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Learning from Jon

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True story, different names, places, and dialog as close to as remember.


I was 14 when my HS debate team won a place in a competition in California. We stayed in a seedy Holiday Inn, but I was young naive and excited. I came from a strict Mormon family. I had never masturbated, and Mormons go out of their way to remove this temptation from youths. (They limit your private time, require bulky nightwear, even limit showers to five minutes for teens). I roomed with Jonathan, a 16 year old boy. The first night, I changed into my pj's, and got into bed. Jon came out of the shower, with just a towel, showing his entire body as he dried his towel. I was amazed! I had never really seen another boy before, and couldnt believe how nonchalant he was about being naked in front of me. Jon turned on the TV and laid down on top of his bed, totally naked. I could look at his body without getting caught as the TV was at the foot of his bed, and I had to look directly over his body to see it. His body was truly magnificent. Smooth well defined chest with a slight 6 pack. He had a small line of hair from his navel to a large black patch of pubic hair. His limp dick was long and thick, and lay to left side of his lower belly, the head pointing right at me. Jon would absently scratch his nuts from time to time, and his dick would move. I was mesmerized by the sight, and my dick was swollen hard. I tried everything we had been taught when we got erections. Pray. Think about school. (Go to the kitchen was obviously out). Baywatch was on TV, and Jon was commenting and ogling over the girls, and I could see his dick getting larger.

'I gotta rub one out' he calmly stated.

'Rub what out?' I naively asked.

He looked over at me, had his lengthening dick in his hand and said 'Come on Man! dont tell me this shit isnt getting to you, don't you need to jerkoff too?'

I sheepishly told him I didnt know how. He laughed at me, and I burst into tears. He turned off the TV and was really nice to me, and apologized for embarassing me. as we talked, he asked me why I didnt jerkoff, and I explained the whole Mormon guilt and sin thing. Again he was really nice, and said he could respect that, and that he was going to go do it in the bathroom then. I blurted out 'no!' and then blathered I wanted to learn how. He asked me if I was sure, thought about it a second then said WTF. I pulled the covers back, and Jon told me first to ditch the PJ's. I pulled them off and jumped back into my bed, with my boner pointing at my belly button. Jon went to the bathroom, and came back with a towel and a bottle of hand lotion. He laid down next to me on my bed, and poured some lotion onto his palm, and rubbed it into his dick. I watched him as he slowly rubbed his dick up and downwith his right hand, and rubbed his chest and belly with his left. He told me to do the same. I put the lotion in my palm, then rubbed it in. God it felt good! 'Swirl your hand like this' as he rubbed all around his head. 'Play your nipples' as he rubbed first his left and then right nipple. 'No like this', and he reached over and placed his hand around the head of my dick. Within seconds, I felt a tingle start in my knees and rapidly move up to my crotch. My whole body clenched, and I felt the most unbelievable feeling in my life, as cum spewed out of my dick. I was out of breath, and speechless. I looked down and saw the white liquid in droplets and strands on my chest and stomach. 'good huh?' he said with a smile and he used to towel to wipe it up. I wanted it again, and reached down to my dick and swirled the head. The sensitivity made me pull back, and Jon laughed and said, 'be patient... let him rest a while!'. Can I touch yours?' I asked. He moved his hands to his nipples, lightly flicking them and told to go ahead. I wrapped my hand around his thicker dick, and ran it up, then swirled his head, then back down. He told me to go faster and grip tighter. Within a couple of minutes he told me he was close, then tightened his body up and his cum just oozed out and down over my hand. He grabbed the towel wiped up and I started again on my dick. I really wanted that feeling again. Jon pulled my hand away, and told me that he would show me some more tricks. He sat up with his back on the headboard, and told me to sit between his legs and lean back into his chest. I could feel his dick against my back, and he reached down and started to slowly jerk me. 'Its better the longer you wait, so when you sart feeling close.. tell me' I leaned my head back on his shoulder, and enjoyed the sensation. I could tell it was getting close, and he stopped, and just rubbed my chest and played with my nipples. When I calmed down he would start again. We went through this start and stop for about 15 minutes, and then I told him I couldnt take it anymore, and he started pumping it like crazy, and I shot again onto my chest. My back felt squishy. Jon had cum too. Once again we cleaned up with the towel. My mind was swirling. I loved this, but knew it was wrong. I started to put my PJ's on, and the guilt overwhelmed me, and I started crying again. Thank God Jon was a great debater, because he gave me every argument against me guilt feelings as fast as I could blurt them out. The one that did the trick was when he said God wants people to feel good, and as long as no one gets hurt, how could God want to punish you. Besides, if masturbation damned us, heaven would be a very lonely place.

I ended up sleeping in Jon's bed nude that night. 2 more firsts: sleeping naked, and sleeping next to a naked person. I woke up once with him spooned against my back, and it felt so right. another time I woke and spooned against his back, and rubbed his chest gently. I worked my hand down to his crotch, and jerked him off. After he came, he did the same to me for my third orgasm in six hours.

I never jerked off with another guy after that weekend, and am now happily married with three kids. I still jerkoff every chance I can though, and left the Mormon Church after college. Not surprisingly, I found out in College that Jon was gay (so it wasn't the girls on Baywatch that got him going I guess), and moved to San Francisco.



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