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Laundry Hamper - a Girl's Point of View

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From the moment we start to 'grow up', one of the first signs is an increase in vaginal discharge. It is at that point that mums everywhere start to talk to us about keeping clean down there... that's when the confusion begins...


...because, it is not long after that before we start to feel the first signs of arousal. What happens then? Well, we get even wetter. It doesn't take a girl long to put two and two together. The fluid from our vagina has something to do with sexual arousal, and also it changes as we go through the month.

I guess by the age of 14 or so, most girls have explored down there. I certainly had. I knew what made me feel good, and I knew how to make myself cum. I also knew that if I was feeling horny in school, I would usually have wet knickers by the time I got home and could do something about it.

I used to go to the bathroom and lock myself in. I would lie on the floor, sometimes undressed, more often fully clothed. If I was clothed, I would fantasize about being forced into having sex, sometimes I would even tear my tights. I would finger myself until I came in my knickers, while fantasizing about a man shooting his cum inside me.

Which leads on to boys. Boys it seemed to me, can't wait to kiss a girl, touch a girl, finger us and fuck us. But they are also captivated by our special feminine scent. Read the stories here, lots of them about smelling a girl's underwear. But DAMN.. they can't last anything like as long as I need to get really aroused. Sure, they will finger me and try and make me cum, but it seems as soon as I get my hand (or mouth) around their cocks they shoot. But then maybe that is just boys who were my age at the time (14/15 then) I did have an 'experience' with a much older man, and that was far better!

When I first realised that my own knickers were being put to that use I was, for a short while, furious. I felt invaded, almost raped.(Odd, because I had many rape fantasies) Partly because I didn't know who was doing it. It turned out to be my uncle. As soon as I found out it was him, my feelings changed in a heartbeat! Suddenly, I felt powerful. Here was a guy literally old enough to be my dad, using my knickers to get himself off.

I had something he wanted...maybe even needed.

When I got my first serious boyfriend, he too would ask me for my knickers. (We never went the whole route, but I loved sharing my underwear with him... they came back wet and sticky with sperm and it was fun to wear them for a while imagining I had been fucked.)

Then, I realised that some girls do it too. Not many, but definitely some. I didn't know how to feel about that because I have no attractive feelings for other girls in that sense. So, when I realised that a friend of mine was helping herself to mine during sleepovers, I just let it happen. If it got her off, then hey, why not? I learned later that she had sexual feelings for me for a long time, and that she would masturbate thinking about me. (She confessed at a sleepover) I felt flattered, but I couldn't return her feelings. Instead, I realised that it was frustrating for her, (since when we had sleepovers, we had to share a bed!) so we came to an agreement that suited us both. We would masturbate together. I would fantasize about boys, but she would look at me and smell my knickers at the same time.

But I was 16 before I started using the idea of people using my knickers to cum as part of my fantasy life. I have to say it was really horny. I would imagine my uncle obviously, because I knew that had happened for real, but sometimes I would want to be really kinky and I would imagine my brother using them. That led to me fantasizing about him pulling my knickers to one side and smelling me... in THAT fantasy, I always came in his mouth. But in time, even that grew stale. I would think about teachers, my granddad, even my dad. All I knew was I felt SOOO powerful.

Now, I am single at the moment and I masturbate a lot...at least once a day. I fantasize about the effect my scent has.. about how much the person smelling my knickers wants to smell me. Sometimes I make myself pee a tiny bit, or not wipe myself after a pee. I don't know why, but the thought of someone smelling not only my pussy, but my pee too is very arousing for me.

I have a close friend who told me she likes to pee in her knickers sometimes and it makes her really horny. I have thought about doing that myself but haven't yet. It's only a matter of time though, because in a dirty kind of way, it has a sexy appeal to it.

So, if I come to stay, please feel free to take my knickers from my bag, or the laundry. Put them to your face and inhale the scent of a 23 year old virgin. (Yes, sadly still.) Just promise me you will cum right in the crotch, and put them back where you found them. Who knows, maybe I will 'use' them afterwards. (giggle)



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