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Late Night Urge

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I have been 'cumming' to this site for years now and I have always wanted to submit something, but I was always too scared. Finally, I figured, why not, just do it.

This experience happened about a month ago. My sister and I were sleeping at our cousin's house. She had been really sick so we decided to stay the night since her mom was leaving for work early in the morning and our cousin would need someone with her. We spent the evening watching movies and decided to call it a night around midnight because our cousin was drifting off from being on pain medication.

My sister and I made a bed on the floor, said our goodnights, and then turned out the lights. My sister fell asleep fast and my cousin was pretty much passed out, but I lay there in the dark, completely awake. Usually when I can't sleep at night I masturbate, as it relieves tension and helps me relax. Plus it just feels so damn good!

As I was laying there, I started getting really horny and my mind started drifting to thoughts of the gorgeous Irish actor in the film and his nasty little accent. I was trying to tell myself that I couldn't masturbate with my sister so close to me, but my body was totally against it, and all I could think about was the throbbing of my clit. Finally, I gave in...

I turned onto my side away from my sister, hoping it would keep her from seeing anything if she happened to wake up. I slowly, and as quietly as I could, slid my hand down my pyjama pants and into my underwear. I could feel how big and hot my clit was and started going in circles around it. It felt so good. I moved my finger around and around my clit, slowly at first, trying to savour the moments of pleasure.

I moved my hand further down and felt how wet my opening was. I made sure there was plenty of slippery stuff on my middle finger and moved back up to my clit. I started going in faster circles around my clit, feeling my finger slide over the swollen button. It felt incredible as my clit just slid around under my finger. My hips started to move back and forth uncontrollably and I moved my other hand up to my mouth to keep from making too much noise. I started to move faster around my clit, all the while trying to concentrate on my sister's breathing to make sure she didn't wake up. I think the thought of being caught may have even added to the intense pleasure I was feeling. I just kept moving my finger around my clit as my hips started to move faster, and I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

I had reached the point where I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. All that mattered was my finger working my clit, sending wave after wave of wonderful pleasure throughout my entire body. I moved my hand faster and faster, and pressed my other hand harder on my mouth to keep from moaning. My hips were bucking back and forth quickly and my breathing was getting faster and louder, despite my desperate attempts to control it. I just gave up on trying to control anything my body was doing, hoping my hand over my mouth would be sufficient enough to hide the noise. I concentrated completely on what I was feeling in my pussy and the rhythm of my pounding heart that matched the throbbing of my pussy. Suddenly, I felt the orgasmic explosion as my hips pushed my pussy forward into my hand. I had to bite down on my hand to keep from screaming. As the orgasm overtook me I stiffened with pleasure and my eyes rolled back. It was by far one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Slowly the orgasm let go of my body and I relaxed, and all that remained was the familiar warm feeling that engulfed my entire body. Once I was completely relaxed, a chill raced up my spine, the signal of the end of my orgasm. I just lay there for a few minutes, one hand in my mouth and the other in between my legs, not being able to move. Finally, I pulled my hand away from my pussy and licked up what remained of my juices. I quietly pulled my legs up to my chest and fell dead asleep.

Love this site. I hope you enjoying reading mine as much as I enjoy reading yours.



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