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Learning by Watching & Listening

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This site is really great. I hope my story is not too long.


I learned 'How to do it!' when I was twelve, quite by accident. My parents and I had been away on vacation and we arrived back home late in the afternoon. While Mom and Dad were busy unpacking, I put my things away and then went out in the backyard to play with a model car Dad had bought me. Our yard was separated from the neighbor's by a high board fence. They had a pool and I could hear people talking and splashing on the other side of the fence. For a while, I played around with my new model car. Eventually, things quieted down at the neighbor's but I could still hear people talking over at their house. I walked up to the fence and peered between the boards to see what was going on.

All the adults had gone over to the barbeque at the far corner of their house, a fair distance from the pool. They had a son, Brendan, who was about 18 at the time. He used to mow our lawn and sometimes do odd jobs for my parents. He apparently had been swimming but was now standing alone by a big oak tree that was near our fence. I was no more than four or five feet away from him but he couldn't see me looking through the fence. Brendan's wet swim trunks were pulled down around his thighs. His fist was around the end of his cock and he was stroking it really fast. The thick tree trunk partly concealed him from his parents' view. Little did he know that he was standing directly in front of me. He kept glancing back over his shoulder while jerking his cock to see if anyone at the barbecue was looking his way. His parents and their friends were too busy chatting and joking.

I had never seen an adult cock before and it looked huge to me. I watched Brendan jerk his foreskin over the cock head in short quick strokes, like really fast. It made a snapping sound as the foreskin was whipped back and forth over the tip. Just why he was doing that was a mystery to me. The 'show' ended in less than a minute.

Suddenly, Brendan pressed his ass back against the trunk and his legs stiffened straight out like he was bracing himself. He let out a heavy gasp and several spurts of white stuff shot out of his cock. Brendan abruptly stopped stroking and fell back against the tree. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. He stayed there for a minute without moving, his fist still around his cock; the other hand cupping his balls. Then he straightened up and squeezed out more white goo.

His long cock was going soft. He arranged his cock back into his swim trunks, tied the waist cord and walked back to the house where the adults were talking and laughing. He was completely unaware that I was right in front of him watching the action. After he left, I could see white blobs on the grass. I tried to reach through the fence with a stick but could not get close enough to scoop it up.

I didn't understand what he was up to but being an inquisitive kid, it didn't take me long to figure it out. Hard-ons were already a common occurrence, so I tried stroking my cock like I saw Brendan do. I had no success the first time. It felt nice though.

Over the next couple of days, I kept trying. The problem was, I guess, that I had seen only the last minute of Brendan's session and I didn't realize it had likely taken him much longer than a few strokes to make that white stuff shoot out. A few days later, I was determined to make my cock shoot like Brendan.

I was laying naked on my bed pulling up and down on my foreskin as quickly as I could when suddenly that indescribable feeling took hold and I experienced my first orgasm. No white stuff came out but WOW did it feel good! It left me weak and totally relaxed. Now I understood why Brendan stroked his cock. The next week, he came over to our house to cut the lawn. I watched him from my bedroom window, pulling the foreskin back and forth over my cock head, wondering if he had done the same thing that day.

Over the next few weeks, I became an habitual masturbator and within a year I was ejaculating like Brendan. It was neat to shoot semen and it made me feel grown up. However, I was very secretive about my newly discovered skill and was always careful not to leave any evidence of my deed. I was sure that Mom and Dad would not approve if they knew what I was up to. It never occurred to me that my father likely did the same when he was my age, or maybe still did.

From the very first orgasm, I jerked off quickly, aiming for those few final seconds of pure ecstacy. I LOVED the sensations in my cock and balls right from the start. Being an over-active kid, short jerk off sessions suited me best. I usually jerked off four or five times a day, more often if I had the opportunity. A typical 'session' consisted of about two minutes of rapid fist action on my tight foreskin. But all this was my secret. I never talked to anybody about my jerk off habits because it seemed too private and I didn't realize back then that everybody did it. As a young teenager, I was too shy about sex to talk about it to others. I wouldn't talk to anyone about how often I went for a pee so why would I tell them about playing with my cock? They might think I was a sex pervert, or so I thought at the time.

But I made sure that I found lots of opportunities every day for a short sweet jerk. Home was the easiest - in bed each morning before I got up, after school, same thing at night before sleep, often in the bathroom, too. I really had difficulty going more than a few hours without those delicious feelings in my cock and balls. I used to dream about jerking off although I never had a wet dream - likely there wasn't enough semen left over after all the jerking I did. Sometimes, I jerked off during the night if I woke up. I did it in the washroom cubicles at school and in public washrooms at the mall. I did it when riding in the back seat of our car and wherever I could, without being seen.

When I was 15, I got a job at a local store as stock boy. The owner had no idea what I was up to when I worked in the back. I would jerk off behind the shelves in the warehouse two or three times a shift. Having learned from Brendan's carelessness, I was very careful to avoid being seen. I never got caught in the act (so far as I know) although there were lots of near misses.

Fast forward a few years. After high school, I continued my studies in Europe. University life put a damper on my jerk off habits. Although I was no longer so shy about self-pleasuring, I still didn't talk about my masturbation habits even though I now realized that everyone did it. When you share a dormitory room with someone else it's not the same as being on your own. I mean, you can't just pull it out anytime and start stroking. At night, I tried to jerk off quietly. I knew that my new roommate Marc jerked off too because I could hear the sound of his fist rubbing against the sheets and his heavy breathing. But he didn't do quick jerks like me. Marc took a long time to finish. He would go at it for awhile and then stop. Then start up again. He seemed to go on and on. I used to fall asleep before he finished, having already shot off my jizz load within a couple of minutes. Marc's method of jerking off puzzled me - why was he taking so long? Eventually, I got curious enough to bring up the subject.

One afternoon I asked him outright if he jerked off - I had never asked anyone that question before.

'Haven't you heard me?' he said.

'I sometimes hear you doing it,' he continued. (So much for my 'quiet' stroking.)

I asked him why he took so long. He said he extended his orgasm for longer periods of time instead of shooting off right away. Sometimes he jerked off for an hour or more. He followed a method called 'les feux rouges et verts' ( 'rouges/verts' or just 'r/v' for short). In the USA it's called 'stop and go'. He would stroke right to the point of ejaculation and then back off for a minute to let the orgasm subside a bit. As soon as the orgasm sensations started to fade, he would slowly stroke to near orgasm again, and then rest again...and again... and again. Finally, when he had enough (or was exhausted), he would let his jizz-load shoot out. He said that the mini-orgasms were just incredible and the final one, a real blast.

My experience had always been to go for the jackpot quickly. Then I could do a repeat performance as soon as I got horny again. After years of stroking for quick relief, Marc's approach seemed kind of lame. But his claim that it resulted in prolonged orgasms caught my interest alright. So I began trying to hold on to the nice feelings using Marc's method. The sensations weren't quite as intense as full orgasm - I was always tempted to go a few more strokes instead of stopping for a rest when I got too close. At first, it seemed like self-torture, but I guess I gained patience (or maybe I like self-torture) because as time went by, I practised the r/v method when ever there was opportunity for a long jerk.

I joined a type of fraternity my second year at the univerity. We each had our own bed that was set up in an individual alcove with three partition walls - the area at the foot of each bed was open. This was much more private than sleeping a metre from your roommate in 'les dortoires', but you could still hear the other guys rustling around in their beds at night.

Sex was pretty open. Sometimes one of the guys would have a female 'guest' stay with him overnight in his alcove. This was against the house rules but who would tell? Actually, the beds were so narrow it was difficult for a couple to spend the night comfortably (unless they went at it for the entire night). I never tried it. Most nights it was every man for himself, each guy taking care of his own needs in his own bed by himself. Occasionally, there was a group jerk off in the TV lounge when someone brought in a porno flick to watch. But most nights each guy was on his own.

All the lights in the sleeping area went dim and then would shut down ten minutes later. (If you wanted to do more work, there was a study hall downstairs.) After the lights went down, you could hear the sounds of solo sex all around you from the other alcoves, especially for the first half hour or so - creaking beds and rustling sheets, rhythmic slapping sounds, guys gasping and moaning aloud as they made love to themselves. There was no reason to hold back and nobody did. We all indulged in pleasing our cocks, a lot.

During those years, I did r/v more and more to prolong my orgasms. By the time I graduated, jerk off sessions were less frequent - usually a quick jerk in the morning before I got up, hopefully once again during the day (usually in the washroom) and then a nice long r/v session at bedtime. And Marc was right - if I give myself enough time, I achieve fantastic orgasms by taking myself to the brink over and over and over again.

I've been working in Europe since graduating in the spring of 2003. I continue to indulge in both long and short sessions. I can't stay on the edge of ejaculation for an hour at a time (like Marc) but sometimes I'll ride the waves of orgasm for up to a half hour of pure ecstacy. When everything clicks, it's like entering into pleasure heaven, just riding wave after wave of intense sensations. The r/v sessions always end with a powerful orgasm and explosive ejaculation. When I finally surrender to the lure of final orgasm, the trip over the brink produces pleasure that is almost unbearable. But if there isn't enough time for an r/v session, a quick jerk still does the trick, especially when I'm at work. There isn't a lot of private time on the job so I go to the washroom for a quickie whenever I can.

How has my jerk off habits affected my relationships with the fairer sex? Well, I was a shy teenager so lots of solo sex allowed me to lead a solo life (no sex with anyone else). I hardly dated in high school and didn't have sex until I went to study in Europe.

I've been in a committed relationship for the past two years. Tanya and I plan to be married next summer. Our sex life is GREAT, but I cannot last very long when I'm in her despite having practised 'les feux rouges et verts' for the past few years. After I shoot off, I let my fingers and tongue do their job to bring her to orgasm, again and again if she wants it. And by that time, I have a good hardon again, so she does me with her fist or I go at it all over again.

Sex with my girl has the added joy of togetherness. Although fucking doesn't produce the same intense orgasms (like I get from jerking off), the experience of being so completely united with the girl I love is absolutely SUPERB and really beyond compare. But for the purest, most intense, unadulterated cock pleasure, I can do that very well by myself with my own fist.

Tanya and I usually have sex at night but I jerk off most mornings and often during the day, too. My morning stroke action sometimes wakes her up, so she knows I indulge my cock a lot and has never objected. She occasionally joins in the action, depending on time available and whether she's in the mood. She does her share of jilling on her own, too. So I guess I can say that my jerk off habits actually help our relationship.

Thinking back over the past dozen years, I guess I owe special thanks to my neighbor Brendan back in the USA. He unknowingly demonstrated his quickie method for me although he never realized that his backyard jerk off that afternoon set me on the path to cock heaven. Quickie jerks are my mainstay and have served me very well since I was 12 years old. Thanks Brendan! And I also owe thanks to my Swiss roommate, Marc, for explaining 'les feux rouges et verts' method that sends me into orgasmic bliss and keeps me there until I can't stand it anymore. Thanks Marc!

I owe both those guys a lot. Most of all, I appreciate my marvelous cock. It is of modest dimensions - my hardon measures 14.5 cm long, 13.5 cm around (5 3/4' long, 5'around). My cock has given me indescribable pleasure for over a dozen years. And Tanya loves it. What more can I ask for?

For all you statisticians out there, here is the math on my cock-stroking activities : since learning how to jerk off, I averaged four or five times a day from age 12 to 18. After that, I gradually cut back to about three times a day since then. That adds up to a whole lot of cock pleasure. I've been in the throes of heavy orgasm (the final five or six seconds before ejaculating) about 15,000 times. That adds up to a lot of semen over the span of my jerk off career. Allowing say, five mililitres per ejaculation (a conservative estimate, don't you agree?), I figure I've shot off at least 75 litres of jizz. (roughly 20 US gallons) in the past dozen years. Any way you look at it, that's a hell of a lot of cock juice, and there's no sign of the supply running dry.



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