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Last of the Parlors

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Those wonderful massage parlors are all gone now. This was the last of them.


This was back in the mid 90s I'm writing about. Here in the county I live in there were no more massage parlors in business. I think this was the result of a new sheriff that was in office.

On this one morning I had to make a quick trip to a small town around 45 miles up the road to pick up some parts from another dealership. The dealership was right downtown on a main street in this little city and on my way to it I passed a small building with a sign out front advertising it as a 'spa'. I thought to myself 'you've got to be kidding me' and wondered if it was for real. Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to find out. It had been well over a year since I'd last enjoyed the 'joys' of one of these places. I pulled in and parked in the parking lot behind the building.

I found a locked door with a door bell and I pushed the switch. There was a peep hole in the door. Soon, the door opened and standing before me was the prettiest Oriental girl I've ever seen. I'm sure she was Korean. She was no more than 20 or 21 years old and wearing a light robe. She explained the prices to me and 30 minutes was $30. I quickly paid her as this did appear to be what I was hoping it would be. She led me down the hall to a dimly lit room with a table, chair and a double size mattress laying on the floor at the end of the room. The mattress was all made up with a big pillow. She told me to undress and she'd be back in a minute.

I stripped my clothes off and laid face down on the mattress. Soon afterwards she came back to the room but this time she had removed the robe and was wearing a light little nighty showing a pair of the nices legs I've seen in a while. I laid there and watched her walk over to me and with each step she took my cock grew an inch. She sat on the edge of the mattress giving me a perfect view up her little nighty. I was now fully erect as she started her 'massage' on my back side. Needless to say these weren't what one would call a good massage as this wasn't there true specialty. Her true specialty she'd show after the 'massage'. I just laid there letting her do her thing all the while enjoying the view I was getting up her nighty.

She then told me to turn over. So I and my erect cock turned face up. She then started 'massaging' my front side but only spent a minute or so on this before finally teasing my cock with her fingers. When she did this little waves of excitment went through my whole body. She was now on her knees right at my side and I now started running my hand all over her wonderful soft thighs and up under her panties to her sweet, soft ass. This young woman felt so good under my older hand. It had been years since I'd had my hands on a young woman like this and it was so arousing to me. She then picked up a bottle of oil and poured it on my cock. She was now ready to give the massage that she was trully good at: the hand job! She wrapped her soft little hand around my cock and slowly went to giving the divine strokes going from top to bottom. All the while my hand was all over her lower half really enjoying the feel. I soon began to feel the deep tingles of a growing orgasm and it got stronger and stronger. I soon went to stiffing up, rolling my toes, thrusting my hips and groaning from the feelings of pleasure within me and I finally went off. The orgasm was so strong and I ended up blowing cum like a teenager covering my chest and belly with the stuff. It took me a while to come down from the feelings and I the kind of went weak. She said to me 'you make lots of cum'. I just shook my head yes. She got up and came back with a warm wet cloth to clean up my mess. I hadn't cum like that in a long time. I also can't help but think my wife probably wondered what was wrong with me the next couple of nights being that I wasn't all over her at bed time. I needed a couple of days to recover and 'reload'. Back then I never went longer than two nights without coming to bed wanting either some pussy or a good hand job from her. That young Korean woman certainly did a job on me that morning.

I went back up to that town several months later and of course wanted to see this sweet young thing again but found the building was empty. I was sure down from seeing this. This was the last of the 'massage parlors' that I knew of and how I've sure missed them and the pleasures I received inside them.



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