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Last Rites.

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This is true...all of it.


Watching him lying there, he didn't look like my kid brother anymore, and I didn't hate him. Until that time, he was an asshole. A typical teenage boy, always where he shouldn't be, and that included my laundry hamper a couple of times.

But now, having narrowly escaped with his life after some drunk driver ploughed into him, he was a mess. For days I visited him after college, often sitting with him way into the evening instead of doing my schoolwork. Mom and dad both took extra jobs to pay the hospital bills. Strange that when you need insurance, somehow there are reasons why they won't pay as much as they said they would.

So, we would talk, I would tease him. Sometime I'd read and he would doze off. Those were the times I saw it. He would nearly always get a hard on as he entered deep sleep. And it would last. For nights I watched it grow under the thin sheet that covered him, and I would be very impressed at its size too, but I did nothing.

One night a nurse came in saw it and said "That happens a lot with male patients. Poor boy, I bet he hasn't been able to jack off since he got here." And it hit me like a hammer. How could he? Both arms in plaster, and his right leg in traction. He must have been so frustrated.

I reached under the sheet real slow, and hesitated. A couple of times I almost chickened out, but after many false starts I got my hand around his cock and started to jack. I wanted to see it too, so I flicked the sheet off. Damn...my little brother was everything but little. As I jacked him, I flooded my own panties. I felt his cock swell even more and realized I hadn't thought this through but it was too late. With a massive sigh, he shot a load of sperm high into the air, almost straight up. I swear, I could almost feel it hitting my cervix. I mama fed to catch most of it with my other hand and the subsequent far less powerful shots I directed into my left hand. I must have looked a sight, standing there with my brothers cock in one hand and his sperm in the other.

The next night I acted like nothing happened, but he told me he was so grateful, and he asked if I would do it again. I said maybe, but deep down I knew I wanted to.

When the casts came off I didn't need to really, but on his last night, I said I would do it one more time. This time as I jacked him, I felt his hand sneak up my skirt and between my legs. I let him work his hand into my panties and I let him finger me. It felt so fucking hot! I really, and I mean REALLY wanted a whole lot more....

When he came home, well, we continued our masturbation of each other. Even though he has a girl and I have a boy, so, show, doing it with each other is a whole different world.



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