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Late Teen Jerking & Mutual Experiences

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My whole sex life seems to be about masturbation


My whole life seems to be about masturbation (I'll save my stories about my dry orgasms, and my early experiences with my female second cousin, for another day).

By the start of grade 10, I was jerking off several times every day. I always woke with a rigid 'morning glory', and I would have to masturbate before I could even get out of bed. I left home at 8 to walk to school. It was hard to concentrate in class; I spent most of the day with a hard-on and in those days (the early 60s) you had to stand up in class when you answered the teacher's question. I would keep an open book on my desk during class, and turn it on end as I stood up, to hide my erection.

Some days I would go to the washroom in the middle of a class period and relieve myself by jerking off. Most days I just hurried home at 3:30 and disappeared to the basement to 'play with my model trains'. My mom would be making dinner and I was on my knees on the basement floor with my pants and underpants pulled down, one hand massaging my ball sack and the other stroking my cock. I soon noticed that the longer I made myself wait to cum, the farther I could shoot my cum across the floor. Somedays I would cum two or three times before dinner.

In our house you had to have a bath every night before bed. I would get on my knees in the water and soap up my dick and balls; then I would stroke myself with my rough washcloth until I shot into the bathwater. I'd get dried, put on my pyjamas, go to bed, and before I fell asleep I'd jerk off into a couple of tissues.

I swore that all this masturbating made my cock grow. I kept a chart of how long I was. By the start of Grade 12 I had become an inch and a half longer when erect.

I also had my driver's licence and was allowed to have the family car to go to school dances and church youth group events. I had my first serious girlfriend that year. Heather was in Grade 13 and had 'experience'.

We went to a church dance and, as I was driving her home afterwards, she asked me to park in the dark, far back corner of the parking lot of the building she lived in with her parents. Within five minutes, she had undone her bra, and my eager hands were up the front of her sweater feeling her little tits. Then she unzipped her slacks and shoved my hand down the inside of her underpants, holding my wrist to give guidance. I began rubbing her clit as she began rubbing my hard-on thru my pants. I asked her to unzip me and take it out, but she said she couldn't, she was saving herself for marriage. She said that feeling me big and hard would help her cum. Hearing that, I exploded in my underpants. She kept stroking me as her own orgasm wracked her body, and I came again.

We had a few dates that ended like that, then I guess she got more interested in somebody else and she always said no when I called her for a date.

The autumn that I left home for university, I was desperate to get laid. I dated a succession of girls from small towns with names so obscure that I had to look them up on a roadmap. Places like 'St. Thomas' and 'Coboconk'.

I was in an amateur theatre group and a girl who was in second year Arts kept finding excuses to talk to me. One Sunday afternoon 'B' came up to my room in residence. I was doing all my usual 'charm' things to arouse her. Shortly we were naked on my bed. She had perky tits the size of grapefruits. She said I was the first 'boy' who had really bothered to get her ready for sex. I was fingering her clit, and she had her eyes closed now, and kept jerking my prick really hard. I suddenly felt like I was going to cum.

I deposited a full wad of cum in her pubic hair, then I just sort of collapsed into a dreamy daze. She didn't even say anything; she smiled at me, relaxed onto her back, rubbed her fingers through the puddle on her belly, and started to finger her pussy with her hand. Then she arched her back as she came. I had never seen that before. A few minutes later she just got up and got dressed and left. She never acknowledged me again.

The next year I transferred to a different university so that I could save money by living back home. I reconnected with a girl, 'R', whom I hadn't seen since I was 15, and we did a lot of heavy petting in her dorm room. She said she was saving herself for marriage, but we ended every date with my hand down the front of her underpants. She wouldn't touch me, inside or outside my pants. I would go home with a huge hard-on and sore balls after every date and jerk off into tissues.

Then I moved into a boarding house to be closer to class and, through one of the guys in that house, I met a girl who had already graduated and had a job and a car. Ann and I dated a few weeks and, one weekend, her parents drove up north to open up their summer cottage. My parents thought I was spending the weekend in the city but Ann took me to her parents' house where she lived... and took her clothes off. She had big tits and no body hair. I had a raging hard-on before my clothes even hit the floor. She sat on the edge of her bed and I stood there in front of her. She stroked me a couple of times and I came all over her and her bed. We laid down on the bed and necked for awhile. As soon as I started to get hard again she stroked me then I ejaculated.

We showered together, had a pizza from the freezer, and left for a party at 8pm. We left the party around 1 am and fell naked into her bed, exhausted.

Around dawn, she woke me up as she stroked my cock. I opened my eyes and saw she was frigging her slit with her other hand. Then she started rubbing the head of my cock between her legs. She arched her back and came even before I did, which didn't take long. She was fun to date, she always had something for us to do on weekends, and she usually gave me a handjob just before she would drop me off home. If her parents were away, I could sleep over at her house.

Sometimes she would have to work on weekends and in the morning she had to get up early to drive me home and get to work on time. She would sit on the toilet in the ensuite bathroom and masturbate, I could hear her if the house was quiet. If I heard her, I would jerk off into a pair of her soft white cotton underpants at the same time.

One Friday evening Ann was working afternoon shift. I was at my parents' home when the phone rang. It was 'R'; she asked me to come and see her. She said that she had really missed me and that our friendship shouldn't have ended. I borrowed Dad's car and I was there in half an hour.

'R' rented the upper floor of a house. She met me at the door in a white terry bathrobe and I followed her up the stairs with my hand reaching up under her robe; she was really wet on the inside of her thighs. She led me into her bedroom and lay down on the bed, her robe now open, one hand rubbing her vulva. 'R' had a huge dark bush, very curly and dense.

I undressed in the fading light and lay down beside 'R'. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting a hard-on. I had never seen her naked before, and she was much better looking naked than I expected. And she was obviously hot for me.

I entwined my fingers with hers in her pussy. She was warm, and very wet, very slick. My fingers probed her opening. She moaned, her back arched. My hand was soaked with her juices.

I moved her wetness to my cock and spread her lubrication over my flaccid member as I began to stroke myself. Her tongue probed my lips and mouth. Finally, I started to get hard.

She wrapped her hand around my half-erect member, and my fingers began to probe her slit again. My cock got harder, then began to fail me. I removed her hand, pressing it into her vulva, and she began to frig herself.

I moved my own hand back to my limp cock and began to stroke myself. I again began to get hard, then suddenly ejaculated onto her leg. 'R' sat up, turned the bedside light on, peered at her leg, and said 'yech!'. I reached for a tissue and cleaned her off. We lay there for a while, hugging and kissing. I promised to come back the next Friday night to visit her again, to try again.



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