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Last Night, Couldn't Get To Sleep at All

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Unlike my previous stories, this one's current and involves only me. It's for the girls, if you're curious about what goes through a guy's mind, and what he feels when he masturbates and cums!!


Last night was unseasonably warm here in the DC area. I was lying naked, on my back, on top of the covers, the ceiling fan slowly rotating, my wife asleep beside me, only my glowing iPad to keep me company. I was reading Solo Touch, specifically the two lovely stories I've linked, one by Ruth about her first orgasm, one by Kelley about happening to see her 15-year-old daughter masturbating. From that, she spun out three episodes, each one more fantastical (less believable) than the one before. I'm not even 100% certain I believe that a mother would get aroused seeing her daughter masturbate. But I know that *I* would (seeing *her* daughter, not my own!!), and I totally share Kelley's interest in teenage masturbation-not because I'm a middle-aged perv, but because it's such an age of discovery and curiosity, and I still love imagining how a girl feels the next day at school, or at the pool, or wherever, after she's discovered masturbation and orgasm. It's arousing to think about!

Anyway, so Kelley's story excited me. And Ruth's definitely excited me, especially where she (in mid- late teen age if I remember right) didn't know how an orgasm would feel, and when her boyfriend started bringing one on, in her, she thought she had to pee.

Anyway. Girls, if you're curious how that cute boy feels when he arouses himself, or whether he thinks about *you* (yes, oh yes, he does), and how he touches himself, read on, because I'm a typical guy and the way I do it now is no different from when I was your age. And please comment if you like what you read!

So I'm lying there on my back, reading these sexy stories, and my cock starts to get much harder than I thought it would. I was even starting to drip pre-cum. I held my iPod down at my lap so that I could admire my rock-hard cock pointing straight toward my head (yes, guys do look at their boners, all the time). And I just very gently started caressing it. Very softly. As if it were a girl touching me. Sometimes when a guy masturbates (when I do), we need more than just a gentle touch. But when we're really turned on, that's all it takes.

In fact, it barely took more than that for me to make myself cum. I simply made my thumb and forefinger into an 'O' and circled it around the head of my cock, right at the ridge. And I just very softly twisted it back and forth, back and forth, gently rubbing that sensitive ridge. And-this is the key-I was very relaxed. Sometimes when people masturbate they strain and groan, but that produces a different kind of feeling. When you're relaxed what you feel is Pure Pleasure and Pure Orgasm. And sure enough, after just one or two more gentle twists, my cock started spasming and it went spurt-spurt-spurt and my cum just flew out the tip. The first spurt splapped onto my chin, some even hitting my lips. And oh my god, the spasms just kept going on and on. It was a very, very, very good orgasm. I fell asleep with my cum puddling and pooling on my chest and stomach, only to awaken after twenty minutes or so when some ran down my side and onto the sheet. So I got up to clean myself up.

But the best part about this orgasm-and this happens sometimes, especially with those relaxed ones that are Pure Orgasm-is that at work today, even toward the end of the day, so like 18 hours after I had masturbated, I could still feel that pearly ache of satisfaction. My cock would swell just at the thought of how good I had made myself feel the night before. And I had a physical memory of how wonderful it felt.

As to what I *thought* about while I touched myself, well, every guy is different. Some guys might think about slamming their hard cocks in you as you spread your legs and beg them to fuck you. Other guys might fantasize about you tying them up, naked, while you remain clothed, and feeling humiliation as you find it amusing that they can't control their penis-they have a boner and it's throbbing!! But me? Well, last night what I thought about was lying naked with you, gently twisting your nipples with those same two fingers I circled my cock with. Softly kissing the corner of your mouth. Your cheek. Your jaw. Now your neck. Now I'm kissing your chest and between your pretty breasts. I'm kissing down your stomach. Do you know what makes me climax? When I'm kissing your clitoris and you're starting to lose control, flexing and moving your legs, and then all of a sudden you toss your head back and your stomach starts to clench spasmodically and...you're having your orgasm!!! And so am I... :-)



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