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Learning about Nutrition

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I work at a place that offers a health club and a nutritionist on staff. I met with Nadine (our nutritionist) and we went into her office. She closed the door behind us and also closed the mini blinds so the people who were in the weight room would not see who she was working with.

Nadine is about 28 years old, blonde hair to about her shoulders, small breasts, with a GREAT ass and legs. She had jeans on today and a loose type polo shirt.

As we exchanged pleasantries, we talked about my eating habits and why I wanted to meet with her. I told her I wanted to eat healthier and reduce my risk of cardio problems. Nadine gave me some menus and charts with calories and things like that, all the while I was looking at her wanting to rip her clothes off. She told me to take my shoes off and jump up on the scale, the view from up there was directly down her shirt, I knew she was smaller but that didn't matter as I got a peak at her very sexy black lace bra which was slightly too big for her as I could see quite a gap between the breast and the bra.

All the time I am on the scale looking down her shirt, she bends over to get another chart and I see a black thong sticking up over the top of her jeans! By this time, I am starting to get wood. She tells me that now she wants to measure my body fat and asked me to take off my shirt. I do as she asks as she takes some caliper type thing to me. I am not sure if she noticed me still peaking down her shirt and at her thong but by this time I definitely heading for a hard on.

Nadine then asks me to unbutton my jeans, as she wants to get an accurate measurement of my waist. I had just came from the gym, had showered but didn't put my boxers back on so I was totally commando. As I reach for my belt Nadine can tell that I am hesitating and asks me if I am uncomfortable with her measuring me. I tell her that I am not, it's just that I have nothing on under my pants. That got a look from her that I had not seen before. She was shocked but also I could tell very aroused by my revelation.

She asks me if I want to come back or go on with the test, she reassured me that she was a professional and that it would only take a minute to get the measurements she needed.

I didn't tell her that I was starting to get wood, as Nadine stood before me I slowly undid my belt and then the top button on my Levis. All the while I could feel Nadine's eyes on my crotch. I slowly unzipped my zipper and my jeans fell to the floor. Between the cool air, Nadine and my horny self, I could feel myself going to full attention mode.

'Oh my' was all Nadine said as she stood looking at me, fully naked. I am about 7.5 hard with a nice size head, at this point it is raging with the veins throbbing and the thing was pointing to the ceiling. She cleared her throat and said, 'uh, let me get this measurement' as she placed the tape measure around my waist my erection was keeping her from getting a proper measurement.

'We seem to have a bit of a problem' she said. I tried to apologize to her but she told me not to worry about it. I told her I could hold it out of the way so she could finish, 'no that won't be necessary' she told me. I was thinking that I was going to have to come back another time. 'I can just jack you off, that should make it go down, right?' She asked. 'That usually works for me' I told her.

Nadine got on her knees in front of me and took my cock in her right hand and wrapped her hand around the shaft and squeezed it. 'My, this IS hard' she said and began to slowly stroke my shaft. I could see her shifting positions as if she was trying to put pressure on her legs.

I asked Nadine if she would mind if I played with her breasts, 'please do' was all she said. I slowly moved my hands into her shirt and felt the lace that only a few minutes ago gave me this incredible boner. I quickly found the gap between her bra and breast and moved my hand between the two searching for her incredible nipples.

With that, Nadine stopped the hand job I was getting and moved back from me, with one movement, she stood up and took off her polo shirt standing before me in her bra. She reached behind her with both hands and quickly un-did the hook. She is so small that is a one-hook bra, I LOVE those. She slowly removed her right strap and then her left, I watched in awe as the bra slowly fell from her body and landed on top of my jeans.

What a sight she was, I am guess she is a big A or little B cup but they were the firmest breasts I have seen in a LONG time. Nadine's nipples sprang to life in and swelled out very quickly. I slowly pulled her towards me and took her left nipple in my mouth and slowly traced the areola with my tongue until at last the whole nipple was in my mouth. While I did this to her left tit, I slowly stroked and massaged her right breast with my hand. I alternated between breasts and she was breathing very heavy.

At this point Nadine started stroking me with a series of fast, slow, fast, slow jacks. I was in heaven. I figured since I was this far, I took my right hand off her breast and slowly moved it town her toned, firm abs to the top of her waist line. A quick breath in by her let me know that she wanted me in her pants. I quickly undid her belt and her top button and zipper, it was HER turn to lose her pants! I reached for her muscular, toner thighs and started stroking them on the inside while I sucked on her pert nipples.

When she spread her legs for me, I knew it was time to move in. I reached out and pulled that black, lacy thong off her hips and revealed a very nicely trimmed blonde bush. I immediately found her clit and teased that with a few little circle motions and slid my fingers over her soaked lips back towards her sweet ass. Nadine had stopped stroking me at this point as I continued my pattern of a circle around her slit and then 2 fingers gliding back and forth over her incredibly wet lips. I could hear Nadine trying to contain the screams that were trying to escape but couldn't due to our location. At this point I buried 3 fingers up into her wet, waiting hole while my other hand continued the finger massage on her clit. About 3 strokes I could see her abs really tighten and I knew she was about to cum. I continued to suck her nipple, massage her clit and pound her hole with my fingers.

At this time Nadine came, and she came hard. I had to break off contact with her tits as she was bucking wildly on my fingers, the sight of her little firm titties bouncing up and down in front of my while she was biting her lip was awesome.

After Nadine came and 2nd and a 3rd time, she told me that my 'problem' still hadn't been taken care of.

With that she went back on her knees and started stroking me, I thought she was going to suck me but told me that she couldn't due to a boy friend but I could cum on her face if I wanted to.

I had no problem with a hand job from a fit 28 year old and being able to give her a facial. As I watched her stroke me, I knew I was about ready, I told her that I was about to cum and with that she started stroking me very fast and hard and tickling my balls. My load released in about 3 long white ropes, the first hitting her on the forehead , the second covered her nose and mouth and the 3rd rope landed all over those gorgeous firm titties. As she reached for a towel to clean herself off, she was slowly licking her lips and her hands rubbed the cum into her tits. She said, 'there, now I can get that measurement.'

She got up, slipped back on the thong, her pants, bra and shirt and took the measurement. After that she told me to get dressed. We finished the appointment and just before she opened the door, she gave me a full French kiss and thanked me for one of the best orgasms she has ever had. I have a follow up appointment with her in a month; I am going commando again! Blame me?



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