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Late Night Fun With Friend

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It was the summer break from school and I was 16 and my good friend was 15. We hung out all the time playing video games and stuff and often spent the night at each others houses.

It was really hot out that summer so we usually slept in just boxers. When we slept at my house we would each get a bed since I have a bunk bed, but at his house he has a king size bed that we would both sleep in. We never did anything sexual at all, just slept in the bed. This day was different though. We started talking about girls and stuff which was normal.

Now since normally when we do talk about girls and stuff we are in bed in boxers and we usually notice each others boners but don't say anything and don't care but usually sit in a way that we can sort of hide them. So this day I noticed that he wasn't trying to hide it and he was playing with it a bit. I have to admit that I have had thought about us jacking off together but never thought it would ever happen, and I am not gay just curious.

I was getting turned on like usual from talking about hot girls and seeing his boner. I moved my legs in a way that would allow him to see mine. I bravely asked him if he jacks off and he said no because of religion, parents, and privacy issues but he has always wanted to. At this time we were at my house but we were both sitting on my bed. I said that if he wanted to we could do it now.

He was excited but nervous since he has never done it before. I said that I could help him with it. He agreed then we both pulled down our boxers and I looked at his very hard dick, by my guess was at least 6.5 inches hard with a huge bush around it making me even hornier. My dick is about 5.5 inches with lots of hair also. We are both uncut so we didn't bother with lube and I told him to do what I do, and I started slowly jacking myself. I knew that if I kept going I could cum soon so I stopped and moved my hand over and started sliding my hand up and down his shaft and head which was already oozing with precum. He started doing the same and I loved the fact that he was in control of me and I removed my hand from his dick and just let him jack me off. I said that I was about to cum and I was already starting to have the best orgasm of my life and he stopped but I said to keep going fast.

It really was the best orgasm ever and the most cum that I have ever had, I shot loads of it all over me and him. He said he loved it. I said to just wait till I get him to cum. With cum still all over us I started jacking him with one hand and massaging his balls with my other hand. Now he took a little longer (about five minutes) to cum than me since it was his first time but when he did he stated breathing heavily and moving his hips around and he said that it feels weird but good. He shot almost as much cum as me all over us.

We cleaned up then just slept naked. And now whenever we sleep over at each others houses we sleep naked and have amazing jack off sessions and have gone a little further, but that isn't for here.



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