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Learning From a Master

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My Uncle he taught me about my cock--and he knew everything!


I knew how to jerk off, but I really learned to masturbate from my uncle. He wasn't exactly my uncle, he was my mom's cousin, but we called him Uncle Bob. My mom and I drove across the country one summer when I was 14 years old to visit my aunt, who was a schoolteacher in a small town in South Carolina. Uncle Bob had moved there about five years before to retire after a long career working backstage on Broadway musicals.
There wasn't room for me to stay at my aunt's house, so I stayed in Uncle Bob's living room. He was very interesting; he had endless stories and had led a colorful life. It was never spoken of in our family, but it was kind of understood that Uncle Bob was probably a homosexual. That didn't matter much to me, it only made him more exotic and interesting. We had lots of fun. He had an amazing record collection, especially of Broadway shows, and he was so enthusiastic we'd be singing along and laughing at the top of our lungs.
Uncle Bob also seemed to understand me, as a young man, like nobody had. My father had died just before I began to grow, and my mom didn't really know what to do. I knew that Uncle Bob understood me. So we had lots of heart to heart talks, and he listened well, and gave advice that I knew was good.
One night, when I was in bed and he was in his pajamas, Uncle Bob asked me about my sex life, and I told him I was a virgin. He asked if I masturbated, and, with a little feeling of pride, told him sometimes I did it twice a day. He said, 'How do you do it?' and I told him. He said, 'Oh, you're missing so much fun! Can I show you some things?' I said sure.
He came over and sat next to me on the couch, and told me to pull down my pj's. I did, and he did the same. His dick was bigger than I ever thought was possible, and his balls were just as large and hung low. He wasn't very hairy. Well, to make a long story short, every night Uncle Bob would show me a new way to pleasure myself. Sometimes he'd get me started with his own very skilled hands, but usually we just did it together and I'd watch him. I would have two or three orgasms every night (he'd only have one), and I remember hot sweaty rooms, brassy music, and a prick that seemed to be throbbing all the time--I was also jerking off during the day in my aunt's bathroom and if I could get out of visiting and go back to Uncle Bob's.
I could tell that Uncle Bob was being very careful to not make any homosexual advances to me, but I was really curious about one thing: What's it like to suck a cock? So one night I asked him to show me how to do it. He was glad to oblige, and gave me the sweetest, longest blowjob I've ever had. I was scared to ask to suck him, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I thought he might refuse, and I worried that if I did it then I'd be gay. For a couple of nights, I almost asked to do it, but chickened out. Then I got up my courage.
'Can I suck your dick?'
Uncle Bob asked 'Why?'
I said I was curious.
'Are you afraid?'
'Yes, I said, I'm afraid it might make me gay.'
He told me not to worry, that he was certain I wasn't gay, but that it would be great if I wanted to see what it was like. So he went to the bathroom, and came out completely naked. He asked me to come into his bedroom. He told me to take off my clothes, too. I didn't know what was going on-I thought I was just going to suck his cock-but I did what he said anyway. He lay down and spread his legs, and told me to 'Go to it.'
His cock was fairly limp, and so I grabbed it and put it in my mouth and started rubbing the tip with my tongue, like he'd told me. It began to grow, and I got really excited. It was so large, I had to rub up and down with my lips and over the head. He kept encouraging me, but I was afraid I wasn't doing very well. He reminded me to feel his balls, they felt really good. It was amazing to have them in my hand.
I kept sucking and rubbing him, but it didn't seem he was getting close to a climax. I was having a good time, but I felt like a failure. Then he told me to stop, and I was sure it wasn't working. He said it felt really good, but he wanted to get totally involved. 'Now, get on top of me so I can suck you, 69 style.' Wow. A surge of pure lust went through me. I carefully straddled him, and it took a little working to get so that we were both comfortable. I like the feeling of straddling him, with my cock and balls dangling and my ass in the air.
Then he started on my cock, and it felt so good! Pretty soon I was kind of delirious, and couldn't think of what to do with him, just whatever felt good. Now his cock was really stiff, hard as a rock. I was sucking it really hard now and told me 'Calm down, gently, just the tip'. So I played with him with my tongue and soft lips, and I remember that he started licking my balls, which felt really good (he hadn't done that before).
Then he slipped a finger in my asshole, so smoothly I hardly noticed until it was there. He just left it there, not moving at first, then tweaked it just a little. The sensation was awesome, and he started to control my butt and my cock and everything I did and felt with just his finger. I started sucking hard again, and now he told me 'Harder!' I was completely lost in the sensation of his finger inside me, it was stroking something deep, and I felt a mounting orgasm that overcame me. I came so hard that I forgot everything I was doing with Uncle Bob.
When I recovered, my cock was totally sensitive, but Uncle Bob rubbed it gently with his lips making an exquisite sensation. I went back to his dick and tried to concentrate on getting him off. After a few minutes, I felt something happening, and took my mouth away. Finally he came! I watched the cum spurt out, hitting me in the face and all over the bed.
Just thinking of that night will give me a boner, but I've never had much desire to do the same with anyone else. A couple of times I've gotten a blowjob from guys, and once I sucked a friend of mine because he asked me, but it was not nearly as much fun as being with girls. I guess Uncle Bob was right-I'm definitely straight. But now I sure can understand that gays have a lot of fun, too!



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