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Learned Continuous Orgasm Here

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Learned Continuous Orgasm Here
As I sit at my computer an unsolicited wave of pleasure sweeps over my body, without any self-stimulation. I have always dreamed of this kind of non-stop climaxes and even considered purchasing a discrete pocket-controled vibrator for this purpose, but after reading two of your articles, I find this is unecessary. "No-Hand Multiple Solo Male Orgasms" helped me to refine my mental masturbation techniques but in the past I had never been able to focus well enough to enjoy the glowing waves throughout a busy day. Then I found "Continuous Male Orgasms" and learned how to gorge my internal sex organs with semen. Once I had accomplished this, mental masterbation became almost automatic since I had that "loaded" feeling as a seed sensation to focus on. Now, as I go about my work at home I can climax at will (dry) or simply wait for an unexpected wave to wash over my body.
Last night when I first began this technique, I fell asleep in a wonderful glow of pleasure. It is now nearly noon the next day and I continue to walk about a foot off the ground as I float from one crest to the next. The lulls in between offer a quiet moment to savor the flavor of the last wave.
Thank you, Bill and Roger! --Sincerely, Peter
Later thoughts....
I have been practicing my no-hands masterbation and am experiencing mind-blowing sessions of an hour or more at continuous near-climax sensation. There is no way to describe the flavor of this experience. Another wave sweeps over me at this moment and I can barely type. It has brought me to my knees several times today. Sometimes I want to cry, other times laugh. It is so much better than manual masterbation because it just goes on and on and on with out the breaks in stimulation that occur between strokes. I am so addicted and so happy....I'm crying again. I have had a throbbing hard-on almost all day and it doesn't seem to be tiring. I think that my endurance has built up over these last few days of practice. I think I'm getting to the point where I'm entering an altered state - and staying there. I am speechless. I am so joyful, I don't know what to do.
= = = = =
This is a continuation of what you called "Continuous Orgasms Learned Here." Although I have not yet learned continuous orgasms (and would appreciate it if you did not alter my contributions to the point of changing my intended meaning) I have experienced some amazing things with no-hands masterbation. This evening I went running. I had been doing mental J/O throughout the day so I was quite engorged. When I started to do it while I was running I soon entered a new level or state of joy and exstacy. It was like flying and when I think back about it, I am brought to tears.
The only way I can describe it is the feeling of flying over houses and treetops that I've had during wet dreams. I think the endorphins produced by running and the near-climax sensation I was producing with my mind combined to give me an out of this world experience.****
I can't believe it! You titled my original submissions, "Continuous Male Orgasm Learned Here" I guess you knew that I'd eventually get there. Oh my God!!!!!
I had already produced three hands-free ejaculatory orgasms (on separate occasions) but they were not as wonderful as I expected. So I did a little more research last night and discovered how to relax, keep my knees up and maintain the orgasm without triggering an ejaculation. Then I began working on it as I was lying in bed and by 3:30 AM I was maintaining a mind bending orgasm which must have lasted two hours. I never did get any sleep last night. I had a throbbing hard-on for virtually six hours. This morning I can will a contunuous orgasm within a few moments of concentration. I have been writhing on the floor and furniture off and on. It is so true that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things and that proper relaxation and concentration will separate them. I can now do it without keeping my knees up although I often go to a fetal position when it's happening.
Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes moan. It usually causes my body to jerk and bend.
I have never experienced such intense pleasure

and it just goes on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is inexpressible...........




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