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Last Night

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This just happened last night. I'm going to write down all my new experiences.


Even though I've known since junior high I'm attracted to guys, I'd never done anything with a guy. Being from a small conservative town, I played straight, had sex only with girls, but always had to fantasize I was with a guy to cum. Now that I'm finally in college, I decided I needed to deal with the gay thing. Last night I mustered up the courage and go to a 'greet and meet' at the Gay Students Union. My heart was beating like a hummingbird as I entered the building.

At first it was a disaster. There were a number of older aggressive guys who brazenly trolled the room looking for a new conquest. I was rescued by Alex who put me at ease with his nice smile and easy going personality. Within minutes I had unloaded my whole life story to him, and he had just nodded as I poured out my deepest secrets. Turns out Alex was a sophomore, and had pretty much the same college epiphany I was having, the year before. He talked about how scared he was the first time he came to GSU, how he ended up getting burned by one of the 'trolls', but that eventually things worked out OK. He told me to take my time, make sure I only hooked up with someone that I liked, and to make sure that evrything was always safe.

The more we talked the more I felt like I had known Alex my whole life. When the 'party' ended Alex asked me if I wanted to talk some more in his dorm. Suddenly I became nervous, fearing that this was going sexual, and I wasnt sure that I was ready. Alex saw my fear, and assured me we would just talk, so I went. We talked for hours about everything, and it was fantastic. At about 2:00, Alex stood up and said he was going to hit the hay, and suggested we meet for breakfast. He pulled his Tshirt off, and started brushing his teeth at the basin. I studied his bare chest, and got that familar tingle. Alex had a small waist that tapered down from broad shoulders. He had a nice tan, his chest was smooth except for a ribbon of hair down from his bellybutton, his nipples were large and pink. I stood up and started to leave, and Alex came over with his hand out to shake, and with a broad smile told me how nice it was to meet me. I shook his hand, then impulsively gave him a hug. I thanked him for being so understanding, then it happened.

I started to cry.

It was like all the emotions of my life finally came out, and I couldn't handle it. I sobbed into his shoulder, and he just held me and let me unload. He told me it was ok, and that everything was going to turn out ok in life. He pulled my face off his shoulder and held it with both hands and looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. His eyes were wet too, and I knew he cared.

Then I kissed him.

He pulled back and stared at me. He put his forehead against mine, and after a couple of awkward seconds whispered 'are you sure?' I said yes, and he slowly leaned into me and kissed me back. I tasted his minty toothpaste as our tongues swirled. Alex pulled my t-shirt up and off, and we went back to kissing, our chests touching as our hands roamed over each others back. I could feel his erection rubbing against mine, and my head spun. Alex stepped back, and looked at me again, trying to make sure I was on board. 'Let's take this real slow. You're driving this boat OK? Only what you want to do'. I grabbed his belt and undid it, then unzipped his pants, and then got out of my pants. Alex stepped out of his jeans, and stood in front of me in just his socks. What an incredible sight. His erection curved upward to his navel, longer and thinner than mine. His nuts were nestled tight against his body, compared to mine that hung down low. We moved back together again, our dicks grinding together.

Alex moved his hands to my ass, and pulled me into him as we grinded. It felt so good, and so different. Alex's body was tight and muscular compared to a girls. Feeling his stubble when we kissed. All new sensations. Alex bent over and flicked my nipples with his tongue, and waves went down my spine. He pulled back up, grinding into me again, and suddenly I came. Wave after wave of strong orgasm overtook me, and my legs went weak. Alex had his arms under my armpits holding me up, or I would have fallen to the floor. I opened my eyes, and he was smiling at me. He sat me on his bed, grabbed a towel and wiped his belly of my cum. He sat down next to me and cleaned up my stomach, and asked me if it was good. I sighed it was the best I had ever felt, and leaned my cheek on his shoulder. I realized he hadn't cum, and when I asked him if he wanted to cum, he replied no. Just wanted to make sure I was ok. We laid down on his bed, and I spooned him from behind. I stroked his hair,and his chest. He sighed when I ran my fingernails over his nipples, I ran my hand down and fingered his belly button, then traced the hairs down to his dick. I slowly jerked him off, while rubbing his chest with my other hand. His breath got faster, and with a slight moan, his cum shot out and onto the sheet in front of him.

We feel asleep in each others arms, and when I awoke, just two hours ago, we made love again. I am glowing as I type this, hard as a rock as I think about not just what happened, but about the future.



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