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Learning from an Older Woman

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A true story that occurred over twenty years ago


Unlike many contributors on this site, I was a late developer when it comes to masturbation, although I have certainly made up for lost time over the years! Up until I was nearly 13 I didn't really think much about it, although I knew that some of my friends enjoyed touching themselves. I had tried a couple of times to see what the fuss was about but didn't really get anywhere; in retrospect it's clear I didn't know what I was doing! In other ways I was a normal horny adolescent, but as I didn't have a boyfriend, my sexual urges remained pent up and only found expression in really detailed sexual fantasies that I made up while in bed at night.

My ignorance came to an abrupt end the year I turned 13. That summer my mom's older step sister from England came to stay with us for a few months. Her husband had abandoned her suddenly and she was upset and depressed, and had lost her home. My parents had invited her to holiday in Canada until she felt well enough to return home. I had never met my 'aunt' who was unrelated by blood and had never travelled so far from home before. I was a bit apprehensive when my mom said that Claire would be sharing my bedroom and bathroom. We lived in a small house and my room was the only one with two beds; the spare room at the time was being used as a study which my mom used to work from home.

My fears quickly evaporated once I met Claire, who was a quiet but friendly and generous person, childless and, at this time ,in her late forties. The first week or two she spent confiding in my parents, and I saw little of her. But once she had cheered up a bit we talked more and more and I began to enjoy her company. I also noticed her acting a little strangely around me when we were alone. Looking back it's clear she was flirting with me, but I was too naive to recognise it as that. I did, however, feel a little tingle when she looked at my body, which happened a lot. Being shy I would retreat to the bathroom to put on my underwear, but would otherwise get dressed with her in the room. As time went by I found myself taking longer than usual to choose my clothes; my heart pounding, knowing that she was staring at my body. As this turned into a routine of sorts Claire also began to dress in front of me. Most of the time she would keep her underwear on, but a few times she would display her ample breasts which soon appeared in my nightly fantasies. She was not a very large woman but had curves in all the right places, in contrast to me, then skinny and flat-chested.

It was about four weeks into her stay when things started to develop to a new level. I would generally fall asleep before Claire, who would read for a while before switching off her bedside light. A couple of times I heard her whisper 'are you awake?' just before turning out the light but as I was almost asleep I didn't answer and drifted off almost immediately. But one night her question pulled me out of slumber. I didn't answer but was soon wide awake.

My room faced the street and the street lights outside ensured that it was never very dark at night. As my eyes adjusted, I heard a long sigh and a persistent slippery sound coming from Claire's bed next to me. I dared not move and as I was facing away from her I couldn't be certain, but it eventually dawned on me that Claire was masturbating! My chest thumping, my throat dry, I listened intently as the slippery sound sped up, accompanied by a series of quiet moans. After about ten minutes of this the bed creaked loudly and Claire let out a grunt and whispered 'yeah' four or five times. I was turned on as never before and as Claire's breathing turned into a light snore I realised that my panties were wet through.

The next night I made sure I was facing Claire's bed. As before, she whispered 'are you awake?' and I feigned sleep, but the second her light went out I opened my eyes. What I saw transfixed me. It being summer both of us had only light sheets and I watched as Claire kicked off her sheet, lifted her nightie and wriggled out of her panties. With the street lights outside I could clearly make out her large round breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. She licked her fingers and slowly caressed her nipples before tracing her way down to her slit. She then began to move her hand in a circular motion....

I'm sorry everyone, I'm so turned on reliving this I have to take care of myself. I can't wait. I have so much more to tell though. I'll be happy to continue if any readers have enjoyed what i've written. I especially would like to get comments from women young and old although I also appreciate men's comments. I'm sopping wet-gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!



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