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I'll just start by saying how much I enjoy this website. Some of the stories are real gems and I always find a new one that really gets me off especially when there's a really graphic account of the writer's orgasm.

I want to write about something that I did a few times when I was probably about 15. Back then I was obsessed with masturbation, I still am to be honest, but then I did it a lot. When I woke up (sometimes twice before I got out of bed) and nearly everytime I had a shower in the morning. If I was home by myself I would play with myself at least every hour. Even if I wasn't home by myself I would go to my room and do it if I knew they weren't upstairs, always ready to pretend I was doing something else. Then when it was bed time I'd masturbate before I slept, often twice. If I woke during the night I'd do it quietly. If I stayed round somebody's house I'd never be able to abstain for even one night even if I was in the same room as someone. Probably like quite a few teenage boys; I really was addicted!

There was a distinct lack of pornographic material and this was in the days before every household had the internet. My staple was the lingerie sections of mail order catalogues. I think this lead to my inability to enter the lingerie section in shops with my girlfriend without getting embarrassed and aroused. I still masturbate more over pictures of women in underwear than nudes or graphic pornography. There wasn't always a catalogue around though and I'd get excited over briefly noticing something in the house I could really absorb while I was masturbating and couldn't wait until I got the opportunity. There were also parts in films I used to watch over and over, anything with a glimpse of cleavage I would porn over endlessly. Thinking about it now, I don't remember a single one, hmmm. All I owned that was sexy was a poster that came with a game called barbarian two featuring Maria Whittaker in a tiny golden cup bikini and chainmail knickers (google it). I've probably not used any other image as much as that, though I've revisited recently and didn't feel compelled to cum while I was looking at it.

Around this time a divorcee in her late twenties had moved in next door. She was quite tall and slim with a sexy angular type face and black hair down to her shoulders. I wouldn't say I found her that attractive because she was a bit slim for me. The garden was one big lawn and not very well kept but when she moved in she must have decided to spruce it up. If my parents were out and I could hear the sound of the lawnmower I'd look out of my window which overlooked the back gardens and get out my excited stiffening cock because the weather was nice and last time I saw her gardening she wore jeans and a white vest top which while not clingy was tight enough that I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and also her nipples were incredibly pointy. There was a hedge at the very top of our gardens that prevented me from seeing her until she'd gone far enough down the garden and close to the fence. So whenever I heard the lawnmower getting louder I knew I'd see her and I wanked furiously while I watched her sweaty skin shining in the sunlight and breasts wobbling against the fabric of her top. I was really nervous that I'd get seen but it was too good not to enjoy. After a minute or so it would give me an orgasm. Those stolen moments are never as good as the long controlled sessions I enjoy these days, but I loved it then and I think I did it while I was watching her on about three separate occasions and it was always incredibly exciting and deeply satisfying.

I'd just like to add that I was young, naïve and desperate, and wouldn't spy on someone these days not least because that wouldn't be fair to my girlfriend.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I certainly enjoyed writing it.



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