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Learning About Masturbation in One Night

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Learning about Masturbation in One Night
When I was around the age of 12, nature took its course and I hit puberty. Like any normal boy of that age, I began to have frequent erections. I knew they were perfectly normal occurrences from the information obtained from middle school sex education classes, brief discussions with my father, and the occasional locker room chats I overheard.
What I picked up from these sources was more or less a description of how my body would change and what other guys' make-out sessions. I was also aware that as a boy got older, the number of daily erections he has would begin to lessen. I faintly knew what masturbation was, but nothing in detail like how it was performed or the pleasure it could bring. For the first few months of puberty, I was virtually clueless about dick-stroking to relieve myself!
Without knowing how to make these erections subside, they became a common cause of embarrassment and self-consciousness. My penis seemed to pop up whenever it wanted to. What if the guys on my soccer team saw me? I knew they would surely make fun of me as they had previously done with other guys on the team! What if the cute girl from homeroom saw my bulge? She would probably think I was some sort of pervert! How could I explain it to my mother if she saw me? While I knew it was common for boys to get erections, I personally didn't want any embarrassment from them. I didn't want to ask my friends about what they did to relieve their boners, for fear they would make fun of me and spread rumors. I didn't have an older brother, or even a close cousin, that I could talk with. My father and I were fairly open, but I couldn't work up the nerve to ask him what I should do.
Whenever I would get an erection, I would try to do something to get my mind off of my excited prick. I would watch TV, read a magazine, go on the web -- anything to make my dick go down. If I was in school, I'd pull my shirt over my pants or hide my crotch with whatever I was carrying.
Sometimes I'd put my hand in my pocket and hold down my penis with my index finger and thumb. Occasionally I'd get so hard that my dick hurt, but in a pleasurable way. I wondered how in the world other guys dealt with this problem, especially at an age when anything gives us boners!
One Friday night, I slept over at Scott's house with two other guys. Each of them were two years older than I was, 14. (I was moved up a couple age groups in soccer a few years prior due to my skill level.) The two others were named Dan and James. We considered each other best friends from playing on the same team for years and we also attended the same school. They kind of treated me like a younger brother, offering me stories about their sexual experiences and advice on how to flirt with girls. I thought this Friday night would be like any of the numerous others; we'd order a couple of pizzas, rent some movies, and if I was lucky I would get to talk to the older girls in their grade on-line! Wow, was I ever wrong! This sleep-over turned out to be anything but normal and was just the thing I needed...
I arrived at Scott's only to find one of the prettiest girls my 12-year-old eyes have ever seen! It was the girlfriend of Teddy, Scott's older brother. She didn't really have big tits, but she had an incredibly gorgeous face and a toned, athletic body. Scott, Dan, James, Teddy, and his girlfriend were already in the kitchen eating pizza and I joined them. I learned Scott's parents were at a party and wouldn't be home until late, so Teddy was told to stay home and keep an eye on things. I think Teddy was 17 at the time. He was muscular and a good athlete, and had no trouble with girls. Scott would tell me about all of the pretty girls Teddy dated, and began to tell me about an especially hot one named Julie.So this must be Julie,I thought. I tried not to stare at this beautiful girl. She introduced herself to me and I felt my dick begin to rise. I managed to quickly grab a few slices of pizza. We younger boys went downstairs to the basement/rec room to play Nintendo and watch a movie. Teddy threatened to pound us if we came upstairs. We all knew they were going to fool around and we tried not to snicker.
As soon as we got downstairs, I couldn't hide my amazement from the other boys. "Teddy has the HOTTEST girl I have ever seen," I said. "Dude, he's so lucky!"
James chimed in, "What I would like to do to her..."
"I know," added Dan. "I would love her to suck me off!" Further crude boy talk carried on, then Scott said he watched them fool around a few times. We implored him to give us the juicy details, and he happily complied. As Scott told the story, I imagined it was myself instead of Teddy, kissing those luscious lips and feeling between her legs. By the time Scott was finished, my cock was rock hard, and I glanced at the other boys. They were all standing at full attention too, and Scott caught me looking at him. I quickly looked away and then glanced at his face. To his surprise he gave me a quick it-happens-to-everyone smile and suggested we play Nintendo.
After a few hours, Scott looked at me again and briefly smiled. He said, "Time to pop in a video!"
"This is a personal favorite," said Scott. "It's from my brother's collection. I'm sure you're going to like it J.J.!" The other boys were trying to hold back laughter, but I was too busy thinking of ways to hide my erection to notice them. In a couple of seconds I heard a woman groaning and sighing. Scott put in a porno! I immediately was absorbed by the television screen. I looked at a few porn mags with them before, and even though they were arousing, they weren't nearly as good as this! After a few minutes I glanced at the other boys and their cocks were all up again. They were all engrossed by the screen and kept adjusting themselves. For some reason, this made me even hornier. My cock was on fire. I had to find a way to relieve myself! Figuring Julie was already gone, I excused myself to the bathroom and went upstairs.
The bathroom door was half open and the lights were on, but once again I was just thinking of my prick and how inconvenient my hardness was. As soon as I entered, I saw Teddy sitting on the toilet jerking off! I didn't know what to do, and froze! His eyes were closed and he was so immersed in pleasuring himself, he didn't even notice my presence. All at once the mystery of erections became unraveled: this is what a guy does when he gets a boner and is horny! I finally realized what masturbation was. I was also amazed at Teddy's cock size. He was 5 years older than me and had quite a lot more hair. In retrospect, I realize Teddy's cock wasn't extremely large, but at the time, his dick seemed huge compared to mine!
Teddy's right hand was on his glistening shaft pumping away, while his left hand cupped his balls. I wondered why his dick was so wet, but then I saw an opened bottle of baby oil on the counter next to the toilet. I heard the noise of his balls bouncing against his left hand. I had never been so excited before! My dick felt like it was going to explode! It couldn't have been more than a minute later when I finally realized I should leave before Teddy noticed me. Immediately after my decision Teddy jumped up and faced the toilet. He then opened his eyes and concentrated on his dick. He pumped faster and faster and faster! He started thrusting his hips and twitching. He let out a few groans and I knew something great was going to happen! A few seconds later, he aimed his dick at the toilet, pumped even harder, and thrusted his hips more. He must have been so excited with fresh memories of fooling around with girlfriend. Clearish-white squirts came out of his dick and plopped into the toilet. Each load became smaller until he finally milked out the last drop. He sighed, came back to reality, pulled up his boxers and then noticed I was there.
Oh shit!I thought.He's going to kill me!I stammered, "Um, uh, I just came in a second ago. I didn't know anyone was in here because the door was open..." I hope he didn't notice my telltale erection!
To my great surprise, Teddy seemed not to care too much. He answered, "It's OK J.J. I know you must have obviously seen me; I can see how embarrassed you are. All guys jerk-off, though. Just knock next time, OK?"
With that I gave a quick utterance of agreement. I ran downstairs and decided to tell my friends what I just saw. I figured Teddy would tell Scott anyway, and I wanted to do it first in case the story got twisted and so Scott wouldn't get mad with me.
They were still watching the porn when I entered, but as I retold what had just happened, they turned off the TV and listened to me. I was still so aroused from all of this excitement; I wanted nothing else but to try what I just saw Teddy to! I secretly wished we could all jerk-off in the room.
When I was finished retelling what I just experienced, I worked up the courage to ask if what Teddy said was true. "Um...I guess I just wanted to know, is it, um, was Teddy right when he said all guys jerk-off?"
All of the boys laughed a little. Finally Dan said, "Of course it's true! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't jerk off."
I guess I must have looked confused because James asked, "You do it, don't you?" I tried to be cool and said, "Well, I never have before..."
Dan said, "Well, I guess you're at the age that a guy starts whackin' off. I started at 11 or 12. Sometimes we even do it together watching a porn. We wanted to do it tonight, but didn't know what you would think."
Scott took a brotherly tone. "Do you want to, J.J.? You can watch us and then do it."
Of course I wanted to! I wondered what other people would think if it got out that we did it, but since Dan said they've done it before, I figured it was all right. Anyway, I was so aroused I would have done anything to try masturbation! "Sure," I answered as nonchalantly as possible.
"I'll be back in a second," called Scott and ran up the stairs. Dan turned on the TV again and began to rub his cock through his pants. James did the same. Scott returned with the same bottle of baby oil that Teddy used. I took turns glancing from the TV to the other boys and mimicked what they did. I moved my hand up and down over the lump in my pants. I felt my cock and my balls. I couldn't believe how great this felt! The boys then began to pull down their pants and boxers, exposing their rock hard dicks. All of them being two years older, they had bigger cocks with more hair. I didn't care and pulled out my dick too. They took turns putting baby oil on their dicks.
"Here ya go," said James and gave me the bottle. They all then began to do the same pumping motions as Teddy had. I was only too glad to follow their lead. I lathered on some baby oil, put my hand on the shaft of my dick, and began to move up and down.
OH MY GOD! I can't believe this is what I've been missing out on!

This was the best feeling ever!! I couldn't believe the sensations I was having. Everything made sense now! I kept looking at the TV and all of their hands pumping their erect dicks. I began to feel the pleasurable tension build up in my rock hard prick. Pretty soon Scott explained what it felt like to come and that I should move my hand faster as soon as I felt that peeing/good burning sensation. He then announced he felt like he was going to come and he'd show me what it looked like. I already knew from his brother, but I stopped stroking and watched him pump faster and faster. He pulled a box of tissues and held a tissue a few feet away from his dick. He then said, "Here it comes! Here it comes!" He ejaculated into the tissue. Not even a few seconds later Dan said, "Me too!!!" And he grabbed a tissue, almost letting his load drop to the floor. It aroused me so much watching the whitish squirts fly from their dicks! I couldn't wait for that to happen to me too!
I grabbed a hold of my dick, and it felt even better when I started to stroke again. Before I knew it, I started to feel tingly inside my pelvis and said, "I feel it coming!"
"Go faster!" Scott urged and they all watched me with James still stroking. This all added to my excitement.
I pumped and soon the tingly feeling shot through my dick. My dick and balls became tighter and tenser. I felt like I was going to pee, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I moved my hips a little and I stroked faster yet. The tingly feeling intensified in my penis and testicles. This triggered me to come.Oh my God, oh my God!I thought. I felt my load come out in contractions and it spurted all over the chair, floor, and my hands.
Seeing my excitement made James spurt his juice too, only being experienced, he also used a tissue. A few minutes later we cleaned up. I felt incredibly great and was so relieved I now knew how to please my erections! I basked in my glory.
I'm now 18 and a skilled masturbator. I look back on that day with a great delight in boyhood discovery and with an appreciation towards my older friends. Even though I've now had many jerk-off sessions with these friends and with others, this first time was by far my most memorable.



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