lisa how good it felt and she said I was rubbing the correct spot and I should keep rubbing there.

Shortly after I felt this warm tingle creeping up my body and I told Lisa I was feeling real good all of a sudden. Lisa said it was an orgasm and told me not to stop what I was doing. Within a few seconds I started to climax and enjoy the first orgasm I ever had. I only remember my body twitching and moving and the fantastic feeling in my puss.

Once I was done cumming I told Lisa how grest it felt and said I would do it every day from then on. I asked how often I could do it and she said as often as my body would allow.

Since that day I have enjoyed my clit at least twice each day. I love masturbating!!!! It is fantastic!

That is my story of how I learned. I hope you all enjoyed my confession. I still masturbate today as often as I did back then. I do not know why every woman out there does not masturbate and enjoy orgasms every day like I do.

My current boyfriend understands and tells me he likse me to masturbate. The guy I had before him thought I was odd because I wanted to masturbate. I know now that he probably jerked off his cock a few times a week or more while we were together.

Thank you for reading my story of how I learned to masturbate. I hope you enjoy an orgasm or two while reading my story and thinking of me masturbating. I know I will now have a few myself right now.




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