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Last Weekend after the Pool

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I never knew this side of my neighbor before!


I am 45 and divorced. I live in North Carolina in a very nice neighborhood of condos. There is a woman I will call Kathy living here. She is 35 and divorced. While she isn't a 10, she is at least a high 7 or an 8 on my scale. We have never dated but we see each other all the time at the pool or in the local pubs.

Last weekend I went to the swimming pool about 1 PM. She was there. We hung out all day along with a bunch of others we know. About 5 I said I had better get going. She said she had to go too, so we gathered our things and walked together back towards our respective condos. About halfway home she asked me if I wanted to join her at her place for one or two more beverages. I told her I'd be happy to.

We stood in the kitchen mostly, drinking, leaning against the counter just talking. We were both still wearing our swim suits but they were dry. The conversation got around to a woman we both know who I will call Linda. Linda had a boob job about a year ago and she is so proud of them. Kathy told me she wanted a boob job too. She grabbed her breasts through her bikini top and raised them a bit telling me she wanted them 'up here, not down there!' Well, I think her boobs look great the way they are. They aren't too big, yet they aren't too small either.

She asked me what I thought and I told her I thought they looked fine the way they were. She said 'but they sag!' I told her I wouldn't know about that because I had never seen them before except when she wore her swim suit and her top is holding her in place. I told her I'd have to see them to give her my real opinion. This was kind of a baited statement because I was wondering if she might really show them to me.

Without any hesitation, she unclasped her bikini top and took it off. Wow, she had great boobs I thought. My eyes went right to her nipples which were a dark brown and they had nice suckable tips. Again she grabbed them, kind of squeezed them together, and raised them saying 'I want them more up here.'

She kept doing this, then she would let them just hang, then lift them again. I could feel my dick hardening in my swimming suit. I told her that her boobs looked just wonderful the way they were. I asked her then if I could feel them. She stepped over to me and I cupped them and carressed them, sliding fingers across her nipples and back over them several times. By now, my swim suit was standing up and out a good 7 inches.

Without asking permission, I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking on it. She said 'God that feels good.' I cupped one and sucked on the other, then I'd switch to sucking the other one. Then when I raised up her mouth was awaiting mine. We made out for a good 15 minutes as I ground my hardon against her pussy.

She broke free of the long kiss, kneeled, and used both hands to pull my suit down to my ankles. My big super hard dick was bobbing right in front of her face as she looked up. She grabbed it with her right hand and started jacking me, then she would stop and kiss all over it, up and down it's length, then she would jack it furiously, then stop and kiss it again. I kicked my bottoms off.

After a while of this I broke free then dropped to my knees and pulled her bikini bottoms to the floor. I looked up and saw a beautiful pussy smiling at me right at eye level. She had neatly trimmed dark brown pussy hair. She kicked her bottoms off and widened her stance as I put my face right in there and looked at her. I kissed her mound right in the middle of her fluff, then used my fingers to explore her pussy and clit.

She finally pulled me up and took my hand and lead me to the couch. She laid on the couch and spread wide open for me. I kneeled between her legs. She used one hand to separate her lips and hold them apart as she used her other hand to start rubbing her clit and now and then finger herself. I started slowly jacking off as she watched me. She told me she would love me to be inside her but she also loved watching me stroke myself. I told her how hot it was watching her spread her lips and rub her clit. We watched each other intently as we masturbated together.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore and I shot cum all over her stomach and boobs. Seeing me cum must have triggered her. She started heaving on the couch with major contractions as she came.

We cleaned up and made out on the couch naked for about another hour, in the course of which I got hard again and she took care of it this time. It was wonderful.

We are both divorced and from our conversation neither of us wants to be in a serious relationship anytime soon. I have no doubts we will do some serious playing though!!



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