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Learned from Step-Brother

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This is the true story of how I learned to jerk-off. This is my first story so sorry if it is not great.


It was summer a few years ago. I had hit puberty and was curious into how other guys were physically adapting to puberty. A friend and I had shown each other our cocks before and been naked together but nothing sexual had happened, I didn't know how.

Without getting too complicated, my parents had divorced. My mother remarried to a man with two sons who were older than me. One was 2 years older than me, and the other, named Skyler, was a year older than me (who this stories involves). My mother and the man had a daughter together, but soon after they also divorced. Now having a common little sister, I still saw my former step-brothers on common occasion.

This happened over 2 days. My mom had a new boyfriend by this point and he lived in an apartment with a pool. I, my mother, my sister, and my older brother Skyler were over swimming over at the pool. After a while Skyler and I got tired and went back to the apartment as my sister and mother stayed at the pool.

Skyler and I looked nearly opposite. While we were both fairly attractive, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was a year older than me so he may have been a little taller but not by much. He was athletic so defiantly more defined than I was at the time. I'm half Mexican, so I had dark dark hair and dark eyes, really scrawny.

When Skyler and I got back, we both went to the bathroom to change and shower. I showered and he changed outside the glass shower, and I became very interested in his body. He turned away to pull his pants down and put a towel around him, so I only saw his backside. I got out, and he got in the shower. I dried off and put my clothes on as he showered. I tried to look through the glass door but it was too foggy to see anything. We started to joke about being naked together and stuff. I reluctantly left when he said he was getting out of the shower. But the rest of the day, when we had to go to the bathroom we would leave the door open, which excited me a lot.

The next day we were playing video games, and I was trying to figure out a way to see him naked, to see his dick. We were joking around and I said, "how about this, if you lose I get to see your dick, and if I lose you get to see my dick" we agreed. He lost the game so I knew it was the time. But then my mom said it was time to go to the YMCA to swim. I was disappointed but he told me he would still show me later.

I was so anxious the entire time at the pool to see him naked. I probably annoyed him a little but because I asked him 3 or 4 times while we were swimming if he was still going to show me.

We leave to change and we go into the locker room. We are alone and I can see the bulge in his swimsuit, which caused me also to get a bulge. We started to undress and at first he covered himself up, but then he looked around to make sure no one was in the room and opened up the towel. Wow it was big. At that time like maybe 5 inches but at my young age it looked huge. I was about the same size but to see it on someone else was a different story. The other friend that I had seen naked was only an inch or two big at that time. His stuck straight out pointing at me. He could see my bulge in my shorts so I took my pair off and he saw mine. The same size but had a slight curve downward.

We finished changing and he said he had to go to the bathroom. So I followed him and he went into the full bathroom and I used to urinal. He was standing up and was taking awhile since I didn't hear him pee. He left the stall but didn't flush. I wondered what was going on.

As we were leaving the pool he said he had to go to the bathroom again and for me to follow him. We entered a smaller bathroom with two urinals. We both went up to them and took our dicks out. He asked if I knew what jerking off was and I said I did not. He said he would show me. He turned to me and I saw he had his cock in his hand. He made a fist around it and started moving his fist up and down. This turned me on so much, I quickly got a boner and started to copy him.

I have no idea how we weren't caught since we were in there for a long time and no one came in. After a minute or two I said "wouldn't it be cool if we did this to one another?" He agreed and said we should try it. I touched his and wow it felt amazing in my hand, first time one that big. It felt really good what he was doing to me and I could tell I was doing the same to him. Two guys jerking off one another in the gym bathroom. I'm sure it would have been hot to see. I said I was starting to feel a tingle in my balls and he said for me to keep going. I grabbed my dick and went fast. I shot my first cum into the urinal as my step-brother soon did too. We were breathing deep with a small smile. We washed our hands and left. My mother asked what took us so long but I said I had to go to the bathroom and he did too. She accepted and went on our way.

This was the first of many jerk off experiences with him, along with many other jerk off buddies I had during my teen years. Maybe I'll tell some more. But there is no time like the first time.



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