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Late Night Wanker Brother

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Me and my brother do not get along greatly..you know, we don't talk much or anything and have always beeen quite private about our bodies and practically anything related to sex...especially masturabtion. although he does undress infront of me sometimes...he never takes off his boxers.


It was about two years ago on a Friday night in which surprinsingly my brother had stayed home. During those times my brother and I still shared bedrooms. I was 15 and he was 17. I have strong gay tendencies but absolutely no one knows.

Anyway...I had gone to bed about half an hour before it happened. It was late and my brother was going to take a shower, so he entered our room believing that I had already fallen asleep, but I hadn't (whenever thing like this happened I always pretended to be asleep but kept one eye open in case he jacked off or something).

He closed the door and locked it (which he had never done before). I knew he was about to do something and I did not want to miss it, so I covered my head slowly with my sheets and left just a small gap in them to be able to clearly see what he would do.

He was wearing the blue training pants which make me so hard and a white t-shirt. He began slowly rubbing his well built pecs and abs with his hands and moved his hand to his pants were he slowly caressed and grabbed his bulging cock. He obviously had no idea I has watching him...he would have never done that if he had known... Slowly he took of his t-shirt exposing his hairy armpits which made me so hot. I could start to feel my dick growing and I felt a rush of excitement through all of my body. he then sat down on one corner of the bed exposing his enoromous and hairy arms and 6 pack. He took off his shoes and rubbed his white ankle socks to his legs. Again he caressed his huge bulge and began sliding his pants down exposing a circus tent on his boxers.

He stood up to take off his pants completely and scratched his balls rapidly through his boxers for about two minutes I could clearly see the shape of his dick shaking around as he scratched. I was actually used to seeing this...he does it quite often and doesn't seem to care much if I see him.

Now I got really, REALLY turned on as he sat down on the bed again and his gorgeous cock slipped out of his boxer's fly. Immediately then he grabbed it firmly at the tip and pulled his foreskin back. He began to stroke his semi-erect meat moving his foreskin up and down and grabbing his balls through his underwear. He slipped his boxer off and I finally saw all of his manhood in the flesh...This was so exciting...i remember that the last time I saw his cock was about 11 years ago when we used to take showers together and exactly as I remembered it was uncut(mine is uncut too)only now his dick was about 6 1/2' and was covered by a thick bush of hair and featured a gigantic pair of balls covered by a low hanging srotum covered with thick pubes aswell.

He shifted himself to the very corner of the bed were his balls hung freely and spread his legs very wide appart with his sexy white socks joining at the tips on the floor. He spat a little saliva on his hand and began stroking faster and faster... I could now feel precum dripping from my hard dick, and could also see his cock dripping in precum, but didn't want to jack off just then...His moaning was so deep and hard I was afraid my parents would hear and interrupt this amzing moment...He rimmed a few times before cumming and just wiggled his cock in between the strokings...suddenly while he was beating his delicious meat he began breathing really really fast and rubbed his pecs with his left hand, then held his ball sack and stroked faster than ever.... he moaned really hard and long and stared shooting thick white cum through the air..his boxer which were set over his enormous quadriceps were soaked in sticky hot semen aswell as his hands.. he stayed there for a little while with his head thrown back just moaning and catching his breath..then, as if nothing had happened he stood up letting his boxers drop to the floor, walked to the door wiggling his huge cock and left for the shower...

I was amazed...my bed was soaked in precum and I had to wank NOW...I stood up and held his wet underwear in my hands I brought them close to my nose and sniffed... it smell so good..then I stuck my tongue out and licked all of the hot gooey cum from them and swallowed it.. I went back to my bed and threw my bed covers away from me being sure that none would enter and jacked off my pulsating cock with my hot brother's boxers and stuck my fingers in my asshole during 10 minutes more or less until I came all over my chest...I ate all of it, licked my fingers and left his boxers right were I had found them.

That was one very special night which I will never forget..I don't think my brother saw me watching him because he would not have wanked the way he did (or in any other way...). a few months later my sister left for college and I stayed in her room now...I was actually very happy to move, but I missed watching my brother getting undressed in front of me...I hope I will someday watch him jerk off again or... maybe, if I have luck...jerk off each other!!!



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