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Laundry Day...continued Again

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Again I hope you like my experiences... I have never been able to talk to anyone about these before and it feels so liberating to do so!


Afterwards we got up and Scott went to clean up again and so did I. We both went to the bathroom and I realised I was all sticky 'down there' with white stuff. I asked him if that was normal (not knowing about this kind of thing) and he said yes of course it always happens like that for him. I nodded and he got dressed. I just stood there for the longest time, watching him while I was blushing with just a shirt and panties on... He came over and kissed he and said he had to go.

After he left I had a shower and changed and finished off my chores before my parents got back.

That night I went to bed early and in the darkness of my room I was trying to re-enact what had happened to me that day to regain that feeling of such exasperation. I stripped off naked and touched myself 'down there'. Exploring myself like I had never done before, unfolding myself like I had never known.

I started to rub my breasts with one hand while feeling my pussy with the other. I opened my legs wide and decided to try and use my finger as a penis. I stuck it in and out of there a few times but it became uncomfortable because I was not wet (and probably not doing it right).

I rolled over and pulled a pillow into my stomach and curled my legs around it. I started to think of all the things I had done with Scott to date. Actually touching him and having him gyrate over me till he made me feel that amazing feeling! I could tell I was becoming wet and what more was as I was thinking about all these things my hips started to gyrate and move like I had seen Scott do...It was feeling very similar so I continued...

I rubbed myself against my pillow long and hard, I had almost given up in despair. I stopped and was quite cranky. Then I decided to give it one more go...

I went for it, pushing the pillow in closer to me and rubbing myself on it harder and harder. I could feel my juices swelling into the pillow and I was getting all hot and sweaty...

I could feel my mini explosion start off and I became so excited to have that feeling again. I gyrated my vagina hard against the pillow while it pulsated with joy. It was so hot and wet I felt the swell of it start to decline as I was getting more tired. I collapsed in a daze of unconsciousness and slipped into a beautiful nights sleep filled with dreams of wonder from the day I had just had....

Still MORE to come!!!



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