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Late Night Girl/girl Fun

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luv this site and cum here often.


There is a marina with a store and camp, with rental cabins, a park and beach across the lake from my grandparents cottage. I have worked there the last few summers and will be again as soon as school is done at the end of this month. It's a great place to work and you're outside a lot to boot.

I guess you could say I am a lucky gal in the sense that I have a strong sex drive and could masturbate or even have sex like anytime and place. What can I say, I am 17 now and for as long as I have known I have been this way. So anyway, I wanted to share an experience I had last summer. I hope to have some more this coming summer, hehe.

It was a very busy day and we were short staffed. Myself and Kate (a girl I work with who's parents own the marina and surrounding camp) were kept busy. Anyway, there came a time in the day where it finally slowed down and we were able to grab a drink and sit on the docks. We got to talking and she says 'Hey Ash, is it me or is Keith (one of the mechanics) a hunk? If I had a chance I'd have sex with him.' I looked up and said 'Damn girl. Yes he's a hunk, but do you think you should be talking sex with your parents around.' So anyway, we both laughed at what she had said and talked about other stuff for a while. We saw a boat pull up to the fuelling dock and she got up to walk over and said 'Look, there's our hunk with no shirt on. He makes me so hot, I could masturbate right now' and walked off.

Later that afternoon after hours of the marina/store, we locked up and walked over to the beach and picked up the loose garbage before going up the hill to her families cottage for dinner. Her mom told us it would be a while and to go for a swim or whatever. So, we did! We ran back down to the beach and being that we had our bikins on under our shorts and t-shirts, we removed those and tossed them on the sand and walked into the water. After a long day of running around under the sun and heat, it felt nice to cool off. The water was a bit chilly as the sun was starting to set, but it was nice though.

I dived under to get my head wet and when I popped back up, Kate had swam over by some trees. I swam over to her and could see her arm moving under the water and her eyes were closed. Right then I knew what she was doing and I said 'Kate, are you masturbating. Why didn't you tell me?' She opened her eyes and saw me and said 'Couldn't help it. I have had images of hunky Keith in my head all day.' I said 'Ohh me too, but I'd never masturbate here though, after all this is a public beach and your parents own it. I just couldn't.' Not stopping what she was doing and through clenched teeth she muttered 'Ah hell, I don't care they'll never know, come on do it with me.'

I was just about to pull my bottoms off when she said 'Oh crap, Patrick (her brother) is coming down the road. Dinner must be ready.' She slipped her bottoms back on and we waded out of the water and grabbed our towels. Patrick yelled out 'dinner's on girls and Kate I know what you were doing (and laughed). Well, Kate took off in a flash and tackled him and said 'Oh so you like to spy on girls and not just any girl, your own sister, HUH. Well, what are you gonna do tell mom and dad? Cuz if you do, I will tell them of that time when they drove into the city for the football game when you had Mandy over and the two of you 'slept' in their bed and from the sounds I heard I don't think it was sleeping you were doing.' Both made a promise neither would tell and we all walked up the hill to their cabin.

After dinner Kate and I walked down to the dock where our boat was and I headed across the lake to my cottage. I talked to my grandparents and my aunt for a bit then grabbed a shower. While I was in the shower, I started to have thoughts of both Keith and Patrick (both are hot) and wound up masturbating to a wonderful orgasm. I got out and went to my room after drying off.

When I came out, granny told me that Kate had called. So I called her back and she said 'Hey girl, can you come out to play now. We are going exploring (which was code for finding a secluded spot to get naked and jill). So, I got permission to take the boat and went across and met Kate on the beach. We headed over and picked up a couple pals, Becky and Mandi and then cruised to the end of the lake. We found a quiet bay and I killed the engine and we just drifted along under the setting sky turning into a night sky full of stars.

Anyway, after a while Becky says 'Hey I gotta pee. can we go to shore?' As we are motoring to the shoreline, Kate says 'I know a place that would be perfect for 'exploring' and having fun. Plus if you need to pee you can there too.' She lead me over to this spot where we found a trail. We got out of the boat and I tied it to a tree and followed the rest along the path.

We came into a small clearing and a waterfall. So, we all sat on some rocks and talked about stuff and of course sex and stuff came up and we all admitted that we were horny and Kate suggested that we get 'exploring'. In a flash, we were all naked and playing with our breasts and pussies. We got crazy and roamed around all over the place, playing and putting on shows for each other for a while. We met back at the rocks and all sat together on this one rock and one of us said something about how the coolness of the rock excited their pussy. We laughed and the rest admitted the same thing. What started as out as four girls playing with ourselves together wound up with us playing with each other and even kissed a little too.

Nothing serious though, as none of us is a lesbian or remotely bi for that matter. But it was a fun night and we did it a few other times over the summer.

Heck, we even grabbed our clothes and walked back to where the boat was naked and drove home. Before we arrived back at Mandi's place, we had all dressed. They got out and I took Kate home and I said 'hey, that was fun. see ya tomorrow' and raced across the lake and put the boat on the ramp. Once it was in the boathouse, I headed up and my grampa says 'so, did we have fun exploring tonight?' I hesitated for a few seconds and he said 'it's ok, Ashleigh, I know what goes on. After all, your mother and aunt and your uncle even did it when they were your age.' I said 'ya, we did' and walked off to bed.



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