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Learning a Lot

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I grew up in a family where sex was never discussed, other than the required mother/daughter menstruation discussion. I have a brother who is two years older than I, and we weren't shy about being seen naked, but we didn't do anything about it, either.

Our parents always went grocery shopping on Friday afternoons and left us at home to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we stayed inside, especially in bad weather, and usually watched TV. Sometimes I would go next door to play with the girl that lived there.

One such Friday in the summer I went to play next door, but after a bit the girl and her family went out. So, I returned home without announcing myself. I walked around the small house looking for my brother, since he wasn't in the den, and found him in our parents' room, wearing mom's bra and panties, and looking at himself in the mirror. I had a partial side view, enough to see that his pee-pee was sticking up above the panty waist band. I didn't know what an erection was then, and I had never seen his cock so large.

I watched quietly as he admired himself, turning this way and that. Finally, he turned enough to see me, and he went pale immediately, but his cock remained erect. He got down on the floor behind the bed and almost cried as he begged me to leave. I left to go to the den to watch TV, my mind racing at the thought of his erection. I was intensely curious, but he seemed so ashamed that I was afraid to bring it up.

Finally, he joined me in the den, shaking, and begging me not to tell. I remained silent for the longest time, hoping he would reveal something, but he just kept begging me to keep it quiet. Finally, I promised not to tell mom. I noted that I did not promise not to tell anyone else.

I could not wait to see Elaine, the girl next door, again. She was my brother Scott's, age, so she might know more. I told her what I saw and she was as excited as I. She told me that it was a boner and boys get them when they get excited. We both wondered how I could see it again, since he would probably be more careful the next time. Anyway, just in case, I went to Elaine's on the following Friday like usual, and then returned back to our house after only a few minutes, sneaking in the back door, which did not squeak.

I was disappointed, though, because he was watching TV.

So, Elaine and I conjured up another plan. I would sneak into his room the following Friday, take off all my clothes and put on his Fruit of the Loom briefs and look at myself in the mirror until he came looking for me. I had actually put on his briefs a few times growing up, so the idea was different only in that I would intentionally be caught.

So, the next Friday I eagerly went through with my plan. I was almost the same height as my brother because I had started really growing fast. I could wear his briefs without them falling off, but they were still loose. So, I was there for only a few minutes, looking at myself, when I heard Scott calling for me. I said nothing, and, soon enough, I heard him begin his search.

His room was the last place he looked and I had my back to the door when he looked in. Like I had done before, he remained quiet. I turned to and fro, just as he had done, admiring myself and my two hardening nipples.

Finally I turned and feigned surprise, covering my boobies. Unlike Scott, though, I just stood there, letting him look. Finally, he asked, 'What are you doing in my underwear?'

I responded, 'Well I was you in mom's bra and panties, so I wondered what it felt like to wear yours.'

We stood there awkwardly for a moment when I said, 'I will stay like this if you put them on again and let me look.' He started to protest, but I threatened to break my silence if he didn't.

So, he went to our parents' room and came back a few minutes later, carrying his clothes and wearing white panties and a white bra, hold his clothes in front of him. Boldly, I walked up to him and jerked his clothes out of his hand and we both just stood there, looking at each other.

This time his cock was below the waist band, but still pointed up. We walked around each other, looking, but not touching. As I walked, his briefs began to slide down and I let them. Fortunately, my growing butt kept them from falling off. I realized that by exposing more skin down there, I was offering more of a tease, although I didn't know that's what it was called.

Finally, I pointed to his cock, almost touching it, and asked, 'Is that your boner?'

He turned a hundred shades of red, gulped, and asked, 'What do you know about boners?'

'Boys get them when they are excited,' I answered.

'What else?'

That's all,' I answered, wondering what else there was.

'I wanna see it.' I blurted. He said 'NO!', but I used ny threat on him again and promised to let him see mine. It worked. I was amazed. He had some dark curly hair above his cock and his balls hung down loosely. His cock was dripping and I asked if he had to pee. He responded by telling me about precum, although he never used the word. We were both becoming more relaxed as we looked and talked.

After a little more examination he wanted to see mine. By now I was tingly down there and was actually willing for him to look. My hair was just beginning to appear in a fuzz type, barely visible. He looked all around, but in a standing position, there was little to see, other than a slit. That was enough to keep him dripping, though.

Finally, he asked, 'Where do you pee from?' I spread my legs enough to open my lips and let him see, but he had to get down on the floor to look. Without asking, he touched the opening to my vagina and asked, 'Is that where the dick goes in?' 'Yes,' I shuddered.'

He stood back up and I said, 'Well, I let you touch mine, now I have to touch yours.' He said OK to that, so I just touched it with my finger tip, noticing how it felt hard and soft at the same time. I touched and felt the slickness of his precum. Whenever I took my finger off it, it throbbed with his heartbeat. That was the most amazing thing I had seen. Scott told me that I could put my hand around it, if I wanted to. I asked how, and he place my hand on it, wrapping my fingers around it.

I liked holding it, feeling it throb. We were both breathing heavily, but his breathing was much heavier than mine. He told me I could squeeze it, if I wanted to, and I did. After a couple of squeezes he shot off. I knew that boys had sperm and that it went into the vagina, but I never knew exactly how. My moment of epiphany came as I realized what had happened. I confirmed that that was his sperm. I asked how it felt, and he responded, 'Awesome!' 'Can you do it, again?' I asked. He said 'Yea, but you have to wait a little while.'

He got some paper towels to clean the floor and then came back to wait with me. He said if he could look at my pussy and touch it more it would help him get it up again, so by now I was more than willing to have my little muff touched.

I laid back on the bed and opened my legs for him, while he crawled up between them, eyes fixated on my opening. My clitoris, small as it was, was stimulated enough for him to see. He touched it and I nearly flew off the bed. I had felt it myself, before, and it felt good then, but now I was so excited, it was like an electrical shock. Scott appoligized and aske if it hurt. I told him, 'Yes, but in a good way. Do it again.' He did, several more times.

Then, he put his finger at the opening to my vagina. I wasn't what you would call 'wet', but it was definitely moist. He put his finger in, until it hit the hymen, and then he stopped. It felt great. I had already been masturbating, so I told him to put his finger on my clitoris again, and told him how to do it. I came, and HARD. Well hard for that point in my maturity.

Scott thought he had hurt me and kept asking if I was ok. I didn't know what it was called then, so I just told him it felt good.

He was erect again and I asked if he could squirt again. He told me OK, so I held it again. Only, this time, he told me to move my hand up and down slowly. Scott was on his back as I did this nad he would move his hips up and down, as well. Then he would tell me to faster. After a couple of more time of going faster he squirted again, this time going up on his chest and belly.

I asked how that felt and he said it was good, like I felt when I orgasmed.

We heard the tires hit the gravel in the driveway and we scrambled to get dressed and in the den, which we barely made.

I told Elaine all about it, and she acted like she knew everything. She did know something about it. She told me that Scott and I both had 'cum' and that his was precum and jism. She cautioned me not to let either his precum or jism get in my vagina and why.

That was shortly after summer vacation had begun, and by the end of summer it was a regular occurrence, even with Scott wearing mom's panties and bra, and I in his briefs. Sometimes I would wear his briefs out shopping.

Elaine eventually joined us and things progressed along to their natural conclusion. Scott and Elaine are married with three children, and I am married with two children. The three of us still get together a few times a year, for old time's sake, and for the pure enjoyment.



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