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Laundry Room

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About three months ago, I made the leap and moved into my own apartment. At first everything went fine, but about three weeks into it I made a huge mistake. Being busy with working during the day and going to school a few nights a week, I forgot to do one important thing: laundry. After taking a shower one night, I started looking for some clothes, but I found out everything I had was dirty except for a couple pairs of socks. Since everything I had was either in a box or a bag still, I had no idea of what I had left until it was too late. Not wanting to put on dirty clothes, I sat around trying to think of what I was going to do when I got an idea. Since my apartment building is very quiet and everything is inside, I decided to make a trip to the laundry room nude.

It was still kind of early, so I did my homework, watched a little TV, and even unpacked some more of my things to pass the time. I did all of this until about 1 AM, then I put a few days worth of clothes into a basket, made sure I had my keys and some dollar bills, took a deep breath and walked out into the hallway stark naked. Quickly moving down the hallway, I walked past the elevators to use the back stairwell and went down to the basement where the laundry room was. Walking barefoot on the cold concrete floor, I was covered in goosebumps and my hair was standing on end as I thought about being walked in on.

I shoved all of my clothes into the washer quickly and sat facing the door with my knees tightly together, leaning forward to cover my breasts as well. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, I figured that no one was going to come down, so I started to relax a little. Pulling up my chair, I rested my feet on the washer, wiggled my toes and spread out, completely exposing myself. Sitting there with my eyes closed, the vibrations under my feet began traveling down my legs and into my bare vagina. Getting very horny, I started pinching and spreading apart my lips as I smeared some of my juice into my pubic hair and licking off the rest.

I was really getting into it when the washer kicked off and broke my concentration. When I shoved all of my clothes into the dryer and turned it on, I realized that it vibrated a whole lot more than the washer did. At first I stood up pressing my bare butt against it as I fingered myself, which felt really good, but I wanted more. Turning around, I realized that if I stood on my tiptoes, my clit was exactly the same height as the edge of the dryer. When I pressed up against it, I almost cried in pleasure as my insides churned and twisted and I began dripping down my legs.

Getting another idea, I jumped up onto the machine on my belly and centered my clit on the edge of the machine again, now squirming and moaning as my vagina contracted and I had a huge, wet orgasm while I bucked against the smooth metal.

I laid there for a couple minutes basking in the warmth of cumming, but I nearly died when I opened my eyes and saw an older woman standing in front of me. I was speechless and just laid there staring at her, but she told me not to worry because it's not the first time it's happened as a lot of single women have lived in the building, but also that she wouldn't tell anyone and next time to lock the door, which didn't even occur to me. After she left, I sat in my chair with my face as red as fire from embarrassment, but at the same time a little more turned on from getting caught.

When the dryer went off, I pulled on a long t-shirt and hurried back to my apartment, clothes in hand. Surprisingly, since then I have actually stripped naked in the room again late at night, but this time making sure the door is locked.



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