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Late Bloomer

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Late bloomer
I'm a 20-year-old girl and have only recently discovered sex and I will share my experience with you all. Girls out there donā??t give up sex is not overrated.
Let me tell you a bit of my background. Iā??m a pretty ordinary collage girl, you might say bland. I grew up in a small dull town in the Midwest before I left for college in a big city. My parents are common folks and sexual matters were not discussed in our home, even though I suspect they still have sex. I have no recollection of ever seeing my parent nude. My knowledge about sex pretty much originates from sex education at school and small talk with friends. I remember, a few times around the age of 15-16, experimenting with the massage head in the shower, but beside a nice sensation it did not go further. I didnā??t understand all that talk of orgasm and masturbation; in fact Iā??m not sure that I quiet knew what it was. During high school I dated a few times. On one occasion it progressed to more than holding hands and kissing. The boy managed to get inside my blouse and fondled my breasts, it did not do anything for me but it seemed that he liked it very much, so I let him do it. But, when he started to put his hands inside my pants I got spooked and backed off. Short time here after we broke up and he got a girlfriend and rumors said that they went all the way. I came to the conclusion that sex was overrated and focused my energy on studying.
I did not use makeup (and are only using a little now) and dress rather plain, a blouse with pleated skirt or pants, and all my underwear is white cotton (Hayes her Ways). No boys seemed to show any interest in me, I think I donā??t send sexual signals. Studying hard I got good grades (A's) and managed to get a scholarship for college. For the first time in my life I went away from my hometown. I continued my way of living with many classes and no boyfriend. My roommate Valerie was a more outgoing girl; during our first year in college she had 5 boyfriends that frequently stayed overnight. Iā??m a sound sleeper, but some times I could hear them in the dark having sex though they weren't noisy. It seemed that Valerie enjoyed it she sighed and begged for more. I only wondered why.
It was also due to Valerie, I for the first time saw a naked man. One afternoon I came unusually early home (most days I go to the library studying after classes). When I opened the door I could see Valerie sitting rocking on top of her boyfriend. The boyfriend had his head buried in the pillows and Valerie faced the wall so the didnā??t notice me. I froze in the door and watched the spectacle. Valerie started to moan moving her pelvis frantically and suddenly cried loudly "Iā??m coming Oh God". I now realize that they had damped their activity during the nights when I was lying in my bed. As her screaming diminished the boyfriend started and he mumbled "Itā??s coming now" and Valerie raised her buttock and a large penis slipped out of her, pulsing white cream over her back and checks. I could feel my face blush and a strange sensation grew in my stomach. I got grip of myself and closed the door gently after me and rushed into the bathroom in the hallway. As I sat down to pee I noticed a wet spot in my panties.
After this episode I was thinking a lot about sex and speculated whether I was abnormal. One night soon hereafter I woke at dawn and saw Valerie laying on her back with her legs apart rubbing her crutch with the right hand squeezing her breasts with the left. The sheet was pushed aside and her panties were hanging around the ankles, I had a clear view and didnā??t move just watched her continuing. She had a rather rhythmic pace that gradually increased, as her breath became deeper, suddenly she arched and exploded in a deep moan while she put her fingers inside herself. After some convulsions (I was a bit concerned) she relaxed and fell asleep. I had that burning feeling in my face and the same uneasiness in my stomach I had experienced watching the penis slide out of Valerie, and I couldnā??t go back to sleep.
The next day I faked illness and stayed in bed missing classes for the first time. When Valerie had gone (I waited an hour, to be sure she didnā??t come back) I took my panties off and laying on my back the same way I had seen Valerie do. I started to rub my crotch. It was a bit strange I was only used to touch those parts when I took a bath or went to the bathroom. After a few minutes I got a steady pace and it was rather nice. I could feel that I got wet, thinking I needed to pee, I stopped and went to the bathroom but it was false alarm. Back in bed I continued and after about 10 minutes I was sweaty and very tense. It started to hurt and I pulled my panties up. The following days I tried again several times, always afraid Valerie might surprise me. I never got by the point of tenseness and I gave up thinking that I was abnormal.
The following year I studied hard, only sporadically thinking of sex. After my second year I signed up for a semester abroad and went to Denmark for studying marine biology. I had never been outside the States and I was a bit nervous about everything. As it turned out I got to stay with a nice couple in the center of Copenhagen. They were both in the mid-forties and looked rather young, my parents are about the same age but look much older. I got my own room with a small bathroom attached. Europeans are much more liberal regarding sex, at the cash register in ordinary groceries, between gum and candy they offer condoms. The commercials in TV showed full nudity and at night some chanals showed pornography with actual intercourse. My host parents told me one of the first days that if I wanted to have a boy staying over night I was welcome, I should just tell them that somebody was in the house. I confessed that that probably wouldnā??t be happening since I was a virgin. They just said that one day I might want to have sex and they told me about AIDS, use of condom and pregnancy. They didnā??t walk naked around but ate breakfast in their underwear, something we never did back home. I could also hear they had sex in their bedroom Saturday and Sunday mornings.
One weekend I was alone (my host were away visiting some friends) I had finished my homework and was a bit bored. I switched on the TV, but among the few English speaking channels (BBC, CNN, Discovery & Animal Planet) I couldnā??t find anything to watch. I decided a movie might be nice, so I looked for one. Most of the movies I had already seen, others were in French or Danish. Suddenly I found one with a title that could be translated into something like "Danish girls do it themselves" (we had a crash course in Danish when we arrived). I was curious and put it in the VCR. As it turned out it was an X-rated movie with small up to 10 minutes scenes with 15 different girls showing how they masturbated. It seemed to be ordinary girls and each scene started with that the girl told the camera something I couldnā??t understand, then she removed her clothes and reclining on a bed and started. The camera vantage point didnā??t move and no other sound than those from the girl was present. The first girl was wearing a feather mask (I presume she didnā??t want to be recognized). She was half sitting with her legs pulled up and apart. She had not much pubic hair and the picture was sharp and well lit so all details were clearly visible. I had never seen how girls are constructed so close up before. When she started to finger her slit you could see a small clitoris that slowly grew in size as she continued. She also became rather wet and swollen. I realized that my previously feeble attempt were quite normal. After about 5 minutes she started to moan and had difficulty laying still. Suddenly she got very tense and you could see her area around the vaginal opening contracted rhythmically and some fluid was squeezed out. Then she relaxed and the scene ended.
I stopped the VCR and ran up in my room and fetched a mirror ? did I look the same. I took my panties off and sat in my bed with the mirror in the foot-end and a lamp directed between the legs. I had more hair (I guess the girl in the movie had trimmed hers) but when I parted it with my fingers I could see the slit and the entrance to the vagina. In the beginning I couldnā??t see the clitoris by after some investigation a small pink bud became visible. It was pretty much like the girls. My exploration made me wet and I could feel my heart beating stronger. The old sensation in my stomach returned and my face felt hot. I pulled my panties up and ran back to the VCR and continued watching the movie. Most of the girls used their fingers but some used a golden rocket shaped battery operated device on the clitoris or inserted it or a penis shaped soft dildo in their vagina. Most of them climaxed within 5 minutes some several times. On scene took my attention, the girl used a white electric vibrator. She placed it on her clitoris and very fast she climaxed, and she could do it several times with only a short break between. I had seen such a vibrator before.
One day when I had to get a fresh towel in my host parents bedroom I had noticed a machine lying on the floor next to their bed. At the time I didnā??t pay notice to it, but now I realized what it was. I went up in their bedroom and there it was in a box under the bed. A small collection of dildos were also present, I recognized the golden dildo from the movie. I took the vibrator up, it was still connected to the outlet, and switched it on. It started to hum and I touched the cup with my fingers. It vibrated rather intensely with a tickling feeling. As it vibrated I put it on my slit outside my panties. Within a second I was struck as by lighting floating from my groin up in my head. My legs nearly collapsed under me and I dropped the vibrator on the floor. It only lasted for a second but an intense satisfaction filled my body. I had my first orgasm.
That weekend I studied the movie many times and tried the vibrator. It was only the first time I exploded right away, most times it took a long time (if at all) and the orgasm came unexpectedly and without that intensity. I tried the vibrator without my panties on, but it was too intense and it did hurt somewhat. When Monday came, I had masturbated 20-30 times and I was very swollen and had difficulty sitting straight at breakfast. But, I had a big grin on my face.
The next couple of weeks I masturbated a lot. Fortunately my host parents worked late and I had most afternoons for myself and on Wednesdays we had no class. Practice makes masters, and I found out, that if I used the vibrator without panties, only placing the cup next to the clitoris pressing it toward the center, I had much more control. Soon I could have orgasm every time and more importantly I could control when it came. When the orgasm started I moved the cup a little away from the clitoris and I could enjoy it for up to half a minute without it was hurting. Within weeks I could get orgasm in minutes if I needed it. Though, it was more satisfactory when I tried to hold it back and prolong the vibrating. As I felt I mastered the vibrator, I went on testing the rest of the treasure box. Most of the penises shaped dildos were too thick; I couldnā??t insert them at all. I never had used tampons and I could only insert one finger. The golden dildo was very slim and if I was very exited or have had an orgasm already, I finally could manage to put it in. It was a nice feeling of tightness, but it didnā??t make me come, even though I tried to move in and out as the girls in the movie. Then I tried the vibrator with my usual technique while the golden dildo still was inside me. What an explosion, I could feel all the contractions, and if I moved it a little while I came, it was out of this world. Boy what a discovery.
I got bolder and bolder and took myself a quick buzz even though my host parent might be home any minute. Sometime I was a bit worried because the vibrator became very hot and I was afraid that it broke or my host noticed it was glowing. One late afternoon I came home rather late and I had only masturbated a single time that morning before school; I really needed to get off. Even though I knew that my host parents would be home soon I went up in their bedroom. I slipped my panties down around my knees and inserted in golden dildo (I was already very wet) and started using the vibrator and soon I was very close. I must have been too occupied and/or the noise from the vibrator must have been too loud, anyhow suddenly I hear someone in the stairs. I just managed to switch off the vibrator and replace it in the box, but the golden one was still inside me and my panties were hanging on my knees, though covered by my skirt. Then the door opened and my host father was standing there naked with one hand holding his erect penis. We both froze staring at each other as he started to mumble something about he thought it was his wife. As my mind tumbled to come up with some explanation of what I was doing, I could feel the golden dildo slowly started to slide out of me. Still mute staring at his penis I tried to squeeze around the dildo to hold it up. As it dropped out on the floor I got a huge orgasm as never before. Being on the brink of orgasm before he entered, in the combination with the squeezing and the sight of a real penis up close might had been too much for me. As I fought to stand erect I felt so ashamed and I could feel tears coming. It was obvious to him what I had been doing. Much to my relief he just smiles and said, "We are all doing it, Sue" and told me not to cry. As I wiped the tears of I still had my eyes firmly fixed of his penis and though the situation was uncomfortable it also was very exciting. I had to sit down on the edge of the bed. "I guess I ruined it for you", "You may continue if you want", he said gently as he picked the golden dildo up from the floor and gave it back to me. I do not know what made me do it, but I swung my legs up in the bed and lifted my skirt. With my legs raised and the panties around the ankles I slowly inserted the golden dildo back in place, as he sat down in the foot end. I leaned down and got the vibrator and switched it on while he slowly started to stroke his penis. I was very fascinated with his member. It was the second penis I had seen (Valerieā??s boyfriend was the first). But this penis was only a yard away and I had an excellent view, it was much bigger than I had expected, slightly purple with veins protruding. It was very hard but looked rather soft the same time and soon some clear fluid oozed out from the tip. Our eyes were firmly fixed on each other's gender as we both did our job. His strokes became regular and as I could see he was close his movements slowed and he tried to hold back panting superficially, but suddenly cream squirted out of his penis over his hands and testicles with each contraction. This made me come, so violently so the golden dildo popped out on the sheets and I had an orgasm that even surpassed the one I had minutes before when I was caught. We were laying smiling to each other for a while before we changed bed sheets; we both had made lots of spots.
We now have masturbation sessions whenever we can find a moment and I enjoy it tremendously. I still masturbate by myself, in fact very much, about 10 times a day in average, but our mutual activities are the best. I got myself a vibrator and a dildo; it was necessary since I had not access to the bedroom in the weekend when my hosts were home. Saturday and Sunday morning I sneak up to their bedroom door lissening to their lovemaking. They usually go on for one or one-half hour and my host mother uses the vibrator a lot. She can prolong her orgasm for up to 15 minutes and gets 3 or 4 during the morning. I get very turned on lissen at the door and have to go down in my room and masturbate myself for an hour or so. My host mother also masturbates when she is alone. When my host father is out of town, I can hear she masturbates when she goes to bed and in the mornings. During these sessions she climaxes quickly, but have many orgasms in a row. I'm laying in my bed doing the same; the Electricity Company must love us.
Iā??m still a virgin, but we have started to touch each other while masturbating. It started when he put his big toe in my entrance while I used the vibrator. I came the moment he made contact. I really likes when he puts his head very close between my legs and licks me while I operate the vibrator, this always make me come right away. I have also used the vibrator on him; I place the cup on the side of the penis head and it he comes within 30 seconds. I find it very amusing and he looks rather pleased too. I have fantasies about putting his penis up instead of the dildo, but we havenā??t talked about that.
I have purchased a thicker latex penis shaped dildo (or is it silicone) and on occasions I can insert it. In the beginning it's hurts a little, but after some time it's very pleasant to move it slightly in and out. It's pulling my clitoris and makes good orgasm, though I have to simultaneously use the vibrator.
Iā??m a transform girl; my friend and parents back home will have a hard time recognizing me. We have been shopping and he has helped me pick up new smart clothes. He persuaded me to get some nylon underwear, but I stick to my white cotton. They adsorb moisture much better and are more comfortable when I have masturbated much and are very swollen and a bit sore. My friend has noticed that Iā??m different much more confidant and the boys seem to be interested in me. Some boys have asked me out for a date, but I have refused, I'm rather satisfied, there is no room for a boy just now, electricity is all I need. Even though I don't spend so much time studying (I needs time for other tings now), I still are doing good at school. When I have filled my needs, I'm more concentrated reading and seem to learn quicker.
My semester here is soon finished and I am going back to the States. I will miss our masturbation sessions and I have wondered where to find a vibrator back home. I had plans to take the vibrator with me home but they used 220 voltage over here so I donā??t think it can be used at home. In fact I found this homepage searching for a vibrator to buy. One thing Iā??m pretty sure of is that I will no longer be sexual anorexic.
By Susie G. (Master masturbator --now)
[Note: For Internet and mail-order sources for vibrators see our "Sources" page.]




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