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Late Swim Practice with Tom

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After swim practice one time last week


Swimming is a winter sport at my school. But we don't have a pool on our campus, so we have to travel to another school to use their pool. Because of the schedule, practices run late and people tend to file out of the other school pretty quickly, because although there is a bus that can take us there, parents usually pick us up, or we take our own cars there and back.

I'm not a great swimmer, and haven't been swimming for a long time, but I knew some of the boys that would be swimming, so I was comfortable by knowing none of them had much swimming experience either. Our school rents the pool time, so its just our team there, and the coaches usually don't swim so the locker room is all to our team, which makes us more open about changing and showering, because we know some random person can't just walk in on our team. Our boys' team has 15 guys and 7 of them are juniors, the rest are sophomores and freshmen. The guys my age are Tom, Sean, Eric, Chris, David, and Sam. Sean was the only swimmer that had more then two years of experience, and the rest of us were there for fun. I was good friends with David and Chris, and I knew the rest well.

My story happened last week, the guys were learning how to perfect freestyle, when Tom offered to stay back and teach me more, then give me a ride home. I was feeling like I was improving fast, so I took up his offer, the team was called over for a meeting on where we needed to be tomorrow, and was dismissed to go home, we asked our coach if we could stay late, and because we were both lifeguard certified, coach said we could. Tom jumped in and we went over freestyle and did a bit of butterfly, and decided to call it a day.

We both got out and headed for the locker room, still talking about, oddly enough strokes, and what coach wanted to teach us next practice. The boys' team wears the Speedo jammers, and all the boys complain of the tightness, but we understand why they are easier to swim in. Unfortunately the tightness and contact of the Speedo can be arousing at first, and it took a full week at least for all the boys to stop popping boners after putting them on. Tom grabbed his towel, hung it on the hook near the showers and headed in, I followed closely behind. We both turned on our showers and stripped off our Speedos, a normal thing to do after practice, the only thing different was we were the only people left, and probably the few left on campus.

Tom was quiet for a wile, and looked as if he was deep in though as he washed. Tom was a swimmer in the summer so he had a small sized Speedo tan, unlike my normal shorts tan. He also was a little shorter, and more muscular, because he worked out a little more then I did. But he was still slender with, as with the rest of the team, swimmers abs.

Out of nowhere Tom said, 'What do you think of Molly?'

'Um, I don't know, why?'

'Well she is so hot in her swimsuit, I can barely control myself!' he laughs as he looks down at his equipment.

'Yeah I know what you mean, but she is kind of stuck-up, I don't think she would go out with YOU!' I teased him.

'You don't think so? Well...if it was between you and me, she would so pick me!'

'Why are you so confident!'

'Because, she can clearly see, I'M the bigger guy' He was referring to the revealing Speedos.

'I don't think so, I'm definitely bigger then you'

'Prove it!'

I had just been pulled into his trick, but I was unaware at the time, all I was concerned about was preserving my 'honor' of being the bigger man.

'OK,' I responded and turned around to face him, 'I'm 5' and a half soft, as you can clearly see, how bout you, what do you say you are'

'I'm also just about 5 and a half inches, but I'm definitely wider! And that's better!'

This was true he was a little wider, but that didn't mean a thing because all of this was soft, I quickly thought of how to win this, I responded with 'Well, size only matters hard!' It was all I could think of that could leave me a chance to win.

'Ok, so I'm horny enough thinking about Molly, that this will be easy!' and he slowly reached down and started to play with is dick and balls, slowly his hand moved around his head and down his shaft until he was almost had all the way, when he started to give a few pumps. I reached down and did the same and quickly I was hard also.

'Well I guess I'm defeated' I was almost an inch larger then he was, I guess he doesn't grow as much as I do when I get hard.

'Yeah, I guess, but it's not like a win anything.' I replied trying hard not to say anything to boast, because he had stayed late to help out.

'Why do you say that? I could help you out...you can't walk out of here with this (pointing down to my hard-on)'

'No I guess, not'

'You don't mind?' He sounded almost relieved, but he pulled it off well in retrospect.

'Nah, not really, just we won't mention it to the team I guess.'

'Sure, I won't if you won't'


With that he moved his hand down and started to rub my hard on. I thought it was only fair, and about a minute into him jacking me off I started to jerk him in return. He saw my balls start to move up as I breathed fast, and he speed up, then stopped.

'What are you doing?'

'Just wait'

And with that he started to slowly move his hand over my cock and his speed was perfect, in a matter of seconds I shot my cum everywhere. Good thing we were in a shower! I had almost forgotten that he was still there, but quickly resumed, until he shot the largest load I had ever seen, it went everywhere! We cleaned up and as we walked out to his car I thanked him for showing me a new stroke, he even laughed. We decided it was one of those one time things, and that its just fun to do, but we are very good friends, and the team still can't figure out exactly why.



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