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Learning at the Library

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The shop I work out of is close to the downtown area. We work long hours (7 am-5:30 pm) so we get 1 & 1/2 hours for lunch. I usually spend part of that time at the library, which is very close by. I read current magazines, newspapers, go on-line, or just sit in a comfortable chair and relax. The magazine section has about 15 chairs arranged in a semi-circle. Since last October, I have seen a very attractive young woman, around 25, also there at about the same time as me, reading magazines,etc. I watched her leaving one day and saw her enter the law offices across the street from the library. Since she wears nice business clothes, but nothing too dressy or formal, I came to the assumption that she is a secretary or para-legal but not a lawyer. As she would often wear fairly short skirts that showed a lot of leg and thigh when she sat and crossed her legs, I would position myself so as to get the best view possible. We never spoke, but exchanged glances and smiles several times. At least she knew I existed.

One Friday last month, I was reading and relaxing when she came in, grabbed a magazine, and sat down in a chair close to mine but angled perfectly so I would have an excellent view. She crossed her slightly chubby legs and her black striped miniskirt rode up enough on the side to show me the lacy tops of black thigh-high stockings. Now, pantyhose are fine and all, but the thought of silky legs AND nothing covering a young female crotch but possibly a thin silky thong or string bikini, was enough to get my undivided attention. (and to help my half hard cock to come to attention, too). I pretended to read as I watched her cross and un-cross those shapely legs, hoping to get a quick crotch-shot.

To my surprize and delight, she also seemed to be looking my way more than at her magazine. Feeling pretty bold (and horny) and encouraged by her seeming interest in me, I uncrossed my legs and gave my growing meat a couple of gentle squeezes, while looking her way to see if she was watching me. She was indeed!

She responded by uncrossing HER legs and kind of shifting her sitting position so that she was facing me more directly. At the same time, her short skirt rode up a couple more inches up her thighs. We were pretty much alone, with only one other chair occupied at the other end of the semi-circle. And the librarian's desk was hidden behind columns. I had a clear view now, all the way up to her panties. They were light blue, shiny satin, and I could see just a few light brown curly hairs peeking out from either side.

She spoke for the first time, 'Like the view?'

I think I just nodded my head up and down like a stupid bobble doll, as her eyes fell from my eyes to my lap. My cock was fully hard and I was rubbing back and forth, just across the top side. I was wearing boxers that day, so she was having a good look at almost my full length, about 7'.

She looked around to see if the coast was clear, then pulled her skirt all the way to her waist. I could now see that her panties must be a thong. She pulled it to one side, revealing a very hairy pussy, not even trimmed, which I prefer much more than shaved ones. She rubbed her fingers across her slit, then up to her clit. She pushed back the hood over her clit, and out popped one of the biggest ones I had ever seen-like the ones on the big clit porn sites! It was as big as the tip of my thumb. She licked her actual thumb, which was dripping saliva as she started rubbing her huge clit with it. 'Meet me in the bathroom', she said almost breathlessly. She stood up, pulled her skirt down, and walked away. I gave my hard-on a few seconds to subside somewhat, then followed.

But wait! Which bathroom!! I concluded she would not have the nerve to go to the men's room, so I headed for the Ladies. I knocked, just to be safe. No answer. I slowly opened the door, looked around, nobody there. To the men's room. Door was locked. I knocked, she opened door slightly, saw it was me, let me in, locked the door back. Her thong was on the edge of the sink. She pulled her skirt all the way up, showing (and wiggling at me) a fine plump womanly ass. I pulled my stiff one out as she turned to face me, and gasped at my hard dick being jerked off right in front of her. The room was very small. She backed up a foot or two, turned to her side, and placed one foot on the sink. Her musky odor filled the bathroom. She was slapping her big clit with one hand, and teasing her tight pussy lips with the other.

'Do you like my wet pussy'

I couldn't say a word. I was close to cumming. The smell from her cunt was driving me crazy. I managed to delay my orgasm by leaving my dick alone while I kneeled on the floor right in front of her and watched her masturbation close-up. My face was just inches from her pussy. She put two fingers in and continued to slap and rub her clit, which was now a deep dark red color. She was so wet now that some of her juices splashed onto my face as she finger fucked herself. Within just a minute or two, she started to cum. Her aroma got stronger, her fingers went faster, and that clit just got bigger and bigger. As she started to spasm amd jerk, she let out a scream that must have been heard thruout half the library. One hand was squeezing a tit now and the other was moving the hood over her clit back and forth, like she was jerking off a little cock. A small stream came out of her pussy; maybe she squirted, maybe she peed. It came real close to my cock as I stood up and started to jerk off again. My dick was just inches from her musky pussy as I started to cum. She caught some of it in her hand, smelled it, then rubbed it on the inside of her thigh, close to her swollen lips. She was clearly cumming again as my last stream hit the bathroom floor. She picked up her thong, which was now on the floor, wiped her pussy with it, smelled it, and handed it to me. 'A souvenir', she said breathlessly, and continued to gently rub her clit back and forth. I grabbed some paper towels, wiped our cum and juices off the floor, and offered her the smelly brown towel. She smelled it, and stuffed it down her bra.

'Next time, I'll do you, and you can do me. Deal?', I said. She nodded, gave me a kiss on my neck (with a little sucking action too), and we left the bathroom together. We got a little smile from the librarian behind the counter. Outside we exchanged phone numbers. We have spoken a few times, but so far our only 'dates' have been at the library, sitting side by side and exploring each other under a table. So I guess you can learn at the library, without even cracking a book!



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