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Laser Hair Removal

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When I was in college I had two part time jobs, one was doing laser hair removal and I also did personal training at two local fitness centers. I worked as much as my school schedule allowed.


This was only about a year ago. I still can't believe how terribly erotic it was while never even having sex.

I've done thousands of laser treatments working there, most of the time it is women's legs, underarms, upper lips, and some bikini stuff. In my time, I probably only did like 50 different women's pubic hair, some full brazilian, some just bikini line. I am not attracted to other women at all, so it was no big deal.

Out of all the customers, probably 90% is female, but the men that do come in usually get back hair removed. I think I only saw like 10 penises the whole time. Now I DO like men. I remember being very nervous the first couple times I treated men. They were nervous too, and it showed. And out of all the guys, I think only one was unattractive. it was common for the men to be erect before the treatment started, but the laser is very painful, and usually the first zap would soften any penis. It was difficult to hide my smile.

After a few months, and quite a few penises, I was not uneasy at all. Each guy was scheduled for 6 visits, a few months apart, and I got to know them a little bit.

I really enjoyed the fact that this job allowed me to feel a tiny little bit slutty, for the fact that I had such an 'up close and personal' relationship with multiple mens' penises. I had LOTS of fantasies about work, lets just put it that way.

When I was new, I would always have the men hold themselves while I did the treatment, but then one time I had the idea to hold it myself, and from then on, I would always do it. I found it most exciting to grasp his penis with one hand and gently squeeze it, sometimes varying the pressure. I always just toe-the-line though, and left the guys wondering. I also found it very exciting to keep my face unusually close to 'my work', hoping the men enjoyed it also. With my face so close, it was only natural to nonchalantly touch my breasts to his leg.

There were a couple guys that I didn't do anything with, but most of the time, a 'male brazilian' was the highlight of my week. After a few months, I was much more into it, and pushing the envelope further and further. In my fantasies, I was jerking them off all over my face and breasts, but in reality I had to keep some lines drawn.

For my regular customers, I was breaking a few strict rules: I always would forgo the disposable gloves, which made everything a hundred times better. Also I would always stay in the room and watch them undress. I never made small talk, or much conversation at all.

My favorite part was what I (mentally) called the 'pre treatment inspection.' As soon as he removed his pants I would guide him back against the treatment chair and then I lowered myself down for my visual inspection. I would ask a few questions about progress, side effects from his last treatment, etc, while I pointed the spotlight on his genitals and manhandled them. This ALWAYS made them erect. I loved it, and always kept my face dangerously close, for as long as I could reason. Then the first zap would always ruin the fun until the 'post treatment inspection', which I would always take quite a bit more time.

I just LOVED IT! Playing with all those cocks. Rubbing my breasts on their leg, squatting down and opening my legs just a little too far. Two guys tried to stroke themselves in front of me, and as much as I wanted it, I had to tell them to stop. One of my regulars asked for my phone number. I declined politely.

I have a few interesting stories to tell about my personal training job too, but maybe another time.



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