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When I was about thirteen or fourteen I had done sex education and had played with myself but hadn't ever masturbated fully to the point of orgasm, or indeed masturbated in the traditional technique.

Well I had to be taught, and it happened when I was round my mate Ty's house. Everyone had gone to bed so Ty whispered 'Look what I found!' and put a porn channel on. The girls were hot and we both sat trying to conceal our boners. I thought I did a pretty good job but I could see his easy, it went right round near his pocket.

Well his dad came downstairs for a coffee, so we quickly put some channel on I don't know and Ty's dad walked in and sat down with his coffee. I didn't know men that old wore pyjamas but he did, only shorts and a T-shirt but they were obviously purpose made. I couldn't help but grin. I was cooling down now and when I dared to glance back at Ty his bulge had gone as well.

Well we talked and Ty's dad started making fun of him so Ty being the great wit that he was started calling his dad a baby dick. He chanted a little when his dad laughed and turned to him saying 'Baby dick it's bigger than yours.' 'Not now I got you beat!' something I think Ty wished he'd never said. His dad didn't hesitate he stood up and dropped his shorts and there it was, I wouldn't say now that it was huge maybe five inches soft, but it was certainly fat. He told Ty to stand up and drop his, he was a little hesitant but did and Ty just beat his dad by the slightest.

Then they turned to me, his dad apologised and said I didn't have to but Ty was adamant that since he'd shown his I had to show mine. Maybe I could have said no but I stood up and dropped them all the same, there wasn't much in it but THEY both agreed that I was smaller.

Ty's dad pulled his shorts on and we did the same when his dad said 'It doesn't count anyway both you wankers had semi's.'

'We weren't doing anything' Ty denied immediately going a little red. His dad looked at him and laughed and then looked at my clueless expression. 'Oh come on, don't act like you don't know what I'm on about!' he laughed, he looked back at Ty who looked guilty, then he looked at me and just left the room laughing.

We sat in silence for a while until Ty started sounding off about his dad's presumptions until I finally piped up, 'What is wanking anyway.' and Ty laughed. When I didn't laugh he stopped, 'Oh come on you must know,' I shook my head, 'Have you never touched yourself?' I shrugged and just went 'Yeah but not for anything just washing and stuff.' He grinned, 'You liar.'

'No seriously I don't know what it is,' and we went on for some time like that until Ty finally believed that I didn't know. Once he believed, he had to describe every single thing to me including cumming, which I had heard but never managed. After a while we went to bed and I lay in my sleeping bag on his floor when he leaned over the edge of his bed and says, 'you thinking about wanking'. I nodded and though it was dark we could make out the outlines.

'Will you show me?' I finally managed to ask and he paused, before making me swear on all my families life that I wouldn't tell anyone. Reluctantly I did and he got his dick out telling me to do the same, I stroked myself in the same way he did his until I was hard and then pumped away like he did his and I watched him in utter awe. He closed his eyes after a while and went really fast he breathed really fast wacking it harder and harder.

Suddenly I felt a spark, a slight twitch that distracted me from Ty, he was well away, whimpering slightly, I started pumping fast and found myself more breathless than I would have expected. I clenched my teeth to stifle the moans but found myself just growling kinda. Then I heard a very poorly stiffled moan and I opened my eyes to see Ty shooting cum all over his belly, he wasn't built but it was cool the way the moonlight caught it.

Next thing I know I spasmed and found myself contorting myself in way's that shocked even Ty weirdly, and I've never done this since, I stood and took a deep breath and let it flow, this little pathetic dribble that was sending reverberations throughout my body as I pumped and pushed as hard as I could! 'All that for that' Ty said passing me a sock to wipe my end as he did his stomach. We both went to sleep very content that night.



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