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Learning From a Stranger And My Brother

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This happened almost 3 months ago..
I come from a very strict and religious family so masturbation was something I knew nothing about even when I was 16! (The things I was missing out on!) My parents are pretty well off financially and my mother spends most of her time either at the spa or shopping. I was always bugging her that I wanted to go with her to the spa and get a massage. So finally she agreed, and brought me along. Usually she would seriously mind if I was half naked and some guy was massaging me but she figured any man that works at a spa MUST be gay...well she was wrong about that! I figured he was too, and wasn't that apprehensive about lying in a room alone, practically naked with some gay guy. The massage rooms were divided into cubicles with curtains- right on the other side of the curtain was my mother. I got undressed quickly and laid down on the table pulling the towel on that was suppose to be over your butt. I called for Jacques (my masseur) telling him that I was ready and he entered with a tray of lotion, balms etc etc. He pulled my long curly hair into a messy ponytail to keep it away from my face and neck and began. First he rubbed lotion all over my back and began kneading my back... it was heaven! I almost fell asleep until his hands started to travel lower and lower down my back and be began rubbing my hips. A little moan escaped my mouth and he asked if I was enjoying it, I told him I was and then he stopped for a second and grabbed a second bottle. Next was what blew me away, he spread my legs ever so slightly and inserted an oily finger wetting my clit. I almost cried out in surprise but he quickly reached over me and covered my mouth shhing me. His finger ran gently over my clit, I spread my legs a little wider as he inserted another finger and rubbed, his hand grazing over my small fuzzy patch of pubic hair. My hips automatically started grinding against his hand as he probed deeper. I was gasping for air as I had my first orgasm. He was afraid people would hear me so he handed me a towel to bury my face in as I moaned. He pulled me up so I was on my knees and my face still buried in the towel, then he licked my pussy. Slowly at first and then sped up making his tongue dart in and out every time it brushed this knob I would shiver and moan. He started to suck on my pussy lips until I couldn't handle it anymore and came again, Jacques licked me clean and had me dressed by the time the bell rang telling us my time was up. I kissed him a quick good-bye and left.
Since then I have been rubbing jillin off almost every night. I knew guys jacked off, so I decided to talk to my twin brother what it was like. I told him what happened to me at the spa and he just sat there mouth opened sitting in his jnco jeans next to me on his bed. I glanced ever so often at his crotch ever so often as I was telling my story and watched as it become a huge bulge. Finally he caught me starring and asked me if I wanted to see. I agreed quickly. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down and pulled down his boxers letting his 6 1/2 inch thick cock stick up. I was amazed I was surprised at how big it was. He took his right hand and spit into his right hand and began rubbing up and down the shaft. I felt my pussy throbbing in my panties soI shifted for a better look. I asked him timidly if I could touch it and he smiled and let go. I gripped it tightly and began rubbing it like he was. He sighed and closed his eyes and my other hand reached over and massaged his swollen balls. My fingers touched a soft spot in between his balls and he bucked his hips, groaning. I started rubbing faster and faster from base to head. The tip was purpling and a creamy liquid started dripping out, I stopped and asked him what it was and he explained that it was pre-cum and it was suppose to happen. He begged me to keep going and I did, he started moaning and thrusting his hips driving his hard cock into my fist until he shot out 4 big ropes of white cum that landed on him and all over my hands. I quickly left and licked off his cum from my fingers and satisfied my wet pussy in my room. That's the only time I've done anything with my brother but I want him to eat me out really badly so I might just surprise him some night soon. :)



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