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Learned over the Years

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Hope this can be a lesson to learn by and not to get into trouble and/or help your children.


I know that it has been less then a year since I discovered 'Solo Touch.com'. Some of the stories I could believe that it may have happened and some I think that it did not happen or even those that I felt is illegal to even do. Yet, I have sat at my computer reading these stories and still wacking my tool. I still found it interesting to read (as entertainment).

To give you a little brief history about myself, I am uncircumcised (foreskin kinda stretched out from pulling back or pulling straight out), I am in my forties, married, and have two boys (a step son and a son). My wife is not into masturbating. My step son, who is the oldest came to me about a problem (about a year ago) and I figured it was about time that he needed to start to masturbate (balls aching and seeping out of the penis). I told him that it was ok to masturbate and told him how to. My wife, his mother had a little different view, but I think she has learned to accept the fact that it is normal for male to do this.

On with my story.

For as long as I can remember, I too have masturbated my share of hours and days. But, I though that there was something wrong with me (when I was younger). I felt the guilt at times, as well I also felt the fantasies that I have experienced. The guilt that this wrong, but I could not give this up. It felt wonderful stroking my shaft and getting the urge to cum, as well when it came. Fantasies of thoughts would race through my mind as I was stroking my shaft and would range from woman and me, or man and me, as well various in ages, but mostly according to the time of my ages.

I remember a period that I was stroking my penis and I got blood. I thought I had a problem with my penis and went to my parents. Of course, my parents took me to a doctor to have my penis checked out, but they never said any thing about masturbating (at that time, I did not know the word, but only know that I was playing my penis), if it was ok, as well what is the best way. I learned over the years and taughen up my penis. I have used baby oil and I do enjoy the feeling of using baby oil. I even use soap, but since I gotten much older, stroking my penis in the shower is not quite as exciding.

I have been always a slow or late learning about sex, and that I never knew that a woman maturbated; until I came to this site. Then I have remembered a woman, who was much much older then me and very close friend who did masturbate in front of me. We was suppose to be doing some thing else, but that did not go well, but she did masturbated (realized later in my years). I would love to see that again, but I know I may never experience that one agian.

Anyway, when I mention earlier about fantasies, well those fantasies almost got me into playing them out and I know some of them would have gotten me into trouble. I am glad that I settled down with the woman I am with. If I still do any of those fantasy, I know it is only mild and controlled.

I never masturbated amongst others (M-M or F-M), even though I would like to try group masturbating. It always have been a private thing, but I do feel that it should be taught as part of teaching children about sex. I rather hear a child either masturbating by them self or even amongst each other instead of having sex. Masturbating can be safe, as long as they are taught a way to keep it safe. I do not believe one should masturbate onto another person. I also believe that nudity is some thing of a natural part of the body and one should never be a fraid to be open amongst each other. If one becomes comfortable with nudity, then they could be comfortable with mutual masturbating.

So, for those readers, I hope you learned a little more reading this and I hope you also have a wonderful masturbating session with these other stories.

Thank you!



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