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Last Summer

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My first story..... I hope you like it.


Last summer I worked in a very popular family run restaurant, the name of which I won't mention here! It was a great restaurant which was a huge business and they were a really nice family. I had known them forever as I lived in the neighbourhood and went to high school with their middle daughter. Both our families are Jewish and we had a lot in common. I needed a job to earn some money so they asked me if I wanted to be a waitress? I jumped at the chance!

Their eldest son, Jonny, ran the restaurant. He'd taken over from his father about two years ago after his father had had a heart attack. His father made an appearance every now and then (their large family home was close by) but by and large it was Jonny who ran the show and he'd done a lot to the business in that time. Jonny was 24 and a real go-getter. Good-looking too. A definite catch!

I enjoyed working in the restaurant that summer as it introduced me to Jonny. I'd seen him at the house before briefly, he was there on my first shift and I could see him looking over at me as I cleaned the tables or stood polishing the glasses at the bar. His eyes were so soft. Every time I glanced over at him his eyes would catch mine and we'd look at each other.

It was probably only my second or third shift when he asked me if I'd like to stay behind and have a glass of wine or a coke or something. I said I wasn't sure but he pleaded so I said yes. He was very persuasive. We had a really nice talk. It was late and there was no one there and I liked being alone with him. I told him some stories and he laughed and held my hand. At one point he slid his shoe off and put his foot over mine. It was so cute. I'll always remember that.

I then said I should probably get home before my parents worried and then he said really fast that he would walk me. I said okay. And that's when our ritual began. He'd tell his mother that he was making sure that I got home okay and he would walk me the ten or so blocks to my house. This went on for a couple of weeks and we'd walk holding hands down the quiet streets, he'd cup my face in his hands to kiss me goodnight until one night he got bold and asked me to sit on the park bench with him. There was no one around and we kissed and it got heavy really quickly. He was hot and it got me really hot too but I was scared as he was older than me and I knew that he wanted to have sex with me and I didn't feel ready.

I slammed the brakes on and stopped hanging around after work and told Jonny that I had to go home immediately. It was very sudden and I think he was a bit hurt but he never said anything about it or tried to change my mind. We just dropped the subject and got on with our work.

Maybe a month or so went by and then this girl started coming in to the restaurant. She was a bit older than me and had great hair and long legs. She and her girlfriend would sit at the bar and talk to each other loudly, looking at Jonny. I could see all of this happening. It was obvious they, or she, was making a play for him. Even his mother didn't like it! Her name was Sally and she would sit there on the stool leaning over the bar laughing like a hyena with her top buttons undone and her short skirt barely covering her ass. But she was a looker and what she was displaying was pretty nice and no one in the bar seemed to complain, least of all any of the men in her vicinity. Even I was quite fascinated by her.

I didn't know what to do about it. It gave me a bit of a jolt watching Jonny drool over her like that. Yeah, I was jealous but I knew that Jonny was horny and it wasn't going to take much to get him going. I couldn't blame him really as I had made it clear I wasn't interested. It was just before closing one night and I was getting my stuff together when I heard them talking in the bar and she was asking him about a job in the restaurant. I thought, well, I'm glad my time here is almost up if she is coming to work here! It was the middle of August. I said goodnight to them and left them on their own. I then went back into the kitchen to do a few more things that I'd forgotten to do earlier (I always forget do the salt and pepper) and then I couldn't resist it but I went back to sneak a peek at what was happening in the bar area.

I got the surprise of my life. She was standing totally naked in the middle of the bar! I don't know why she'd taken all her clothes off like that because Jonny wasn't standing anywhere near her but there she was, buck naked in the restaurant. I thought.. wow, that's one way of going about getting a job!

I backed away and out the side door and headed home. I felt really weird. Like I now knew obviously something was going on between them. The next day at work I was in a really bad mood. I don't think Jonny cared all that much. I'd made my feelings known so what the hell! Working those last two weeks in the restaurant that summer were a real education and eye-opener for me. She was in every night after that and the show just got bigger and bigger until Jonny's mother intervened. I overheard Jonny's mother call her a 'pricktease'. That was the first time I ever heard that expression. Jonny was FURIOUS at his mother. They had a real humdinger. I heard it all hiding in the service closet. She said over her dead body was he going to throw his life away dating a 'shallow, provincial pricktease' like that. From their argument I learned that she had caught him out back in a car with Sally giving him a handjob. There was other stuff but I didn't hear all of it as I was being called back to the bar to work.

I don't know exactly what happened in the end because I left the next week. I know he doesn't see her anymore (I heard that from one of the other waiters at the restaurant) and she never worked there in the end. I didn't think she would as Jonny's mother still has some sway there!

I missed Jonny when I went away to college. He has written me a few letters. He's never mentioned her to me or even why we broke up. Just friendly.

He's hinted that he's coming to see me this semester. I hope he does.



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