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Learning at School

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With Matt-Both 100% straight


I studied in an all-boys school. I had heard a lot of friends talking about jerking, or masturbating but I had never really tried to do it. Until one day I was in Biology class and we were being taught about the female human body. Being 13 I had recently started to like girls and knew what sex was, so the class was somehow arousing to me.

But it wasn't only arousing for me, halfway through the class a friend of mine, Matt, started to rub his penis through his school uniform trousers. We were at the back so he wasn't seen by the teacher. After a couple of minutes of playing, he opened his zipper and took out his small erect penis and started jerking off. But I didn't know what he was doing, as I didn't know what masturbation was. After five minutes he must have cummed and stopped doing it. I think no one else noticed what he had done. But I did, and I couldn't help but wonder what it was.

Afterwards lunch break came. And as I was dying to know what that had been I approached Matt and asked him:

What was that on Bio class?

Huh? What do you mean?

You know what I mean. What were you doing under there-I said pointing to his dick, which I noticed was starting to get hard.

Don't you tell me you have never done it?


Masturbating, jerking off, or however you want to call it.

No I haven't, what is that? Is that what you did in class?

Yes, and you have no idea of what you have been missing all this time, I can show you how to do it, but we would have to go to the restrooms.

So we went to the restrooms and after we both made sure no one else was watching us we entered a private toilet and locked the door.

So you know that your dick gets hard sometimes because it's made to fuck girls right?-Matt said to me

Yes I know

So as we can't fuck yet, we have to get pleasure in some way or the other. So you have to make your hand your best friend and think of it as a girls pussy.


Let me show you!

So he told me to sit down in the toilet, and he put on his knees in front of me, opened my uniform trousers zipper and got my dick out.

You've got yourself a nice one! He said, Ok let's start, think of a really hot girl and close your eyes.

He spit on my rock hard penis and then the glory started. He started pulling my foreskin up and down slowly, and then rapidly, slowly again, then twisting, and fast again.

I had never felt so good in my life, I felt as if I was in heaven, and I was picturing the cutest girl I knew. He kept on going for around five minutes until I started to feel the 'need to pee'

I have to pee, I said

No you don't, just let it out.

And he kept going on until I came, all this milk-like liquid was coming out of me and the climax was so intense. I remember I shook my entire body and felt glorious.

After cleaning up he said to me:

My turn!

And he got his penis out, we exchanged places and I started to jerk him, I wasn't so good but he directed me on the speeds and movements and after a minute or two he said I was getting good and he started to be having a lot of pleasure. He moaned but I covered his mouth with my spare hand afraid of being caught. He came after six minutes or so.

He told me to try a bit of his semen, and we both did, I didn't like it at all, but he seemed to. He had never been masturbated by someone else.

We went back to class, bit nothing was the same ever again. I was no longer a child.

Matt and I masturbated each other several times more before we got other girls to do it for us but that's another story.



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