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Latina Panty Grind

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Popular conception, in this case, turns out to be true.


Life seems to always level out, no matter how far you step aside from the path, no matter how much things can go awry as you wing it. I swear every word of this is true.

I've been with a fair share of amazing women over the course of my life, but no one compares with my Spanish girlfriend, Veronica. Growing up, I'd always heard strange and fantastic stories about the passion of Latin women, but until I met Veronica, I doubted that could enter my semi-educated, suburban, white life. I first met her in college when zeroing in on a particular mate was the furthest thing from my mind. And she snuck into my heart.

Veronica is a Scorpio, standing five feet two inches tall, weighing about 145lbs - and my God does she ever have it well proportioned. Veronica is the perfect fantasy Latin girlfriend - long, straight black hair that hangs down to her waist.. soft, smooth, caramel-colored skin.. deep, dark, shining, penetrating and intelligent big doe eyes.. pouty, bee-stung lips.. high cheekbones and wildly beautiful Amazon-like features. Veronica has a teeny tiny little waist and wide, flaring Latin hips with the kind of round, beautiful bubble ass that you'd have to empty an entire credit card-linked bank account on speciality websites to usually see. Her stomach is smoothly muscled with the most feminine belly button, and the edges of her round hips can be seen disappearing into her pants or skirt or whatever she wears that day; her hips and low back have those sexy little dimples just before her ass. She has killer long, shapely calves and thighs. Petite [yet voluptuous?] though this woman's frame is, the bulk of her weight rests in her 36DD tits. Soft, big, round, perky teardrop tits capped with dark, half-dollar sized areolas and overly sensitive, eraser-sized nipples.

Her personality is magnetic and intense. She is on the one hand deeply intelligent and contemplative, professional and honest, intensely loyal, and devoted above all to her family. Yet when she is alone with me, she can become so fucking depraved and wantonly horny; like I can press a button and put my girlfriend into heat. This is the kind of girl every guy wants to marry - someone who is graceful and pretty and intelligent enough to introduce to your mother, but mesmerizing and sexy and built enough to be capable of doing things that your mother has no business knowing about. She speaks Spanish with her family, but English with everyone else. Her accent is flawless.

Last night we were settling into bed after having watched a little Star Trek: TNG [I know!] on the laptop. The dogs were fed and my apartment was quiet. I was laying on my right side with no shirt on and my cotton boxer shorts. Veronica was in a long sleeved black and grey thermal shirt, cotton bikini-cut panties with tiny lace trim, and a spandex/nylon soft bra that is practically transparent to the touch. I'm afraid she never quite got used to the colder northern latitudes, so she scooted against me; firmly spooning her back, butt, legs and feet into me. She pulled my arms around her, wiggled a little bit and said, 'Mmm, you're so much like a big bear to me.' My hand was rather inconspicuously drawn underneath to cup her right breast. Our favorite sleeping position.

Only by the way Veronica was breathing a little harder, I could tell that sleeping was not on her mind. Even though she wakes up extraordinarily early for work, she still relies on me to wear her out at night. I squeezed her body gently, nuzzling up to her neck and inhaling deeply, tracing up into her hairline with the tip of my nose. Her hair smelled like fruit, and I let my warm breath out slowly down her neck through my mouth. I put a number of slow, soft kisses on the nape of her neck; barely any tension in my lips. My thickening dick was sandwiched in the valley between that incredible ass of hers, gently rubbing up and down.

I squeezed her soft and impossibly huge breast one last time, and withdrew my hand, lingering just long enough to brush by her hard nipple along the way. Snaking up her stomach, I ran my hand under her shirt at the opening where it fell away from her hip. I traced the tips of my fingers up her spine, gliding across with little friction, then down her side a few times, eliciting goose bumps.. then one more time back up, and into her hair, curling my fingers into a gentle fist which caused her to inhale sharply. I waited until the moment after she sucked in the air and started to suck on her ear.

All the teasing and groping and breathing and kissing had me terribly hard, and I guided the tip of my thick cock between her ass cheeks, pressing it against her panty-covered hole. By pressing against her and driving my hips forward, and with her driving back, we managed to rub her panties around her pussy using the tip of my cock against the resistance of the material. The pressure stimulated the nerves at her entrance and formed my boxers into a cotton sheath, hugging and caressing my cock. I could feel her warmth through my boxers and her cotton panties, and I could tell by the way we fit and slid around that she was very wet. My God was it hot.

I pulled the soft material of her bra down, exposing her pointy nipples to my touch. I squeezed and palmed her tits together until finally I was able to stimulate both with the pad of my thumb and pinky. Veronica was whimpering and moaning. She started saying dirty things to me which I'll never understand in Spanish. I was nibbling and biting her neck behind and just below her left ear, listening to her sexy moans. 'I can't believe how fucking hot you are,' I breathed into her ear.

I pulled Veronica's right elbow from under her somewhat, enough to grip her upper arm in my own right hand. I ran my left hand down and spread her ass cheeks, causing her body to rotate a little. Her panties wedged up into her ass, and allowed me to drive the extra material into her pussy up to my cockhead. It was like we were fucking without fucking. Or the God King of all Dry Humps.

'Oh my God,' Veronica said, 'I'm going to cum.' I found the right angle to keep my boxered dick secure at the gates of heaven, and rolled two-thirds of the way on top of her. I rotated my hips, concentrating a slow, corkscrew motion into the tip of my tool at the entrance of her panty-covered pussy, and bit her neck one last time. 'I feel like I just snuck into your room at your parent's house and I'm molesting you with my big cock in your bed late at night.'

Veronica sucked one last breath in, held it, and began trembling. I rubbed her clit in circles the opposite way I was grinding her. I could feel her smooth, shaved pussy lips peeking out of her cotton panties, stretching to the limit around me. A moment later she groaned and growled out her release, rabidly humping back at me in the throws of a powerful orgasm. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhh!'

She looked back at me, eyes ablaze, and kissed me like a woman possessed. She tore off our clothes, and oh boy did I get mine..

..but those details are beyond what we can share here.



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