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Learning By Watching

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Spying on my brother


The bedroom in my house (an old home) had a heating register that shares ductwork with the one that goes into the bathroom next door. I was always being woken in the morning by the sounds of my older brother when he took his shower. When I was 12 and he was 16 I began to wonder why he took such a long time in the shower, and why he seemed to shower several times a day. One afternoon when he was in the bathroom I leaned down to the level of the floor and noticed that I could see my brother in the shower. He was against the wall of the shower with his penis in his hand and instead of it being small, rubbery and pink as I had seen it several times, it was stiff as a log and standing out away from his body. I had never seen anything like that before and continued to stare in wonderment.

As I watched I became aware of the fact that he had placed soap suds on his hard penis and that he was systematically stroking it with his lather covered hand. The pace at which he was doing it was slow and smooth and at first I thought that I was witnessing some strange kind of male sanitary procedure. But then he began to pick up the speed with which he was stroking himself and increased to a speed at which his hand became a blur.

Suddenly he bent his knees, groaned audibly and began bucking wildly back and forth. His spasms finaly subsided and he leaned into the shower stream to rinse himself off.

I had never really masturbated to a climax at the time, but I was well aware of the fact that I could make myself feel good by putting pressure against my vagina when I was in bed at night. As I watched my brother I began to realize that there was a connection between what I had seen and my own new feelings of sex. But I didn't know how to proceed or what to do next. I did become obsessed with watching my brother through the register, however, and noticed that when I watched, I would experience new and powerful feelings of arousal around my vagina.

A few times, I tried to emulate what I had seen my brother doing. I would stand in my room, bend my knees and try various ways of pulling at my vagina to see what might happen. My experiments led to more and more feelings of arousal, but never to orgasm.

Finally one day when the entire family was gone, I went into the shower. On the way I found an old piece of a plastic toy, the long soft plastic rod that six different colored loops are stacked on by kids of one or two years old. The piece was the closest thing that I could find to an object that looked like my brothers hard penis.

Once in the shower I took my plastic penis and pressed it between my legs so that it protruded just like I had seen my brother's penis sticking out. The entire red plastic rod was about eight inches long, so that when I secured it between my legs at least five inches protruded, just as if I had my own narrow little penis.

I soaped myself up, pressed my makeshift penis up into my vagina folds to secure it and began stroking it just the way I had seen my brother. The water and the soap and the excitement of emulating what I had seen began to work a magic, and as I stroked my plastic soapy penis with my right hand I found myself pressing the base of the rod harder and harder up against my vagina. I was not penetrating myself, just laying the rod along the length of my vulva.

Suddenly the pressure and the rubbing began to activate the little button that I was soon to discover, my clitoris. By twisting and pressing just the right way, I had brought the plastic rod up against my newly found clitoris spot and as I stroked it with my right hand the vibrations pushed me into the absolute and unexpected ecstasy of my first climax.

The experience was so powerful and mystical that I collapsed onto the floor of the shower. I thought that I had done something to make myself pass out or faint at first but the feeling was so good that I began to regain confidence. 'So that's what he was doing,' I thought to myself. Thanks Rob, I needed the lesson!

Rob moved out of his room and went away to college so I didnt see him do it again regularly, but when he comes home for breaks and vacations I still try to spy on him. Now when I see him I know exactly what he is doing and I often follow up by masturbating myself.



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