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Learning from Him

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I learned from him.


My friend Mike (not his real name) and I had somehow come to discuss masturbation. We asked each other the standard questions such as length (he said almost eight inches and I said just over seven). But then I asked him how it felt when he masturbated and orgasmed. His reply was 'oh, like nothing else.' I revealed that for me, orgasm was very disappointing, my semen never squirted out with any force, and I didn't really feel much of anything.

He assured me that my problem was my technique and said he could teach me. Before I could protest, he pushed his shorts and boxers down, revealing his uncircumcised penis which was already somewhat erect. It really was as big as he said it was, bent to the left, and the head was a light purple peeking from under the end of his light foreskin.

This broke any hesitation I had and I unsnapped and pulled down my pants and shorts too. My penis was rapidly lengthening at this point. Unlike him, I was circumcised, and had a downward bend. The light head contrasted with the darker shaft. I stared at his dick as mine lengthened to its full size (neither of us had lied, apparently!) and he told me to start first and he would follow suit.

So there we were, sitting back on the couch, about to have a couple of orgasms. I grabbed my erection in a tight fist and began quickly pumping it with abandon. He said 'woah! There's your problem right there! You're too rough!' I stopped and looked at him. He said, 'just watch.'

Lightly gripping the skin just below the head of his erection, he began to gently slide the skin back and forth over the head. It looked so hot the way the head would be repeatedly uncovered and covered by his foreskin. 'You see?' he said softly, 'gently.' When he pulled back, the head would seem to strain against the skin covering it for the briefest of moments before popping free. When he pushed the skin forward again, the end of it would collect at the ridge of his glans then suddenly push over. His head seemed to swell just a little and the light purple color deepened. I was mesmerized. He let out a sigh at some point and upon hearing that, I felt my own penis twitch.

I looked down and the head was a bright red, and precum was dangling from the tip. I started to grab a tissue from the small table in front of us, to wipe it off, but he thrust his hand out and said 'no, leave it on there.'

So I grabbed my rigid penis, this time with just a couple fingers, began to pull and push the skin back and forth as far as my circumcised skin would allow. Mike turned and told me to put my hand as far forward as possible. I didn't understand, so he pulled his foreskin all the way back (his penis was now glistening under it) and put his hand so that his index finger and thumb encircled the ridge of his head. Then he started again, using short strokes, pretending he was circumcised, I suppose. I mimicked his movement. After a few seconds of this, he released his penis, slid the skin back up, and started masturbating again as before.

We continued like this for probably only a minute before I could feel myself losing control. I was actually breathing hard and he was moaning gently. I told him I was going to come, and he stopped stroking and told me to sit forward. I complied as he grabbed a couple tissues from the box and was holding them under the head of my bright red, shiny pecker in seconds.

The orgasm was incredible. I felt all my muscles tense up, I heard grunts coming from me (I'd never made a noise before) and the rest is hard to describe, it was like a massive wave went from my penis head to my brain, my penis twitched, my groin squeezed. I watched with a certain detachment (although I could not see too well) as, for the first time, my semen erupted from me, at first rolling out into the tissues, but then two shots exploded well over the tissues onto the floor several feet away. He repositioned the tissues so they were more in front of the head as more shots squeezed forth.

I was spent and more tired than I'd ever been in my life. I just flopped back into the couch, gasping and unbelieving that all through my teenage years I had missed this pleasure because I was too much in a hurry to cum.

He made a comment like 'damn, you got it everywhere, you said you don't shoot. God, that was hot.' Then he grabbed his penis (which was dripping precum to the floor), and simply squeezed it once. It started to spurt his own spunk into the same tissue a few inches away. Once it started shooting he stroked it the whole way, gasping a little on each upstroke. His penis looked incredible on the downstrokes, glistening, the skin under the foreskin was pink, light veins just visible under the sliding shaft skin, and the head was a purplish red with blobs of white semen hanging from it before being forced to the tip and falling off by the next upstroke. After like ten seconds he collapsed back into the couch still holding the tissue with our two loads mixing.

After a few minutes of just sitting there breathing and talking about how good it felt to finally have a real orgasm, he suggested we get cleaned up and he wanted to throw the tissues away before the semen 'melted' and got everywhere. I got up, grabbed a tissue and started wiping up the cum which had shot everywhere. Then by reflex I tried to milk extra cum from my penis but there was none forthcoming. I think I completely emptied myself on that one. He got another couple of tissues, balled them up with the one soaked by our two loads, took mine, and threw them in a plastic bag he kept hanging on his door handle (his parents were apparently cool with his jacking off, since the bag was pretty full already).

We agreed to keep the whole thing a secret but we did repeat it many times in other places and he taught me some actual techniques now that he'd taught me how to properly jerk off.



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