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Lawn Boy's Mom

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Love the Solo Touch site. It proves useful in more ways that they care to admit.


Some of you may remember a previous submission (picture window fun) back on July 20th, but if you don't, I'll bring you up to speed.

I live on a very busy corner in a college town with a lot of youthful hotties strolling by in fairly skimpy outfits. I love to masturbate while watching these beauties but, until I had my picture window mirrored, I was always afraid I'd be caught. After a salesman talked me into having my front window silvered to reduce cooling costs during the summer months, I began to realize the full benefits of being able to jack off with several feet of unsuspecting passers-by and this story is about one of the major events that has happened since.

I have always used a local high school boy to take care of my lawn and my current lawn guy is a senior named Brad. He mows the lawn once every ten days and shovels the snow in the Winter. Twice a year, his Mom comes to help with trimming and weeding the flower beds. Ok, enough background but I have to describe Brad's Mom. She's thick, I don't mean fat but sturdy and thick. She's about 5'10' and has thighs like small tree trunks and a midriff that's bigger around than my own 34' waist, but she's not fat, just thick. Her most amazing feature is her giant breasts, and I'm talking about tits so huge they can't be contained within a normal bra size so she usually just wears a man's size white shirt with the sleeves ripped off and knotted under the massive mounds. Even then they jiggle and bounce with the slightest movement.

One day a couple of months ago, in the hottest part of August, Brad showed up to mow the lawn and his Mom came with him to help with the trim and weeding. They had been working in the back yard and came into the kitchen to take a break before starting out front. I offered them iced tea and as soon as Brad's Mom (whose name is Cheryl) held the cold drink in front of her, her nipples hardened and protruded visibly from her sweat soaked white cotton shirt. My cock started to get hard just at the sight and when they left to start on the front yard, I practically ran to my desk chair in order to get comfortable for the show. I was secure in knowing that no one can see through the front window so I had my throbbibg cock firmly in hand and was stroking it leisurely as I watched Cheryl perform her chores.

Brad was pushing the mower and as I watched him in cut-off jeans, I noticed for the first time that he had a really girlish ass. I started wondered what Cheryl's tits would look like on that skinny of a frame. But, as I watched and slowly slid my hand up and down my shaft, a new scene presented itself, one that was more erotic that I could possibly have imagined. Cheryl was on her knees at the flower bed and when she bent forward to pull a weed, her massive tits would swing forward and cause the nipples to harden from the friction agains the clothes. At the same time, the arm holes in the sleeveless man's shirt would gape open and give me a perfect view from the side of those gorgeous breasts. When she straightened to throw the weed into a lawn cart, clearly visible beads of perspiration would come together to form a small rivulet that trickled downward through her cleavage and disappeared somewhere in the sweat soaked knot that held the shirt together.

As I stroked my ever hardening shaft, I could only imagine that it was my cum that had just shot onto the spot between those massive mounds and run down through that delightful valley. I was so engrossed in masturbating to this erotic vision that I had failed to notice that the lawn mower had ceased running and at the same time sensed a presence in the room. I turned to find Brad staring at me, open mouthed in disbelief, and I froze in mid-stroke. Brad said he was sorry for interrupting me but he fully understood since he often found his mother irresistable and had to jack off frequently after seeing her in various stages of undress. As he talked, I noticed that his own cock was starting to snake down and out of his cutoffs. I told him that if he didn't mind, I was going to finish what I started and he could either join me or leave.

I started stroking my cock again, using the same familiar rythym that I love so much. I glanced over at Brad to see that he had moved to within a foot of the window and was jacking his five inch cock rather furiously. 'Are you sure she can't see us?' he asked. 'No,' I said and, as if to prove the point, I walked over next to him so that we were both only about four feet away from his Mom with our cocks almost ready to cum. From our vantage point, we could easily see down her blouse when she bent over. I do not know how it happened, but Brad suddenly reached over and started stroking my cock while at the same time I reached his boyish cock with my left hand and easily slid my hand along it's hard, throbbing length.

About this time, Cheryl straightened up and stretched backward with her hands agains her lower back. This caused her tits to nearly break out of the fabric containing them and at the same time, caused the remaining beads of sweat to again go trickling down her impressive cleavage. The sight caused both Brad and myself to go over the brink and I felt his warm sticky cum gush over my hand and drool onto the floor while my own eruption sprayed the window with the first couple of blasts while the rest just flowed in wave after wave out of my cock and onto his hand. We both just kept jacking each other, using the sticky mess as a warm, sloppy lube, and staying nearly hard for another few minutes in order to savor the feeling. We both headed for the bathroom to wash our hands and cocks and had just got everything put away when his Mom came in to announce that she was done. She had a strange smile on her face and I could swear to this day that she knew what we had done.



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