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Learning about Sex With My Best Friend

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My earliest sexual memories go back to the third grade. I had erections very often. I had no idea why, but I felt good when ever they happened. Bath time always ment erection time. After a while the good feeling I was used to, turned to a feeling of sexual frustration, of course at the time I had no idea what was going on. I had not caught on to the idea of stroling for some reason.

Lets call my best friend at the time, Scott. We were both in the same Third Grade Class. We would joke about the hard-ons we had when we took a bath. I even mentioned it in front of my older sister and Scott got angry. At the time I think my hormones were a little more active than his.

I remember going to house to swim very often. His family had an inground pool. When we were both 15 I must have been feeling very horny one day. I still have not found out about the benefits of masterbation, but have heard about it. At the time I thought masterbation was for weirdos. I had no clue of the pay off. Anyways, on this day that I was at his pool, we were taking turns doing funny jumps off the diving board while the other watched under water with a diving mask. I decided to expose my hard-on to him (we had talked about hard-ons many times prior). He was shocked, but it must have excited him, because he gave me the mask and said it was his turn. I of course got a peek at his horny and horny penis.

The next time we were at his pool, we would skinny dip with our bathing suits at our ankles. We would swim with our erect penis feeling so horny. I will never forget how good it felt swimming naked in his pool. Our suits were allways half on in case his mom came outside to check on us.

There was one night both our parents were going out to a party and I was to sleep over at Scotts house in a tent in the back yard. We planned on sleeping naked in our sleeping bags. We love how good it felt to be naked in pool and we thought it would be great to naked in our sleeping bags all night. While we had the house to ourself for most of the night, we talked about girls, sex, and skinny dipping. We of course skinny dipped in his pool. After swimming naked an hard for a while, I made up a story how cousin told me he would play with his friend penis. I hoped he would be interested in extendeing our skinny dippin a little further. At the time we both never stroked. His eyes lit up and said lets goof around. I have never been so horny. We went to his bathroom and we exposed our horny cocks to each other, only this time, up close and personal. He asked if he could jerk me and I said sure. He told me to take off my clothes all the way. I felt strange and aske him to take off his clothes too. He must have been uncomfortable too, because he refused. I remember being naked and he was putting soap on his hand. I asked what the soap was for and he thought it would be better to be slippery (stupid question, I had no idea). He started stroking me and I was in complete exctasy. He asked me how it felt, and I told him 'It felt like fuckin'. I said that because it felt 100 times better than my expectations of sex. Yes I knew about sex, but not about masterbation. All of a sudden the feeling got extremely intense. Something was building and building. The feeling was so intense. I remember thinking that something was wrong and that we should stop, but it felt so good. All of a sudden I climaxed, my first. Sperm was gushing out of my penis. Scott let go of my cock and jumped out of the way. I remember feeling embarrassed and covering the head of my penis with my hand. One stream after another was shooting into the palm of my hand. The amount of sperm was unbelievable.

Scott wanted his turn, but I felt too guilty. I told him that he could probably do the same thing to himself. As I was cleaning up, I remember watching him have his own erumption.

I was/am straight but we did have masterbation sessions together for the next couple of years untill we both started experimenting with sex with girls.

I still masterbate thinking of my early experiences with my best friend



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