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Last Year in College

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I thought I had hid my sexuality from my roommate last year, when after about a month, he asked me if I was gay. I stammered out a weak no way response, which made Kevin even more suspect. 'Doesn't bother me one way or the other. My brother's gay, and I'm cool with it'. We talked some more, and Kevin said he was cool keeping this to himself, and I felt like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. A couple weeks later, Kevin brought it up again, and told me that if I wanted to bring a guy back to the dorm, he had no problem giving me my space. I kinda laughed, and told Kevin I appreciated the thought, but that I had never been with a guy before. He looked at me funny, and asked how I know I was gay then, and I told him trust me, you know. Kevin got a wide smile on his face, and with great glee announced that he thought I should hook up with his brother when he came to visit a few weeks later. 'You'll like him. He's much better looking than me'

I thought to myself that isn't possible. Kevin was the focus of my jerk off fantasies from the first time I saw his perfect body. I do not exaggerate when I say he is built like an A& F model, because he is one. Not the guys in the catalog, just at the local mall, where he parades around shirtless on weekends enticing girls (and no doubt guys too) to come into the store. I thought about the first time I met Kevin, and when I opened the door he was standing shirtless in front of the mirror with shaving cream around his nipples and navel. A&F wants the guys to have smooth chests, and he was shaving the few hairs he had, to get ready for work. God I loved that policy.

Dylan came for the weekend, and I was a nervous wreck. nervous with anticipation, nervous that something might happen, and nervous that Dylan would not be interested in me. Kevin sensed what I was going through, and thought it was very funny, but I was a mess. We all went out Friday night, and Dylan was definitely hot. Not as hot as Kevin in my mind, but still hot. He was not as outgoing as Kevin, which was ok, not many people are. That night when we all crashed, I got a good look at Dylan's body as he stripped down to his boxer briefs, and got into a sleeping bag on the floor. Good thing I was in bed, because I boned up big time. Dylan had dark red hair, milky white complexion with freckles on his shoulders and back. His muscled werent as defined as Kevin's, but he had the same V-shape torso, and best of all, he had two beautiful pale pink nipples that drove me nuts. In the morning I woke early and stared at him on the floor asleep. He had unzipped his bag, and I was saw his cute bubble butt and those sexy freckles on his back. At one point he rolled over, and I could see he had morning wood in his shorts, and I about creamed on the spot. His hand was splayed on his stomach, and I drank it all in. I got up quietly, went down the hall jerked off in the stall in about 12 seconds, and when my boner went away, went back to my room.

That afternoon Kevin had a date for the football game, and both Dylan and I begged off, not being big sports fans. We talked about going to the movies at lunch, and after Kevin and his girlfriend left for the game, we went back to the dorm to hang until the movie started. We never made it to the movies. As soon as we were alone, Dylan said 'so Kevin tells me your gay'. I nodded and he said I'm gay too'. and again I just nodded. Dylan said if the conversation made me uncomfortable then we could talk about something else. and I shook my head no. He sat down next to me, and put his hand on my knee. I was shaking, and I turned to Dylan, and he slowly leaned into me an placed a soft short kiss on my lips, and then pulled slightly away. I put my hand on his, and slid it up my thigh, and leaned in to him, and we kissed again. We laid down on the bed, kissing, and Dylan started to massage my dick through my shorts. He unbuckled my belt, unzipped me, and slid his hand into my underwear, and onto my dick. I was in total heaven, and touched his crotch, feeling his hard dick through his jeans. We broke our kiss pulled our clothes off and laid down again grinding our naked bodies together. I wish I hadn't, but I couldnt take it, and I came within ten seconds of our dicks touching, shooting my load between us. Dylan kept grinding against me, but my dickhead was so sensitive, I couldnt take it. I rolled over, and started to jerk his beautiful dick. Dylan scooped up some of my cum from his belly and smeared it on his dick, and started to jerk himself. I moved my hands down and fondled his strawberry blond covered nuts, and leaned over and sucked his nipple into my mouth. Dylan gasped then shot his cum, one gob hitting me on my chin. We kissed again, and then Dylan put his head on my chest, and I held him, as he lightly traced his fingers around my nipple.

We came twice more in the next hour, each orgasm the best of my whole life. When Kevin came back, he looked at us, sniffed the air, and just started laughing, calling us horndogs. That night as we undressed for bed, Kevin starting laughing again, as he saw the hickeys we were both sporting on our left nipples, but didnt say a word when Dylan climbed into bed with me. We started messing around again as quietly as possible, but the bed squeaked and Kevin just laughed in the darkness. That time we both came together, with Dylan on top of me grinding into my stomach. As we lay there recovering Kevin muttered 'fucking horndogs'.

Dylan ended up in a relationship with a guy at his college, so we never hooked up again. But I thank the Lord that Kevin was so understanding, and that Dylan shared his body with me.



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