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I've been reading Solo Touch for several years and figured I was overdue in submitting my own story.


I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't interested in sex. I was always wishing I could see my female friends naked and I also had fantasies about being naked with others. The older I grew the more curious I became. But as I was born in the mid-50s we didn't have the Internet with great sites like this one that provided honest and good information.

The one great thing we DID have that I don't think happened in lots of other towns in the US was a series of lectures about puberty and sex given by a local doctor. This wasn't sex-ed in the class room, but these lectures were promoted in the class room just as we were about to be old enough to start puberty. One evening a week for several weeks boys and their fathers attended these meetings that were very frank but non-threatening. There was also lots of general health information but the stuff I think we all really wanted to know was the sex information. This lecture was the first time I learned about sperm and what my testicles were for. Really! I also had never known anything about menstruation. I had fantasized about the sex act but thought I was a very sick and twisted boy to think about such things. I was so relieved to learn that what I fantasized about doing with a girl was normal and exactly how babies are made! (There was also a similar series for girls and their mothers.)

One of the best things this doctor said at this lecture was that it was normal for boys to be curious about the changes in their bodies and to want to compare with other boys. As I think back on this I am amazed that he said this to us. If this was said to boys today I'm betting that there would be calls for a lynching. But that doctor was enlightened and told the truth!

We learned about ALMOST everything at this series. But not about masturbation, and certainly not how to do it! And so as I entered puberty I knew what was happening and it didn't worry me at all. I actually enjoyed the changes. But I was also extremely frustrated because not only had I yet to figure out how to masturbate, I didn't even know that it was possible.

I had one friend who I compared with from time to time. We looked at and touched each others genitals and it felt great but neither of us knew how to, as we said it, make the sperm come out. We made a pact that the first one to "get sperm" would show the other. But this boy moved out of state before we figured it out and I missed him terribly.

Fortunately I found another friend at a summer camp the summer I was heading to 9th grade. This camp was held on a college campus and we stayed in the dorms, two to a room, and we had some privacy when the door was closed.

One afternoon during a break in the scheduled activities my roommate and I were both in the room and I convinced him to play strip poker with me. We agreed to play until we were both naked. We were both at about the same stage of puberty - both had a small bush of pubic hair, but our voices had not yet changed. Once all clothes were off we sat on the edge of his bed and started to touch each other. I asked him if he had sperm yet and he said he didn't. He asked me and I said I hadn't seen any yet so probably not.

We continued to feel around each others genitals for a bit and then I FINALLY had the idea of wrapping my hand around his penis and rubbing up and down. Why I had never thought of that before I cannot say. But I did it to him and asked him to do it to me. It didn't seem to have much effect on him for some reason but the effect on me was immediate and atomic. My entire body started to tingle. I asked him to squeeze tighter but he stayed with the same gentle grip and just kept pumping. I started to have trouble breathing. Then my entire body felt completely stiff and the area behind my balls felt like it was about to explode. I could no longer breathe at all and felt something moving up from the base of my penis and then very quickly my penis seemed to swell up even more and become stiffer than it ever had before and I shot a big stream of semen up about 3 feet into the air! This was followed by several more spurts of decreasing height. My friend said absolutely nothing. He just stared at me in shock. After I recovered and could speak I mumbled "I guess that must be sperm." My friend remained silent but he did hand me some tissue.

I didn't feel guilty about what happened. I didn't even feel awkward about it. I knew what it was and that it was normal and I was happy to have finally reached this milestone. But my friend was clearly freaked out. I wanted to do it again but he would have none of it. He remained friendly but absolutely refused to change clothes in front of me for the remainder of the camp. He would get down to his underwear to sleep at night but never again naked.

My main regret is that I didn't know how to achieve orgasm earlier in my life. I read here about others who masturbated before puberty and enjoyed great orgasms without the mess but I never did that. Had the information been available or had other boys been more comfortable about sharing this kind of thing I could have had great fun at an earlier age. Ah well.

At the end of the camp, (one week long), we all went home. Most of us had great memories about many things and I also had a new hobby! I have never again had an orgasm as powerful as that first one but I continue to masturbate as often as possible. It will be 44 years next month.

P.S. Many years ago I got back in touch with the friend who moved out of state when we were 13 and before we figured out how to masturbate. As he lives over a thousand miles away we don't see each other but we do email and chat on the phone. During a phone call last year I finally had the courage to bring up our teen-age sex play. I said, "well, you remember what we did." He answered, "Yeah! It was fun!" It would have been great if he hadn't moved and if we had been able to continue our explorations. But its nice to know he's comfortable about it after all these years.



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