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Late Bloomer Busted

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I was a late bloomer when it came to dating. My first was at age 19. At the ripe old age of 16 sex, girls & jacking off as much as possible filled my thoughts almost every waking hour. I was certainly given a huge lot of testosterone & my penis was hard more than soft. I was tall & slender with a toned muscular build. With no fat on me my cock showed nice & long sticking straight out when fully erect. I spent lots of time measuring it, (7.5 inches if I'm rock hard) & admiring it at many angles in the mirror then watching myself jack off & squirt cum. At that age I would jack off 3 & up to 6 times each day. If I did not do it many times in a day I would usually spend lengthy jacking sessions bringing my cock to the verge of orgasm then tightening my cock & groin muscles hard to hold back the cum many times over. The end result was & still is a massive squirting orgasm that made me (& still makes me) twist & buck with orgasmic spasms. The times when I hold back my orgasm so many times over result in the best feeling I've ever had when I finally keep jacking to a powerful hard orgasm ejaculating lots of sperm shooting very far. My balls are usually sore afterward but it is a good feeling too. I like knowing my balls are sore from a great workout. I spent many nights up in my room with a bottle of baby oil & Vaseline mix to lube my cock then jack off for hours looking at girly mags hidden in my room.

At 17 or 18 (can't remember the month it happened)I was visiting my Uncle's cottage with my family. When we arrived I found none of the younger cousins were there so I had to make fun on my own. I was let down then my normal thoughts took over. I decided to go for a walk to find a spot where I could get naked & jack off.

The day was hot & the sun was high. I went for a walk about 10 minutes from the cottage when I came across a path worn into the bush toward the lake. I made my way in to find I was on the top of a large hill overlooking the lake. I had found the perfect private spot to strip naked & jack off for a while in the sun.

I stripped off my shorts & tank top along with my shoes. I wanted to be nude with not a stitch of clothing. I sat down on a rock overlooking the lake & took my already hard cock into my hand to start jacking off. Not having lube meant I had to go easy. Without lube I would always use just my first two fingers & thumb only. Having a circumcised cock left me with very little loose skin to move when my cock was fully erect. Still, I enjoyed the feeling I'd get with the short strokes on my cock. I was feeling my bald cock & balls & even though I had no oil they felt good.

After jacking for a while I heard a noise off to me left. I stopped jacking & pulled my shorts over my cock. I stood up & could not see anything so I went back to jacking off. I was in jacking heaven when I again heard a noise. This time I was sure I heard a laugh. I held my cock without moving then seconds later I heard a voice say 'go ahead & finish what you were doing' then what sounded like two voices laughing. I froze knowing I'd been busted. I did not move & did not even let go of my cock this time. The feeling of oh no came over me thinking I would be told on. for what I was doing. After a few seconds past & I still sat motionless holding my hard cock the owners of the voices came out from where they were laying about 15 feet from me sunning their bodies.

Two girls who looked older than me came out laughing & walked over to me. I grabbed my shorts again to cover my cock feeling like the world had just ended. I could feel my face was red & hot now. The two girls stood in front of me & one asked what I was doing with a smirk. She sat down & patted the ground beside her then the other girl sat down too. She same girl said 'don't be afraid of us, we'd never tell'. She then asked if I was from around there & I avoided all possible answers that may tell them about where I was staying. Then the same girl asked 'what's the matter don't you like girls'? As she was asking me she snacked my shorts off my cock & out of my hands throwing them far behind her & they went down the hill. My tank top was far enough away that I could not get it so the I was with my hands over my cock & it was not too hard any longer.

The same girl who did almost all the talking said 'I think you should show us how you play with yourself again'. I answered with 'I was not playing with myself' because I hated that term. It sounded sexless to me. She then asked what do I call it then. I said 'it's called jacking'. Oh she said you mean jacking off? I answered with 'I guess so'.

She then told me 'then why don't you finish jacking off for us' then smiled. The other girl talked for the first time then saying 'yah, you should finish doing it for us'.

Now I was getting excited & I started enjoying the fact they were flirting with me. I now knew they did want to see me jack off right there in front of them. As my cock started growing again I thought to myself what do I have to loose & I sure wanted to jerk off while they watched me.

I took my hands away from hiding my cock to show my now almost straight stiff erection. The more shy girl said ohhh look he's getting bigger with her eyes glued to my cock.

I sat up nice & tall with my back straight & postured. My cock was now hard & tall doing the same. Then I took the same grasp with two fingers & thumb & started moving my foreskin slowly up & down my hard cock. The two girls sat watching saying nothing at all now then I got a great idea. I asked them if they liked watching me jack off & they both nodded to say yes. I had never seen a girl masturbate before & did not know for sure how they did it but I sure wanted to so I asked them both if they would do the same for me. They looked at each other & the shy girl said 'I don't do that'. The other girl said to her 'don't lie' then said 'why don't we do it with him? It will be fun'. I let go of my cock not wanting to even get close to orgasm at that point thinking I was going to see girls masturbate! WOW! What a thrill! The not so shy girl reached back & undid her bathing top letting her nice boobs out for me to see. Oh yah! It was happening! The shy girl said 'no way' I'm not doing it. After a few more nudges from me & the bold girl she still said no. The bold girl stood up & wiggled out of her bottoms then sat down again. She had a cute little brown haired bush & her pussy lips were curled out showing some nice pink. I was now in heaven & started to move my hand again up & down my throbbing cock. The bold girl one last time said to the other 'see he's doing it for us let go for it' but still she said no. The bold girl said 'fine' & said to me 'you just finish'. I wanted to see her do whatever it was girls did when they masturbated so bad! I asked the bold one why she did not just do it with me but she said she would not if her friend wouldn't do it.

I was now so horny I said ok I'm doing myself I started picking up some jacking speed now. I was so horny & my cock was throbbing so hard that I knew I was about to squirt real soon. I kept up a good pace & kept my eyes on the naked girls boobs & pussy. I asked her if she could please just sit back & open her legs & she did it without blinking. As soon as she sat back for my viewing pleasure I could feel my cock starting to climb to orgasm really really fast. I wanted to tell the girls I was cumming & before I finished saying I'm going to cum my cock started to pump hard & did it feel fantastic! I grunted & groaned loud & hard! I was sitting with my legs crossed tight to my body. My cock & balls were right out front & center squirting hard. I sat back holding myself with one arm on the ground & each time my cock pumped a new stream of cum I pumped my body & cock into the air like my hand was a pussy.

As I slowly came down off my orgasm high my body was in the air where the last pump ended. I was pressing my cock hard & holding it at the base squeezing my cock hard while it throbbed & bobbed with every heart beat. I slowly let my ass to the ground & the shy girl said 'wow, did you see all that cum?' I had pumped a huge load of cum out for the girls. They both were looking at what I had shot then the bold girl asked if I always made that noise & looked like that when I jacked off. I told her I was extra excited because they were watching me & that me seeing her nude was a huge turn on too.

We talked for a few minutes more about jacking off & I asked the bold girl how she did it. She did show me where she rubbed but I never did get to see her masturbate. I did not care too much though. That was a huge turn on for me as it was. It was my first naked girl & the first time a girl let alone two watched me jack off. It was the highlight of my year for sure.

We got dressed & went on our separate ways without even learning the others names. I didn't care one bit. I had a memory stuck in my mind for good. That was 18 years ago & I guess because I have relived that day so many times over in my mind is the reason I remember it so very well. To this day I think back & jack off with the same great orgasm. Beautiful.



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