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Laundry Chute Fun

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My girlfriend in college lived in a large house with three other girls. Her bedroom was in the basement right off the laundry room and across the hall from her hot blonde best friend. My girl usually had early morning classes and I would just sleep while she went to class when I stayed over.

Anyway, she left for class one morning and I was getting ready to leave when I heard her best friend's alarm go off and then heard her heading up the stairs to the shower. I suddenly had a wonderful idea! I had been ogling her shapely legs and tight ass for months. Her taught body gave me a hard-on every time I thought of her and dreamed of having sex with her.

Back to my idea: I knew no one else was home and quickly popped into the laundry room.

I could hear her in the bathroom above and the water being turned on. I stood in the laundry room waiting anxiously with a pulsing hard-on. Sure enough, a pair of silky pink panties fell through the laundry chute into my waiting hands. They were still very warm! I quickly freed my raging hard=on from my boxers and noticed drip after drip of hot juice was leaking from me in anticipation of what was to come.

I brought the warm panties to my face and took in her sweet scent which only fueled my enjoyment. She smelled wonderful, and I felt the moistness of her panties across my nose and lips. Knowing they were on her only seconds before was a huge rush! By now, I was furiously pumping my shaft, more and more turned on by the fact that I was having fun with her panties and she had no clue.

I frequently rubbed the panties across my cock delighting myself in the softness of them and also smearing her juices across my cock head. I pumped harder and harder as I felt a build-up in my tight, swollen balls. I could hear my heart thumping as I increased the pace in pulling on myself. Finally, I brought the panties to my mouth and took a taste of her sweetness. The flavor and scent of her pushed me over the edge! Suddenly I felt the release within me as molten hot squirts of thick cum shot from my dick. I shook and shivered as it blasted out of me in long jets onto the floor below. I caught myself starting to holler out in pleasure and had to suppress the sound. As I pumped the final juice from myself I noticed that I was actually shooting onto a pile of panties from all the girls in the house which was a huge sudden turn-on and made me release a little extra cum in the final pumps.

I wiped myself clean with her panties and dropped them on the pile. I would return many times to that room to catch a pair of fresh ones. I managed to have fun with each of the girls fresh panties before my girl moved away from them. Hope you liked my story.



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