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Last Sunday

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I was horny the minute I woke up. I had been sleeping on my chest, and I awoke with a raging hard-on. Not your typical morning wood. Almost instinctively, I began grinding said hard-on against the bed sheets. This went on for several minutes until I forced myself to get up and shower. I had just gotten into the bathroom when I caught sight of my boner in the mirror. I was still turned on from the sheet humping, and began to jack off with one hand while adjusting the shower with the other. What the hell, I thought. I had the place to myself, and it was looking like another boring Sunday. May as well have some fun. I reached for my razor and shaved my shaft, balls and ass. The smooth skin is such a turn on. By the time I was done with my shower, my dick seemed to have grown even stiffer and longer then its normal six inches. I dried off and headed for the computer, stroking as I walked through the house. I grabbed my tube of lube, began playing a favorite porn movie, lubed my package up and jacked it off like I would die if I stopped. Let me tell you, beating off a freshly-shaved, well-lubed penis is one of life's greatest pleasures. The pressure built up quickly and I soon found myself at the brink of busting a nut. Not wanting to blow so soon, I stopped the jacking and began playing with my left nipple with one hand, and my ass and balls with the other. Slipping a finger into my ass and wriggling it around, along with the sensations coming from my balls and nipple, caused me to stay on the edge of orgasm for several minutes, even without actually beating off. My cock and I were in a state of euphoria, and I decided to slow things down for a minute, to prolong the session as long as possible.

Suddenly, my eyes fell upon my camera sitting on a shelf across the room, and an idea struck me. Although I love photography, I had never taken any nude pictures of myself...and what better time than now? I wiped off one hand and turned it on, taking several shots while slowly stroking with the other. Not easy holding a four-pound SLR camera while jacking off, to be sure. Looking at the pictures of my package and abs glistening with lube, sweat and pre-cum turned me on even more, and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I put the camera down, grabbed a Sharpie out of a drawer, rubbed it against my balls to get it lubed, and shoved it up my ass. After a couple of minutes of experimentation, I found that I could apply pressure to my prostate via the Sharpie by flexing my glutes against the chair. I began to do so, while my left hand found its way to that nipple and my right hand wrapped around my dick. I began to jack off and grind against the chair, all the while furiously tweaking my nipple. I could feel sweat running down my face. It was the greatest sexual feeling I ever had, and I felt a massive orgasm approaching. I attempted to slow down, but my self-control was overwhelmed by the pleasure, and I frantically pumped my dick until I came so hard I nearly fainted, and shot a massive (!) load all over my chest.

Without a doubt it was the best orgasm of my life. Seeing the cum mixed with the lube on my dick turned me on further still, and I had to blow another load. Tensing every muscle in my body, I beat my meat like never before, and came again, within thirty seconds of the first orgasm. At that point, the house could have burned down around me and I wouldn't have cared. I laid back in the chair for a few minutes, lazily stroking my cock, before I had enough energy to clean up the mess. Afterwards, I sat around, reading the stories on this site, turned on all the while. I wound up jacking off a few more times that day, but nothing compared to the first. Definitely something I will never forget, and definitely something I'll repeat this coming Sunday. Day of rest, my ass.



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