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Learning from an Older Teen - Stewart

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I had no knowledge about masturbation or that it even existed until the day that I observed a live performance by an older teenager named Stewart. He was 17-years old and I had turned 13 just a few weeks before this memorable day back in 1977.

Now, I was not the village idiot! I knew that boys got stiff boners and that it sure did feel good to grind it between your body and the mattress, until the friction got to be too painful.

Stewart lived with his parents in an apartment two buildings down from where I lived with my parents. I'm not sure why he didn't have any friends his own age, or my age for that matter. I seemed to be his only friend and that suited me fine. He was very big for a teenager of 17 and I was small in stature for a 13-year old. Nobody would dare start any trouble with me knowing that Stewart was basically my attack dog.

One afternoon, Stewart and I were at the swimming pool in the hot tub area. I remember some girls giving Stewart a hard time about his unkempt appearance. He'd go days, if not weeks without shaving. I could see that Stewart had listened to enough of these two girls. One of the girls made a comment about Stewart never getting a girl as good looking as she was to go out on a date.

I was picking up the bits and pieces of the words being exchanged. Stewart told both of the girls that they couldn't handle a guy like him. I thought he was referring to his wild ways and crazy persona. I think that the girls where thinking along those same lines until Stewart grabbed at the crotch area of his swimsuit.

The girls laughed and one said something to the effect of 'Every time a guy brags about having a big one, you can safely bet that it's a small one'

Now I didn't see what happened next because Stewart got up and walked past me to the girls. He lowered the front of his swim suit and said, 'Does your boyfriend have a dick this tiny. I'll bet you never seen one so small before have you?'

Now I know sarcasm when I hear it and by the way the girls eyes darted to Stewarts crotch with their jaws dropped, I knew that Stewart had a big one. Now keep in mind that to me a big one would be similar to what I had seem on men in the shower at the Y. The girls left in a hurry, followed by Stewart and I a few minutes later.

I was about to walk toward my building when Stewart said that he was going to check up on his parent's motor home that was parked in a back lot. I decided to tag along when Stewart said, that he was going there to take matters into his own hands. That meant nothing to me and he might as well have said it in Japanese. I kept up my walking pace with Stewart and had not realized that I did not know what he meant by taking matters into his own hands.

He turned his head to the side and said, 'Are you coming along to take notes?'

'Take notes for what Stu?' I said.

He replied, 'Didn't you hear what I said a minute ago? Those bitches at the pool got me all riled up and I need to do something really fast in the motor home'

He had to see the blank expression on my face and started to get the picture. He asked, 'Do you understand what I am going to do in the motor home?'

I said, 'Sure Stu. You gonna get something out of the motor home really quick.'

'No man, I'm gonna go in there and choke the chicken!' Was his reply.

I stupidly asked, 'You have a chicken in there? Why?'

Stewart stopped dead in his tracks and said, 'Hold on! Wait! How old are you?'

I answered, 'You know I'm 13 Stewart'

He asked, 'Dude, have you ever come before?'

'Come where? What are you talking about?' was my response.

It was like a light bulb went on over Stewart's head, but he was still a little unsure how a kid could live 13 years without at least attempting to masturbate. Stewart made a curve with his right hand like he was holding a soda can.

'What does this remind you of?' Stewart said as he moved his hand in an up and down motion.

'Um! Milking a cow?' I said, so now there was no doubt in Stewart's mind that I was sexless in all definitions of the word.

'Holy shit! Remind me to sock your old man next time I see him. Hasn't your dad ever sat down and had a talk with you about erections and masturbation?' He said.

'What's that?' I said as a matter of fact.

We got to the motor home and went inside and Stewart told me that I was going to learn something that I should have learned years ago.

'What is it?' I asked.

Stewart replied, 'It's like sex, except you can do it by without a girl. You do know what sex is right?'

I did, so said, 'Of course I know what sex is'

He then asked, 'Okay then how do you have sex?'

My reply was, 'A man and a woman get married and on their honey moon the women takes off her wedding dress and gets naked. The man gets a boner and puts it inside the woman and moves it in and out until his sperm cover the eggs and the woman get pregnant'

'Close enough, so where is you sperm?' He asked further.

'I don't have sperm, I'm just a kid' I replied.

He just said, 'I'll bet you 20 bucks that you've got a lot of sperm!'

I didn't believe him and said, 'No way, kids don't have sperm!'

'You think so Einstein? Watch this!' He said as he dropped his swim suit and out popped a boner that was almost as big as my arm.

I couldn't help blurting out, 'Holy shit! Stu, that thing is gigantic. Man, no wonder those chicks spilt so fast and why are you rubbing your boner like that?

He told me, 'It's tricking my dick into thinking that it's having sex with a woman. You can use you hand on your dick and it feels almost like it's going in and out of a pussy. Now my dick thinks that I having sex and if I do it fast enough, my balls will make my sperm come gushing out and I can tell you that it feels just as good as sex.'

It was all making perfectly good sense so I pulled down my trunks and did what Stewart was doing. He spread his towel out across the table and told me to aim it over the towel when I was ready to cum.

It was a stupid question but I asked anyway, 'How will I know when the sperm was going to come out?'

His reply was, 'Trust me man, you'll fuckin know!'

Within 30 seconds, he said that I would be overcome with a sensation down around where my hand was pumping at a pretty good pace.

Then I said, 'Oh crap! I have to pee'

He replied, 'No! No! That's it man. Keep going, you're about to cum. Just keep stroking even when it starts squirting'

My mouth was wide open and my legs where shaking as the new sensation washed over my entire body. The first blast flew right over the table and hit the wall, as did the second blasts. Huge ropes of hot sperm where arching up and flying about a foot in the air, landing a Stewarts towel.

Stewart said, 'That's a mean fuckin load man. Keep jackin!'

All I could do was twitch, jerk, and convulse as the last pulses of semen ran out over the top and down my slowing hand.

I kept a record book, but lost interest once summer was over and school started. I didn't loose interest in jacking-off, just keeping count. Many years later I found my record book and was surprised to learn that I masturbated 117 times during that summer of my 13th year.

I have never grown tired of it.



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